When I Think Of Orange, I Think Of Cockroaches

17 12 2014


Yes, it’s a bit of an odd statement, but true. You know how certain colours trigger in the mind as certain objects; so Blue is water, Green is grass, Red is blood and Pink is lipstick. Well for me, Orange is Cockroaches. So when I see orange or do something which involves the colour of orange I immediately think of Cockroaches. I was playing a game of Perudo 2 or 3 weeks ago and when the choice of colours was either Orange or Yellow, I chose orange and mentioned Cockroaches. So, you are probably wondering why I think of Cockroaches. Well, it is  rather easy to explain.


Basically back in the mid 1990’s, when Channel 4 used to show Godzilla films every now and again (which they sadly have not done since about 2001/2002 and no channel in the UK seems to air the original Japanese films), one night they had a triple bill of films from the 1970’s. Godzilla vs Megalon, Godzilla vs Gigan and Terror of MechaGodzilla. The first one I watched was Godzilla vs Gigan, quite a dark and terrifying entry in the series. The plot goes along the lines of a children’s based theme park is constructed with the centrepiece being a tower that looks like Godzilla. An artist is hired to work for the company that owns it but is drawn into a conspiracy involving some missing tapes and the owner’s attempts to make world peace. After getting the tapes back, the owners use them to call and control King Ghidorah and Gigan to destroy the world. All of this however has not gone unnoticed by Godzilla and Anguirus who arrive in the nick of time to defeat the galactic threat and save the day.

Godzilla vs Gigan (Toho Co., Ltd. - 1972)

By this point you’re still probably wondering what all this has to do with Orange and Cockroaches. Well, the owners of the children’s based theme park are Alien Cockroaches from another world who have taken the form of humans as a form of uniform, and on top of that, they both wear orange suits. Even the henchmen have orange neck chiefs. And it wasn’t like a general orange, no; it was the same shade, striking fiery orange. Since then, when I have thought about or have seen the colour the colour orange, my mind has instantly drawn a connection to that film and the villainous, alien cockroaches from Godzilla vs Gigan. Now I don’t actually know much about why it was the colour orange. It has been a number of years since I last saw the film, so there may be an explanation in there somewhere. I wonder if Cockroaches actually have an affinity with the colour orange, who knows? But thanks to that film, for me anyway, I instantly think of Cockroaches when I think of or see the colour orange.



Southport Fireworks 2014

8 10 2014

Southport Marine Bridge

This past Saturday, it was the Annual British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport; one of my favourite events of the year. Sadly last year we didn’t get to go, but this year Me and Mam were able to make our annual trip to Southport. Things though this year were a little bit different.

Southport Fireworks 1

Firstly, we parked the car somewhere differently to where we usually park it. Secondly, the ground where the fireworks are usually let off was in a different location, it was beyond Victoria Park near the Morrisons than in the estuary/lake area near the marine bridge and Kings Gardens. The move meant that the best views of the fireworks were over the tops of some trees, (or was the closest spot we could get to because we couldn’t hear the music near Kings Gardens). The move to this new area I feel was a bit of a disappointment as it meant the view of the fireworks was a bit obscured. The music itself was a bit quiet and I don’t think enough work had been put into making sure that people not that close up could still hear it well enough. With any luck, future events will hopefully be moved back to their original location allowing the fireworks to be more visible and the sound more hear-able.

Southport Fireworks 2

As for the displays themselves, I thought the first one (Classic Fireworks) had too much going on and wasn’t symmetrical and because of the sound problems couldn’t quite hear the music. The second two displays though were very good, the ending of the second one (Smart Pyrotechnics) was brilliant, but the third one (Gala Fireworks) had a great variety of music including Pink Floyd and the theme of The South Bank Show culminating in an ending that almost filled the entire sky. So while the beginning as well as new location made it initially disappointing, the fireworks themselves, (especially for the last two demonstrations) weren’t and together made two of the best performances I have seen since first attending in 2007. In the end it was a great night out.

Southport Fireworks 3

Here are some more photos from the event, Enjoy.

Southport Fireworks 4

Southport Fireworks 5

Southport Fireworks 6

Southport Fireworks 7


Top 5 Deadliest Catch Vessels/Boats

20 08 2014

Deadliest Catch Logo

I love Deadliest Catch. I like the idea of being at the helm of a boat and driving/sailing it across both rough and calm seas day and night. Deadliest Catch for those who have not seen it is this ace series on Discovery Channel about a bunch of crab fishermen who put their lives on the line to fish both Red (Alaskan) King Crab and Opilio Crab (and sometimes Bairdi Crab). Why, because it is worth a lot of money and within the space of a few weeks could make more than the average pay than in a year. But there are rough seas out there and every year, lives are lost and boats sink. But despite all this they continue to do it. Deadliest Catch unlike other shows like it also has great people in it as well as an actual sense of jeopardy where say other shows, like Gold Rush have some moments of possible false jeopardy by putting in the odd sound here and there before a break. There is nothing fake (as far as I can see) in Deadliest Catch. But the things I like the most are the boats that the fishing takes place on. Each one has a unique look, name and almost a personality by itself. So here are my Top 5 Favourite Deadliest Catch boats/vessels.


5. Saga – Elliott Neese: While quite a young boat as it has so far made very few appearances in the show, The Saga is quite a good-looking boat. While potentially a lot smaller than most of the big trawlers, its design and shape gives it the look of more of a proper ship than just a floating platform as do most of the vessels in the show. The colours of the boat are in particular one of the best parts as while the ship has a dark tone in colour, it is also got bright bits of yellow and together makes it quite colourful.

Cornelia Marie

4. Cornelia MariePhil Harris: A great boat for a great captain. The Cornelia Marie does look like an outcast amongst the other vessels as most do go for a dark look or just completely jet black. In comparison The Cornelia Marie is very bright and colourful, but is also very big, as in long. Surprisingly though the boat has not appeared to have been updated during its career as most of its on-board appliances for dealing and sorting crabs come down to plastic tubs and almost rust prone facilities meaning that most forms of sorting come down to use of handwork rather than other facilities for getting rid of rejected crabs as well as offloading them from the pots themselves. Other vessels include mobile sorting tables and trenches of water acting like conveyor belts to remove unwanted crab. This however gives the Cornelia Marie its own as well as historic personality, and if it looks like an outcast to most boats from its exterior, maybe it should continue that on-board as well.

Time Bandit

3. Time Bandit – Jonathan and Andy Hillstrand: Possibly the largest by eyesight (but is probably the same size as the Kodiak and Wizard) but also one of the coolest boats in the show. The Time Bandit may look like any ordinary crab fishing vessel with its platform like deck and may at first-hand look a bit dreary all in black, the Time Bandit is a boat with personality and most of it comes from the Skull and Crossbones logo then spreads out. I don’t know exactly what it is but this boat gives off a great aura when it’s on-screen and I think because the look of the vessel is quite casual and un-extraordinary it gives off great personality too and I think that if it wasn’t for the previously mentioned logo, it probably won’t look as good, but seriously, when this boat is on-screen, it looks fabulous.


2. Kodiak – Bill “Wild Bill” Wichrowski: The Kodiak is an impressive boat by all counts. It’s nice royal blue exterior as well as it’s on deck look and just its general size all come together well. The Kodiak’s deck looks very different to all the others seen in the show as it appears to have more of a wall around it and the only open access to the sea is the area where the pots are launched and picked up. This could be added to be a lot safer and perhaps more modern in design but as most of these ships have this platform like look, it makes the Kodiak look like more of a tanker vessel than say a factory ship and is aesthetically more pleasing to the eye. In essence, the Kodiak is more like those giant Japanese fishing tankers than a fishing vessel and for that reason along with its other features (including the previously mentioned choice of colour and size) the Kodiak is one amazing vessel, it’s just a shame that it’s no longer in the show.


1. NorthwesternSig Hansen: To me, the Northwestern is the star of the show. The Northwestern actually looks like a proper vessel/boat/ship with the cabin at the front and the platform end for all the fishing at the back instead of the other way round. Because of this, the inside cabin shots show more of the actual ocean and sea as the boat ploughs along and it also gives the idea that it may be more secure and safer for its crew. I think it’s because of the way it’s designed that I like it so much, but add-on to that the snow-white exterior, the rustic and basic design and even the great sounding name (plus the crew actually seem to get along with each other and the fact that Sig Hansen is great as a ship’s captain) all together make a great boat.

Northwestern 2

GENEPOOL (Apologies if I didn’t go not into too much detail, but how else do I talk about how great the boats in the show look while not really being a fan of boats in general. I prefer big ships like the Queen Mary 2 and Oasis of the Seas, along with the boats in Deadliest Catch).

Top 5 Murkum Show Episodes (Season 1)

6 08 2014

Murkum Show Titles

Some of you may be aware (thanks to some of my past posts) of my good friend Matt and his great talent for animation. I have spoken about this in the past particularly when he did an episode of Arbitrary Stopframe which was written by me entitled Monster Movie. About a year ago he did a small spin-off series around one of his characters called Dr. Murkum for which I also wrote a couple of episodes for and as the second series has just gone I thought I would look back at the first series and pick my Top 5 Favourite Episodes of The Murkum Show (for those of you who may have questions as to who or what a Murkum is and other pieces of essential information that may help you to understand what anyone in the following sketches are saying, please refer to the blogs from Matt and Tim).

Murkum Show 2

5. Drinkies – What is quite a quick episode has a real sense of slapstick that works really well. Murkum needs oil, someone goes to get it. Some one is getting drinks and Murkum orders a coffee. Original person comes back but Murkum forgets about the oil and drinks it thinking it is tea. It is quite interesting to note though that Murkum is supposedly a robot scientist yet oil is poisonous to him but this adds a sense of suspicion about his character and makes you want to find out more, even if it is just to see if robots like coffee.

4. Cough Sweets – The second of two episodes I wrote. This one about people wanting something badly to get rid of a cough and will settle for anything hoping that it will cure them but not asking if said item will do more harm than good. This is the case here with supposed cough sweet delivery actually being the arrival of cyanide capsules, but it is all too late as Murkum is more interested in people getting better than safely reading the ingredients label, even if someone else has. This episode also works on the opposite side of most episodes of the show as most of them involve Murkum getting hurt in someway, while this one takes the approach of his actions causing harm to somebody else. In addition I really do like the use of sound effects in this one and Tim’s voice as Mephnar Senior.

3. Headlong Dash – Another great piece of voice acting from Tim here pointing amount the most obvious of things. This episode actually does show some of Murkum’s military might but Murkum has forgotten to open the door. His speech is also a bit lacklustre but this could be a way of showing how un-intelligent he actually is. When he finally get’s in his car and crashes, it’s the additional voice who points out Murkum’s mistake, which in turn is what is so good about this episode.

2. Shiny New Toy – Another one from me now. I like this one a lot (and not just because I wrote it) because instead of Murkum getting injured in some ridiculous way, here is just getting robbed/mugged. I also like the little jokes I made towards Apple and the iPad brand too by using the names Pomegranate and X-Brick as well as the reference to Angry Birds by saying Happy Pigeons. Murkum’s cluelessness as well to the format shows just how difficult such devices can be to people as well as people’s general ideas and names to such things/devices. Also one thing to point out is the idea as stated in Chris Martin‘s Book Unexpected Item in the Bagging Area: Driven Crazy by the Modern World? that people don’t really know what the point of an iPad is, with Murkum stating that it might “help”.

1. Boss Machine – This one I think is the absolute funniest of the bunch. Murkum has a machine that he thinks will help him brainwash people into doing what he says, however it is not quite ready yet and Murkum constantly asks the same person over and over again to do things for him bordering on the ridiculousness including trying to steal all of the man’s money to making him  sing while setting his trousers on fire. This eventually accumulates to the point that the thing that Murkum asks for finally is the one thing the man has been wanting to do to Murkum all along, that is to punch him in the face. From the moment that he demands money, this becomes such a funny episode and does not stop until the very end, and that is why it is my favourite (of series 1).


What To Do With Heathrow

4 06 2014


I don’t know if you watched Question Time on BBC One last week, oh you did. Well for those who didn’t, the show was being held in the brand new Terminal 2. Now I thought that Terminal 2 had been in existence well before the construction of Terminal 5. You’d think that wouldn’t you. Well apparently it has been re-built and will apparently eventually cover Terminal 1 and 3 as well. Fun little fact there. Anyway, because of where they were they used it as a chance to YET AGAIN discuss the construction of a third runway at Heathrow and the construction of Boris Island, or the “London Britannia Airport” as it has now been dubbed. So as a fan of the hit show MegaStructures and also someone who is very much interested in Large Buildings and Aircraft particularly of the large variety as well as having had enough of a load of complaining hippies talking over and over again about why a third runway is bad for the environment (yet not mention how useful it might be for the economy, or maybe they are saying they just don’t want a job) I thought I would give my own analysis as well as opinion as to what I think they, as in the airport people (whatever they’re called) should do. So let’s start with the third runway.


That’s what I honestly think. The largest and busiest in the United Kingdom and the third busiest in the world and yet for a currently four soon to be 5 terminal airport, there is only two runways. How is it supposed to cope or even reach maximum capacity if it all the terminals are restricted to 2 terminals? That’s a case of two and a half terminals to one runway. Surely the largest of those terminals should have at least one to itself allowing the other four to share one runway each? Now it has always been the case that one thing has stood above most about Heathrow and that is noise pollution. Heathrow is in a busy area, it is not really on the outskirts of London at all, it is in a built up area. But most of that area is housing and people have complained for years about the amount of noise being produced at the airport. Now I can understand that, who would want to live in that, all the sound being produced, I bet you don’t you get much sleep. So in the case of those living in the area I can see why a third runway would be a problem. Fair enough. So I think in that case then it should be the case that instead of a third runway at Heathrow, why not a second at Gatwick instead? I don’t hear anyone complaining about that, I am actually surprised that a second runway at Gatwick does not exist at all. Second largest and busiest in the UK, why not?

Terminal 5

While it is the case that a third runway will cause a lot of sound problems as well as a lot of dreary talk from hippies about global warming and whales – even though I don’t know what giant metal birds and their giant concrete nests have to do with whales? But on the up side, a third runway will create a lot more available uses for traffic at the airport and as such will create jobs to service such traffic and increase income from the airport. So theoretically a third runway; or if not that, a second at Gatwick should help to boost the economy for years to come. So, for the benefit and prosperity of the UK, it should be built. Now as for Boris Island.


When I was first shown pictures of the proposed Boris Island, (so named due to it being put forward in some capacity by London Mayor and coolest man in UK politics, Boris Johnson) several years ago, I liked the idea of it. Based on Hong Kong International Airport with two terminals with a runway for each one and build it in the Thames Estuary. I have always liked the idea of it, but over the years they have over thought about the idea. It has gone from a relatively small airport design to something so big and costly that they are now suggesting that if it gets built that they close down Heathrow. Now I can understand that a six runway is better than a two runway airport. But I don’t understand why Heathrow should be closed. What would the point in that be?

Boris Island

Closing down an airport that cost billions to build for one that’s going to cost billions to build and create a giant waste ground in the middle of a built up area that will be unable to serve only one purpose, being an airport. While it does bring up development ideas and possibilities of real estate and entertainment, which could take years to do, and knowing what this country is like, years before anything is approved. So it would more likely become a giant play park for kids and immature youths of all ages as well as a possible scene for drug dealing and other immoral crimes. The only way of preventing that would be to immediately demolish everything once it was closed down, but as stated before, it would take years to approve even after the closure of the airport. It will look a lot like that episode of Top Gear with that Airport in Spain.

Abandoned Airport

What I think should be done is easier. Build Boris Island in its original format, two runways, two terminals (and maybe include the connection to the new London Gateway Port to possibly include an ocean liner and cruise ship dock too, just an idea), build it in the Thames estuary and instead of closing down a fully functioning and large airport, close down a much smaller one; London City Airport. Boris Island is very close to that side of the city and if it were to be able to cope better than London city, close that one down instead. That way, there will be two large airports assisting both a large city and the country instead of one, and real estate opportunities for close to the city center will pop up quickly instead of a 5 mile wasteland.

Deserted Airport

While that is a more brief overview of what I think they should do, I believe it is a lot more valid an idea than the one they, as in government and airport people are seemingly wanting to go through with in both directions. In the end it is really up to them, but I think they are going about the whole thing the wrong way and in many respects need their hands banging together. But as once again stated previously, it will be a long time, more than 20 years probably, before anything is approved.

Airport Vehicle On Motorway



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