Because We Want To

26 03 2014

Billie Piper

One of those Nightmare songs of the 1990’s. While I am a massive fan of the 1990’s there are a few downsides, like songs that you don’t understand but stick in your head. In this case it is the Billie Piper song Because We Want To. Now if you say Billie Piper these days most people will instantly think either Doctor Who or Rose Tyler because she became very famous as a result. When I heard Billie Piper was going to be in Doctor Who I instantly remembered that song (which everybody else suddenly forgot about………?) because beforehand in 1998 she achieved a number 1 in the UK Charts, one that stayed in the charts for several weeks as well as appearing on several children’s TV shows, for weeks, on end, one after the other.


The video is a particular memory. It shows Piper dancing down a street with several other people (some in CGI) and all dancing the same way during the chorus, the spin is pretty good. The chorus itself has the part which stays in your head, the repeated “Because We Want To”. The CGI characters look a bit odd and you wonder why they even bothered. One of them looks like a monster that may appear in Doctor Who, there is also a Flying Saucer seen at the beginning of the video which Piper appears from (there is a subliminal message in there somewhere). However the background tune is actually quite Good which helps give the song credibility and the only reason it is a nightmare song is because the repeated “Because We Want To” sticks in your head and you don’t know why, it is a shame though that tune does not continue the full length of the song because during the verse parts it becomes a generic sound/tune.

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler

In a decade filled mostly filled with the Spice Girls and Steps it was nice to see/hear something different and actually quite good but gives out a chorus which just sticks in your head (particularly after 2005). OK, I do think it deserves more credit than people realise (and did launch the career of Billie Piper). Piper’s performance is perhaps one of her finest and at her best, when she is seemingly herself, like in her early Doctor Who days (the under-talked about but Great Christopher Eccleston period). Her choice of outfit is also more relaxed and appealing to the casual viewer, like we are actually seeing Billie as a person and not just another 90′s pop girl. The video and tune are actually quite nicely put together and really thought out . All together it is one of those pop songs from the 90’s that was actually good and worth remembering despite the fact you will, why? Because You Want To.

BWWT (Click to watch Video)


WWE Anthology (The Federation Years) Top 5 Wrestling Themes

26 08 2013

WWE Antholgy (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. - 2002)

Since becoming a fan of Professional wrestling back in late 2004, I have been very interested in the music that the wrestlers come out too. After going to see WWE Smackdown live in Manchester in November 2004, I was interested to hear that the music was available to buy on CD (Back in a time when the iPod was just about to be released). So soon after I bought a copy of WWE Anthology, a collection of pieces of music throughout the history of the WWE. Because the collection came on three discs, I thought I would do a top 5 of each of the discs and my favourite music on them (even though I might skip the NOW disc and just do a general top 5 of the whole collection as there are only 4 songs on the NOW disc of note and one of them is the Hurricane’s theme, I suppose I could just do a list of pieces that were produced post Attitude era). So the first disc as you can guess from the title is the Federation Years which is mostly filled with pre attitude era pieces of music. While the songs still sound tough for the wrestlers in question, they are a lot lighter in tone and some what more pleasant. So here are my Top 5 themes of WWE Anthology The Federation Years (just one thing of note quickly, best theme does not mean best wrestler, so don’t go thinking that one is better than the other just because of which of their music I prefer).

Jake Roberts

5: Snake Bit - Jake “The Snake” Roberts – With a wrestling name like that, you would consider something like the sounds of a snake or something very dark and sinister, instead what you get is a piece of music produced on a synthesizer or keyboard which sounds awe-inspiring. Generally the piece is quite calm and open and does not contain many low notes. while the opening could be considered sinister, it does not sound long and when the piece has its main opening reveal, it gives the idea of Jake Roberts holding his snake up in the air to show to the audience. It’s a simple and peaceful theme for a sinister name like that.

No Holds Barred

4: No Holds Barred – No Holds Barred theme – I have no Idea to what No Holds Barred is or was but from my quick research it appears to have been a film starring Hulk Hogan. Anyway the theme song is quite nice and holds a sense of suspense all the way through. The song almost tells a tale of what one man is going to or is about to do, his hopes or dreams perhaps of what is about to come. The songs suspense though reaches an eventual limit as it shouts at out the title of the piece and says it with pride before going back into the main rhythm of the song. It only continues to go at the risen pitch when the song starts to conclude.


3: Sexy Boy – Shawn Michaels – The theme song that would be the theme throughout almost the entirety of the career of the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels. Possibly one of the most recognised themes in all of wrestling, HBK’s theme fits perfectly with both his charismatic style and the excitement of his matches and presence. An assortment of a bit of disco and rock, the song is pretty much showing off and would be perfect for a villain, despite the fact HBK is both a fan favourite and a good guy in wrestling and character. The song is one of only a few love orientated songs in wrestling and contains some nice guitar solo work also.

Hulk Hogan

2: Real American – Hulk Hogan – What is widely considered as the first proper theme for a wrestler (performed by Rick Derringer), the theme suited nobody better than Hulk Hogan. While the song is as patriotic as it sounds, it is generally a nice song which anybody can join in depending on nation as the song is not boisterous about the country it is talking about. The song’s opening track rhythm continues throughout with a mid guitar solo in it too. The chorus to the song is also a lot of fun as well as pleasant and does not at any point go into a dark tone. The idea with a song, particularly a rock song being light and fluffy is present in this song as it is has that feel to it.

Ultimate Warrior

1: Unstable – Ultimate Warrior – A wild piece of music for a wild wrestler. The Ultimate Warrior as a wrestler was wild and unstoppable and so the song Unstable works perfectly for him. The piece is as made as the wrestler and what he does in the ring, it gives the impression of something unstoppable, something that could not be beat, something so terrifying that you would do what you could to avoid getting on its bad side. The piece starts with an easy beat in the speed that it’s at before going into its main part which sounds like something on the rampage without going too heavy, it then reaches a slower and quick conclusion before doing it all over again. Interestingly enough, this piece actually helped me to recover in Hospital back in 2005 when I had a leg injury. Because I was put on a machine that would help me to angle my leg and had to reach an angle of 90 degrees before I could go home, I listened to this CD when I was recovering. When I got to the Ultimate Warrior track, I myself felt unstoppable and put the machine right up to 90 degrees, while it did hurt a lot, I felt unstoppable and left hospital the following Friday. SO not only is this piece my favourite from the first disc, but also it helped me to recover from a horrible accident.


Top 5 Metallica Songs

12 08 2013


Since early 2009 I have loved the music of Metallica. Back in 2009 when I first went to Animex and saw a trailer video for Guitar Hero Metallica, I fell in love with the music. While my views on Guitar Hero are well founded, the power the band had in just that one trailer was enough to get me interested. After finally discovering the name of the song on the trailer and watching that song from the band live on YouTube I grew to enjoy their music more and more, eventually becoming one of my Favourite bands. I even watched (and reviewed) the film Some Kind Of Monster. It was from this that I named them the Kings of Metal and my interest in heavy metal was founded and grew. With the Roaring vocals of James Hetfield, The Power of Lead Guitarist Kirk Hammett, The Thunderous Drumming of Lars Ulrich and the Besieging power of the Bass Player Robert Trujillo (as well as Jason Newsted and Cliff Burton) Metallica is one of if not the shining example of how powerful Metal as a music form is and how popular the outcast of the music world is. So, it’s time to celebrate their Great work, here are my Top 5 Favourite Metallica songs.

Metallica (James, Kirk, Lars and Robert)

5: Enter Sandman – The main song of their hit early 1990’s album Metallica or sometimes referred to as The Black Album. Enter Sandman was a major departure for the band as it was more of a small easy-going track than the power anthems they had previously produced. The dark tones though stayed with them in this song as it is not very light or happy. While the song does not pick up as much speed as songs like Fade To Black, it still provides enough power to satisfy those who prefer stronger faster pieces while those elements don’t make much of a show.

4: Seek and Destroy – A classic from the first album. A song that is fast all the way through and does not let out while also conveying rebellious dark muscle tones from beginning to end. Seek and Destroy provides a lot of anger in the lyrics and this kind of represents how much the band has come on since they first appeared in the early 80’s. Back then they had a lot of pent-up rage as youngsters and just wanted to get it out, nowadays they are still able to provide that kind of energy while also maintaining some control in maturity. Seek and Destroy is a nice little way of showing how much time has come on for the band and provides to be a good classic for the band. The song when played live also contains a Fantastic Solo from Kirk and Lars (look out for it).

3: For Whom The Bell Tolls – One of the first songs I listened to back when I first started listening to Metallica back in 2009. One thing that I find interesting about how I discovered this song is that it is the theme for British Professional Wrestler, Johnny Phere. For Whom The Bell Tolls is another classic song and carries a lot of attitude and anger. It is a lot like in some sense the work of the band Manowar (who have been going on for one year longer than Metallica) as in the song tells a story and for some part sounds like a fantasy setting until the mention of a gun, however this could still be attributed to a fantasy setting but possibly a more recent one. The songs tune follows an easy steady riff for its heavy beat and dark tones and is a great way of representing anger in music, something that is hard to do on most occasions. Another thing that I really like about this song is that the song is very much played by the Bass player. The songs main theme is played on the Bass, and so the Bass is not providing a supporting track for the song but is the main lead; a nice reversal from the Guitar being the lead and the Bass being the support.

2: Fade To Black – Back in 2010, just before I went to Teesside University I could not really listen to anything other than Fade To Black. While the song was really written about Suicide, the song can be seen in other forms of ending. The End of one thing into the next. So as me going to University was starting a new chapter in life, I was fading to black in another (Although my time at Teesside University ended within a year and I returned to the previous life). The song has a nice calm feel to it and picks up speed a couple of times in the main chorus but throughout its calm start it remains one incredibly beautiful song. Then the song almost takes the form of a Black Sabbath song as it practically changes into a completely different song. While it is the same song the tune changes into one of the bands most powerful riffs, picking up speed and ferocity, getting faster and faster, not giving out until the song ends, but before it does it almost changes again with an expert riff from Kirk. Not only is Fade To Black one of my favourite songs by Metallica, it is also one of my Favourite Metal Songs. While in many cases it does not get as mentioned as much as songs like One, Enter Sandman or Master of Puppets, it does not mean that this song is second best to any of the Metallica Classics.

1: Master of Puppets – What else was it going to be? It was thanks to Master of Puppets that I heard about Metallica in the first place and to this day every now and again I give in the urge to go onto YouTube to listen to it again and again. While the title sounds a bit like some kind of Fantasy Puppet Master the song is actually about drug use and when you listen to the lyrics, they fit perfectly with the heavy, dark tune. The lyrics are actually very easy to learn also and so it makes a nice sing a long piece. While saying that sounds soft, the song is anything but. The piece does not start off calmly; it starts with action immediately filling your ears. The combination of Guitar Bass and Drums produces a riff that many have said to be one of the best Guitar Songs produced. The song carries on in this fashion for about 2/3 minutes before turning gentler. Originally when I first heard the song I was a bit annoyed at the slow part in the middle but when you give it a chance it is a nice sweet peace which becomes the opening for a much bigger part of the song. It gives the band a nice break from speed before they go even faster and harder. Much like Fade To Black the song also has a Fantastic Solo part from Kirk which just seems to make the song go even faster and then when you feel like it has finally stopped, it picks up speed again for the final chorus before going into the Big Finish. Master of Puppets is the crowning glory for the band and in many ways for Metal also. It is a sign of Victory, a sign saying that they are proud of who they are and the music they play. Master of Puppets is the proof to why Metallica are the Kings of Metal.


Eurovision Reaction 2013

19 05 2013

Emmelie de Forest

Another Fantastic Year of singing arrived last night as The Eurovision Song Contest took place in Malmö Sweden. Sweden won the contest last year with their successful win with Loreen singing Euphoria. In a remarkable change this year though, the winning song was not shown at the beginning of the show. Instead, a new anthem for the contest was shown with a flag ceremony for the show’s acts which reminded me of the chariots scene from The Hunger Games. The song Euphoria was eventually played as the climax of a series of songs sung together by last year’s winner Loreen.

The presentation of the event was one of the strongest in the show’s history with the show being presented by native comedian Petra Mede. It made a nice change from the standard format of two presenters, one male the other female. It also meant that she was not being held down by the male presenter and could make the job her own, she even conducted the halftime show with a song and dance routine and even included little bits of comedy every now and again. In my opinion I think there should be more of those flash dances that Norway did in 2010.

The competition as a whole had a nice variety of Acts. Armenia had an interesting entry, interesting as the song was composed by Black Sabbath Guitarist Tony Iommi. The song’s overall started off quite well with a nice introduction from France. The song’s continued with some other Good entries from Belarus and Germany (which did sound a bit like Euphoria). But when it came to my Vote as in the county I decided to vote for, I chose the entry from Norway. I liked its heavy style and in some case did remind me of The Prodigy. Throughout the judging of the songs I was constantly willing it on to win. In the end it finished with a respectable 4th place.

The United Kingdom did better this year than last, 3 more countries voted for it than last year’s four and finishing with 23 points overall (11 more than last year) and placed 19th; which is not to bad for the UK considering the recent history. The voting this year was a close one, to begin with many songs were climbing for the top spot continuously but when Denmark (Only Teardrops by Emmelie de Forest)  got the foothold it pretty much held it until it won the contest, however Azerbaijan (the previous year’s host) for a long time were in a position to overthrow it. But with 4 countries left to vote, Denmark had already Won. Bizzarely though, unlike previous years Denmark were announced as the winner with countries still left to vote, it was only after the announcement that the voting continued, but this was probably for the benefit of getting the winner out and ready quickly.  The vote was close overall with the winning song not getting a record score and instead winning with 281 points; 11 points off from Finland’s Victory in 2006. It was another Great year for Eurovision, the winning song was actually quite nice and it was Good to at least see that the Favourite won so there won’t be all this political voting nonsense ruining the entire show. Eurovsion remains one of the Best music events of the year and one of my Favourite events of the year. In 12 months time the show will return, so lets now enjoy all the Great Music from this year and Celebrate Denmark’s third victory in the contest.

GENEPOOL (Denmark did quite well in 2010 coming fifth with one of my favourite songs from that year).

Top 5 KISS Songs

3 10 2012

One year ago I discovered the Music of KISS (the rock band not love songs). Even though I had known about them for a Long Time I did not consider myself a fan but on discovery of their music I became a fan and for about 3 to 4 months I was listening to their music and almost nothing else (no Metallica, Saxon or Black Sabbath). Now that a year has passed I thought I would give you my top 5 KISS Songs.

For those of you not in the know KISS are a Legendary American Rock Band and while their music is not Metal is sometimes considered it but they are more Heavy/American Rock. However if you look at them you will see that they are not an ordinary band. KISS are well known for wearing face paint and Dark (Black and White) Flamboyant Costumes. They also introduce some theatrics to their shows (inspired by Alice Cooper), mostly from the Bass Player which includes blood spitting and fire breathing. While they may be odd compared to other bands around the world, they are one of the most successful acts in the world. They have also been featured in several Music Top Lists. Not only this but they have one of the largest Fan followings in music (referred to as the KISS Army). They are:

Paul Stanley – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Gene Simmons – Bass and Vocals

Eric Carr/Peter Criss/Eric Singer – Drums and Backing Vocals

Mark St. John/Bruce Kulick/Vinnie Vincent/Ace Frehley/Tommy Thayer – Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals

Together they are KISS.

5. Detroit Rock City – Not to be confused with one of their films Detroit Rock City is usually used as the opening song for the band when performing live. The song begins with a heavy riff and then turns into a loud vibration before once again entering the riff. For most of the song it is just a vibration but during parts there is some riffing. Then about halfway through there is a sweet and not so heavy riff before the song re-enters its combination of riffs and vibration while also combing some more of the solo. Detroit Rock City while not being as heavy as some songs is in itself an Amazing Song.

4. God Of Thunder – Possibly The Heaviest of Heavy Songs, and that is not just for KISS. The song is sung by Simmons and is almost telling a story as it is sung. While it could be considered a song about Thor it is technically a song about Zeus because it does mention a lot of stuff from Greek Mythology. The song is mostly Heavy through riffing instead of vibration even though it does feature some but the solo this time around is a lot more dark but that does fit in with the style of the song. I have said many times that if I was a Professional Wrestler I would use this song as my Entrance Theme. It is a Great Song.

3. Rock and Roll All Nite – What is seen of as more of an anthem to both Rock and Roll and KISS, Rock and Roll All Nite really shows what kind of music KISS is, not metal just Good Old Rock. While many fans consider this to be KISS’s Best Song and their favourite as a result I think it does not compare to some other songs. But that does not mean it’s bad. While still featuring some vibration like with Detroit Rock City it is more riffy and is music that gets you off your feet and want to move, sing, shout, dance, scream to the power of the guitar when it’s used in this context (genre wise) and like all Good KISS songs it features a Solo. Enough stalling let’s just hear some Good Old Rock.

2. Psycho Circus – Back in February and March when I was mostly Angry I thought about doing a Top 5 Songs That Gets The Anger Out, and this was always going to be in it. Very riffy, Very heavy and some vibration. The song is a combination of different styles so such as you get lots of acts at a circus you get lots of styles of music in this, there is some Heavy and later on there is some calm. The song also features one of the best Guitar Solos in Music (particularly when you combine it with the images in the music video). The song has an amazing Music Video which combines many images with the music that is accompanying it (like the circus again). All in All it is an incredible song (the song is also featured in an amusing video involving Michael Jackson) and well worth a listen even if you are not a fan of KISS or this genre of Music. Go on Treat yourself and Listen to this Fantastic Song, also keep an eye out for the Rocket Powered Guitar (apologies if an advert pops up, just skip it).

1. I Was Made For Loving You – While more like a disco track than a rock song, I Was Made For Loving You is a Fantastic Song. It is quite possibly the most viewed Music Video on YouTube. It is very hard to describe how it is played because of its disco sound. There is hardly any vibration and is very riffy, but very quick. The music’s opening has a great sound which sets it up ready for Stanley’s intro which brings the heaviness. The song continues like this for most of the song then goes into a heavy solo in two parts, opening with a Fantastic Bass Solo and then into a Great Guitar Solo. The song’s lyrics also make it a fantastic Love Song too (so in some way it works with the band name). The chorus in particular is something anyone can join in with. But more than that the sound of the music has a sort of Je ne sais quoi (something you can’t put your finger on) about it. Something about this song which makes it Fantastic, but I don’t know what. Well at least it is there, because without it it would not be my Favourite KISS Song.

GENEPOOL (That rocket powered Guitar did inspire me for an idea for Arbitrary Stopframe).


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