Sam’s Rant – Guitar Hero

15 11 2009

Before I start I would like to point out that I like playing Games and I do like listening to Music.

Guitar Hero is a great idea for a game I have to admit but it is STUPID. The biggest problem with Guitar Hero is the guitar. You have to break out Hundreds of pounds and pay the cost of a 360 just to play the game. From what I have seen you have to pay for each guitar that comes out instead of playing with the guitar from the last game in the series( or the second guitar because you forked out enough money to get a PlayStation 3 to get another guitar to play multiplayer with a friend). Also you can only play Guitar Hero with the guitar you cant play other games. It could become a beat’em up game involving swinging the guitar at the other player’s character (or the player) to beat them up.

The third game in the series (but in actual fact is the forth) Legends of Rock is more like Legend of Rock. The only one mentioned is SLASH from Velvet Revolver (or more commonly Guns and Roses). I mean what about having some proper ROCKERS like Mistress, Terasbetoni, Motorhead, Rammstein, Opeth, Aerosmith and Lordi. Recently ROCKBAND came out and decided that we need to fork out the cost of 10 PlayStation 3’s just to play it. The drums were rubbish, they make a rubbish sound when you hit them and that noise is louder than the sounds from the game. So it isn’t ROCKBAND but Plastic sounding instruments that are louder than the sounds in the game BAND.

I have played Guitar Hero and I am not very good at it but it is nothing like playing a guitar. Instead of plucking strings you have to press a small plastic switch constantly until your hand starts to hurt from RSI. There are five buttons you have to press (or more likely hold down) but you only have 4 fingers and you have to hold the neck with a combination of your fingers and your thumb. So it becomes impossible to play without looking at the buttons. One thing I would like to ask is can you play the guitar with your teeth like Jimmi Hendrix. This Rant is not going to be as big as the last one because there was more to talk about.

It was announced that ACDC would be available in ROCKBAND 2. Who are they? (let me just point out this was written before I found out who ACDC were). What about the BeeGees (not the Beatles because they are pants). The BeeGees would be good did you consider that. NO of course you didn’t ACTIVISION because your thinking of ways to make people splash out the money for 500 PS4’s (chances are the PlayStation 4 is going to be just as expensive as the PS3) to buy your stupid pieces of equipment. ROCKBAND ARE MADE UP OF GROUPS THAT NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF. Who are Dragon Force (good name)? Chances are if ACTIVISION brought out a game called Classical Hero with an electronic Violin and Grand Piano people would buy it because it “must be good”.

Guitar Hero World Tour has just come out and asks you to fork out the money for a Guitar but also Drums and a Microphone so you can sing and play drums but that means it is no longer guitar hero but Guitar and Drums and Microphone Hero. It costs the same as £149.99 which is the same as 14999 penny sweets. If there was a Guitar and Drums and Microphone Hero for every fat kid in Britain you could solve the obesity problem overnight (44.997 apples).

This Morning (Friday 21st November 2008) I saw an advert for World Tour and it said that the Bass was sold separately. Well of course it was because greedy ACTIVISION want more money (LIKE THEY NEED IT). Also why would anyone not want to play Bass, the coolest people from the band (in most cases)play Bass. Some of the best bass players include OX from Lordi and Lemmy from Motorhead an Jason Newsted from Metallica.

I cant exactly go on for long because it is just one game (well two) but there are massive problems with it. I would like to see a larger range of music and bands (Runrig, The BeeGees, Barry White, Lordi, ZZ Top and many other GOOD ONES) and the ability to play the game with the instruments from the last game in the series.

I am going to tell you the real truth about Guitar Hero. The original idea came out 6 years before Guitar Hero and it was made by Nintendo. It was going to be a game involving the Pokemon and involved the players using guitar peripherals and singing to tracks (of music obviously) but it got cancelled because Nintendo didn’t think it would work. So by that Nintendo deserves all the credit for Guitar Hero (Nintendo’s right).

One good thing that could come out of all this is that Guitar Hero and ROCKBAND and Guitar and Drums and Microphone Hero could replace Karaoke at the pub and distract people from getting Drunk, Talking about Girls and watching the Pants Football match shouting for Accrington at the FA cup (WHATEVER THAT IS).

If people want to splash money out on games like these where you have to pay the cost of 12 PlayStation 7’s they may solve the credit crunch but if people want to play the guitar, BUY A GUITAR and then you may impress your friends even more by saying “look I can play a real guitar where you can only pretend” unless you are pants.

Overall Games like Guitar Hero and ROCKBAND are PANTS!!!!!


(ok this might be as long as last weeks)

Sams Rant – Something Odd

2 11 2009

Let me just point out that I do in fact like to listen to Music and play Video Games.

Some of you may remember my Guitar Hero Rant in fact it was the second Rant I did. I pointed out how I don’t like those games and how PANTS they are. Well something odd has happened since. In 2008 Guitar Hero launched the Game, Guitar Hero Aerosmith. The game was based on the American rock group Aerosmith who have been going since 1970 and did the hit song Walk This Way (before other bands started to nick it). Well following this More games were released in the same way.

In February 2009 at ANIMEX I discovered that there was a game being released along similar lines. Guitar Hero Metallica, This game differs however because Aerosmith are a Rock ‘n’ Roll (‘n’ means and in the world of Rock and Roll) band and Metallica are a Heavy Metal Group.

Now you might be thinking what’s so odd about these two games and these two bands. Well let me just point out there’s nothing odd about the games (except for the fact that its Guitar Hero) or the bands. The Odd thing is that from something that annoys me (Guitar Hero) I have discovered some of the greatest bands there have ever been.

A few days after finding out about Guitar Hero Metallica I am checking out their music on the Internet. A month later I am listening to both Metallica and Aerosmith while I am on the Web. It’s also interesting because this is not the first time this has happened.

In the late spring of 2008 I saw a trailer for Motor Storm 2 and in the advert was one of the most interesting pieces of music I have ever heard. I kept on researching and later I found out that the piece of music was called Tarantula from the Drum and Bass Group PENDULUM. A few months later PENDULUM became my favourite band thanks to this amazing sound they produce, I now have two of their albums, Hold Your Colour and In Silco.

From this I also went on to discover the band The Prodigy, I now also have their latest album. Now come to think about it If I did not see this trailer I may not have heard any of these two albums and I would still be complaining over the fact that there are hardly any good bands out there.

Back to what I was saying before I just think it’s odd that something that Annoys me (Guitar Hero) Has introduced me to some of the greatest bands in the world but it didn’t stop there. From bands such as Metallica and Aerosmith expanded to include Motorhead, The Rolling Stones and ZZ TOP. I now listen to all these bands on a regular basis. But there is one band that has a music game that has just been released who I still don’t like, The Beatles.

Now in my opinion the Beatles are one of the worst bands in history, Yes you heard it from me. I mean there are other bands out there that deserve to have a game more than The Beatles in my opinion. Such bands include The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gee’s and ZZ TOP to name but a few. But chances were that the Beatles were going to get their own music game eventually, but enough of that.

Now I don’t know about you but I think its very strange that from a game that annoys me so much (Guitar Hero) should get me interested in some of the greatest bands in history. These bands being Aerosmith, Metallica, Motorhead, The Rolling Stones and ZZ TOP. Now all I have to do is wait for Video Games to introduce me to some more Fantastic Bands.


Sam’s Rant – Multiplayer Games

2 11 2009

Before I start this rant I would like to point out that I actually love games and do buy them and have a lot of fun with them.

Yes, its Finally here, My Blog has Finally Arrived.

Multiplayer games are something that can get on my nerves. Mainly online multiplayer games. The biggest problem for me is that everyone that I play against is better than me, bully me and try to lower my self esteem. This is also the case when playing Super Smash Bros Melee on the Game Cube in K101 (that is if I can play at all because some people hog the console and don’t allow anyone else to play it).

All right SSBM is not an online game but it is a multiplayer game. One major problem about online multiplayers is the game modes are the same and when playing with other people they use the same tactics over and over again (but they won’t allow me to do that). Let me tell you that I like playing Unreal Tournament 2004 after college and it can be quite fun hearing other people moan for a change when they get killed. Some people do a thing called camping (why is it called that). As far as I see it there is nothing wrong with it, it’s just like sniping in other shooting games. So by do these people who moan about campers when at points in the game they do it themselves. Also they do something called boosting (why is this also called that). Boosting involves pushing someone on your own team forward. Surely if it makes the player move quicker you could finish the game more quickly. This could also be used to cover by pushing your friend (or ex friend after playing the game) forward, they get shot and you take out the baddie.

Also why are multiplayer options (apparently) better than the normal single player in major BIG GAMES? OK in SSBM the single player is the biggest problem of the game, in fact it’s BORING. But in a game as big (or in my opinion PANTS) as HALO 3, surely the single player is better. Well according to most people, it’s not. This is also the case in Gears of War and maybe even Gears of War 2 (POO). I like playing multiplayer games with my friends; this is because for most of my life I live as a loner. In fact I hardly ever get to play a multiplayer game with friends because they might be doing something else (usually this involves getting or keeping fit, pursuing girls and drinking). In some circumstances it maybe they have a job, this is fine, they have to make money one way or another.

Most people playing online see me as either some new boy or some one to pick one, so they all target me (Mario Kart Wii).

You may still be saying to yourself “why is HALO 3 PANTS”. The multiplayer is the same game every time you play it; people target you in multiplayer and its PANTS. Put some new characters, weapons, vehicles and levels in it. In my opinion one of the best multiplayer games around is 007 Nightfire on the Game Cube. There are multiple modes, multiple characters, multiple levels and the multiplayer is actually fun. It’s a good laugh with friends and people don’t moan when you are camping (oh wait that’s a different game).

Fighting games are actually a lot of fun. My favourite is still Mortal Kombat because it is fun and it has a range of funability and isn’t ruined with university grad students all over the internet trying to ruin your day. TEKKEN 4 was a good multiplayer game (I don’t have it; I was playing the free version in GAME).

But games like SSBM and Soul Calibre ruin some of that funification by adding lots of stupid combos for players thinking it will be even more fun, but in actual fact it ruins your day by practicing for a full day in the practice mode and you have to memorize all of these.

Racing games are the best multiplayer games because it is just racing, and all you have to do is go faster than everybody else, EASY.  OK here I go and you are not going to like this one little bit but the thing after it is going to be worse.


OK, MMO’s are RUBBISH (apart from the new animal crossing on Wii). MMO’s are all the same; well to be far most are the same. Fantasy Medieval World with spells and swords. If you want to see how rubbish watch the Fable and Fable 2 reviews on Zero Punctuation. In order to be the best you have to get skill points and get more skill points but even if you get all the PANTS skill points there are there is still going to be someone better than you. I thought SPORE was going to have some thing of an MMO in it but NOOOOOOOOOOO. Also World of Warcraft is the same in every PANTS expansion pack there is. Be the hero and kill the Lich King for the one Millionth time. You could just form a group of friends but if they are at work (or down the pub going YAY or COME ON YOU BROWNS to the football, Drinking or pursuing Women) you cant play and get killed for the one Gillionth time (a Gillion is a new number that I created about 7 years ago). EVE Online is really the only game I have thought about playing because it looks like it’s the only one that works. Why doesn’t someone make an MMO about Pirates, that could be FUN?

In all seriousness I like playing multiplayer games but other people can ruin it by being mean to one another.



Hello world!

2 11 2009

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