Sam’s Rant – Guitar Hero

15 11 2009

Before I start I would like to point out that I like playing Games and I do like listening to Music.

Guitar Hero is a great idea for a game I have to admit but it is STUPID. The biggest problem with Guitar Hero is the guitar. You have to break out Hundreds of pounds and pay the cost of a 360 just to play the game. From what I have seen you have to pay for each guitar that comes out instead of playing with the guitar from the last game in the series( or the second guitar because you forked out enough money to get a PlayStation 3 to get another guitar to play multiplayer with a friend). Also you can only play Guitar Hero with the guitar you cant play other games. It could become a beat’em up game involving swinging the guitar at the other player’s character (or the player) to beat them up.

The third game in the series (but in actual fact is the forth) Legends of Rock is more like Legend of Rock. The only one mentioned is SLASH from Velvet Revolver (or more commonly Guns and Roses). I mean what about having some proper ROCKERS like Mistress, Terasbetoni, Motorhead, Rammstein, Opeth, Aerosmith and Lordi. Recently ROCKBAND came out and decided that we need to fork out the cost of 10 PlayStation 3’s just to play it. The drums were rubbish, they make a rubbish sound when you hit them and that noise is louder than the sounds from the game. So it isn’t ROCKBAND but Plastic sounding instruments that are louder than the sounds in the game BAND.

I have played Guitar Hero and I am not very good at it but it is nothing like playing a guitar. Instead of plucking strings you have to press a small plastic switch constantly until your hand starts to hurt from RSI. There are five buttons you have to press (or more likely hold down) but you only have 4 fingers and you have to hold the neck with a combination of your fingers and your thumb. So it becomes impossible to play without looking at the buttons. One thing I would like to ask is can you play the guitar with your teeth like Jimmi Hendrix. This Rant is not going to be as big as the last one because there was more to talk about.

It was announced that ACDC would be available in ROCKBAND 2. Who are they? (let me just point out this was written before I found out who ACDC were). What about the BeeGees (not the Beatles because they are pants). The BeeGees would be good did you consider that. NO of course you didn’t ACTIVISION because your thinking of ways to make people splash out the money for 500 PS4’s (chances are the PlayStation 4 is going to be just as expensive as the PS3) to buy your stupid pieces of equipment. ROCKBAND ARE MADE UP OF GROUPS THAT NO ONE HAS EVER HEARD OF. Who are Dragon Force (good name)? Chances are if ACTIVISION brought out a game called Classical Hero with an electronic Violin and Grand Piano people would buy it because it “must be good”.

Guitar Hero World Tour has just come out and asks you to fork out the money for a Guitar but also Drums and a Microphone so you can sing and play drums but that means it is no longer guitar hero but Guitar and Drums and Microphone Hero. It costs the same as £149.99 which is the same as 14999 penny sweets. If there was a Guitar and Drums and Microphone Hero for every fat kid in Britain you could solve the obesity problem overnight (44.997 apples).

This Morning (Friday 21st November 2008) I saw an advert for World Tour and it said that the Bass was sold separately. Well of course it was because greedy ACTIVISION want more money (LIKE THEY NEED IT). Also why would anyone not want to play Bass, the coolest people from the band (in most cases)play Bass. Some of the best bass players include OX from Lordi and Lemmy from Motorhead an Jason Newsted from Metallica.

I cant exactly go on for long because it is just one game (well two) but there are massive problems with it. I would like to see a larger range of music and bands (Runrig, The BeeGees, Barry White, Lordi, ZZ Top and many other GOOD ONES) and the ability to play the game with the instruments from the last game in the series.

I am going to tell you the real truth about Guitar Hero. The original idea came out 6 years before Guitar Hero and it was made by Nintendo. It was going to be a game involving the Pokemon and involved the players using guitar peripherals and singing to tracks (of music obviously) but it got cancelled because Nintendo didn’t think it would work. So by that Nintendo deserves all the credit for Guitar Hero (Nintendo’s right).

One good thing that could come out of all this is that Guitar Hero and ROCKBAND and Guitar and Drums and Microphone Hero could replace Karaoke at the pub and distract people from getting Drunk, Talking about Girls and watching the Pants Football match shouting for Accrington at the FA cup (WHATEVER THAT IS).

If people want to splash money out on games like these where you have to pay the cost of 12 PlayStation 7’s they may solve the credit crunch but if people want to play the guitar, BUY A GUITAR and then you may impress your friends even more by saying “look I can play a real guitar where you can only pretend” unless you are pants.

Overall Games like Guitar Hero and ROCKBAND are PANTS!!!!!


(ok this might be as long as last weeks)




4 responses

16 11 2009

I’m liking the blog Sam! What other games are you planning on reviewing?

19 11 2009
Ben Sutton

Wow you are so… whats the problem? I find it hard to believe you went o such a rant and know so little of these games or the genres of music in them, tho have not heard of dragonforce…ok, but trust me as a guy who works in a music shop they are big theyv had many albums out and are relatively successfull, ACDC THOUGH!! How you can go through life and not have heard of them, one of the biggest rock actsthe world has ever seen, bigger than the names you wish to see in such games, Mistress, Terasbetoni, Motorhead, Rammstein, Opeth are all no ones i would bet ACDC have sold more albums than all those acts combined. Aerosmith had their own guitar hero game so don moan they arent in them!
The guitars for each game work on all the games so i dont know what your getting at there, you dont need to buy a new guitar with each game thats why they do versions that dont include th guitar ad other instruments.
I and many many others find these gamesto be great fun and have no complaints with whos on them, and to compare them to a real instrument is irrelevent itd be like comparing a driving game to driving a car its not the same its a game, your chance to be in a band playing songs you never will as a real musician.

There wont be a playstation 4 for years and years, probably 3 or 4 if not longer so dont start down that route.

Nintendo are almost always the innovators of new things, the light gun, anaologue stick, rumble feature, motion sensing controller, shoulder buttons, trigger buttons, all invented by nintendo nothing new there.
Dont be bitter your not very good at them if you dont like them dont play them i cant agree with you at all on any part of this rant except that nintendo innovate.

8 12 2009

couldnt agree with you more there ben!

12 08 2013
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