The Choice is Yours

10 12 2009

Hello Everyone.

Some of you who have read my Rants before may have read them before. That is because I used to write them down on paper for almost a year before I started the Blog. However there is a new one coming soon, the only problem is that I cant seem to decide what it should be about.

I have come up with 4 choices:

1. Zombie Shooters and Survival Horror Games

2. RTS Games (Real Time Strategy)

3. Other Seventh Generation Video Game Consoles you may not have heard about before

4. Movie Games

Post your votes as comments and you have until 20th December 2009 to make your choice. The winner will be announced shortly after the 20th December 2009 and the rant itself will be published soon afterwards.

The Choice is yours.

The Winner is: Movie Games.

Check back soon for my Movie Games Rant.


Sam’s Rant, MMO’s Part 2

7 12 2009

Sam’s Rant

MMO’s Part 2

One other thing with World of Warcraft (I’M NEVER CALLING IT WoW YOU NERDS) is the idea of killing the same EVIL BAD GUY in every single game. Yes I’m referring to the Lich King (WHY LICH). He appears in Return of The Lich King but stories of him surround World of Warcraft and when he appears in Return of The Lich King you can go and defeat him for the 9 BILLIONTH TIME. Of course if you are a World of Warcraft fan you know that two expansion packs have come out costing at roughly £30 (ROUGHLY YOU NERDS) a piece. So if we do the sums its £30 + £30 + £336 (from earlier on) = £396.00, lets have a look at what we can buy for £396.00

• 39600 penny sweets

• 1320 Apples

• Driving Lessons

• A Second Hand Car

• A PlayStation 3 plus £96 left over

• 3 Nintendo DS’s • 3 Nintendo DSi’s

• An Xbox 360 with at least 3 years Xbox Live cover

• 792 Chocolate Bars at 50p a piece

• 396 Party Sweet Mix Bags at £1.00 a piece

• A Big Fancy Meal

• 9 train rides on the EuroStar

• 3 Nights in a Big Fancy London Hotel plus spending money.

• 13 DVD’s at £30

• 9 Games at £40

• A Standard PC or Laptop

• 2 Nintendo Wii’s

• 13 upper tier seats for WWE Smackdown

• 88 (Roughly) Magazines


Another 20 things you can buy for the cost of 3 years on World of Warcraft plus 2 Expansion Packs. But Enough of World of Warcraft lets talk about something different, World of Warcraft BORES ME.

EVE Online is a very confusing MMO which sees you pilot ships in a unreal universe where you pilot space ships and mine for resources to make bigger ships and run player corporations which sounds more like a business game and not a shooting space game. Moving on (I might do a RANT on EVE Online, Might).

I said this in my first rant but why cant there be an MMO based on Pirates and not Pirates of the Burning SEA, A proper Pirates MMO, with sea monsters, hooch and lots of other cool stuff.

The best idea for an MMO would be a console MMO based on gangsters such as GTA or Saints Row. Think about it, you could be screwing your mates over Protection Money. You could try to sell your mates drugs or knock off beer of ridiculous amounts of money. Just think about it and for a bonus NO EXPERIENCE POINTS just good old gaming. Just think how FANTASTIC it would be. I could go on forever but I’m going to keep most of the ideas for the design document and make millions from it.

As you can see I Hate MMO games, I hate what they are, how much they cost, what they do to society and for being down right rubbish. OK there is one that does look like a good game and I have been thinking about it but I wont get it until I have a better Internet connection.


City of heroes allows you to be your childhood superheroes and fight crime and wear your super suit and be an icon. It looks like good fun and sounds like a good idea. Overall MMO’s are PANTS and who ever plays on them are a bunch of IDIOTS, PILLOCKS AND NERDS (apart from those who may play on CITY OF HEROES).



Sam’s Rant, MMO’s Part 1

2 12 2009

Sam’s Rant

 MMO’s, Part 1

Unless you are an idiot MMO stands for Massively Multiplayer Online (GAMES) with an s for the ‘s in MMO’s. Before I start this RANT I would just like to point out that I do in fact I like Games and enjoy playing them. Yes that’s right I’M BACK and I’m going to ruin the world of MMO’s. First off let me say that all MMO’s are boring and I don’t know why any one would want to play them. Apart from Animal Crossing and City of Heroes because the genuinely look quite good and FUN unlike all the others. I did explain in my first Rant that EVE Online looked quite fun but after some research that game is terrible as well.

MMO’s allow people (NERDS) to live in a world that is not real and ruin their lives by not doing anything else with their lives and losing all their friends and only realise this when the power cuts out because they have not gone out to work for some time because they were participating in a quest with some of the other people (NERDS) who are online. Although they also realise they have ruined their lives when they have died from not eating for the last 2 weeks. One of the major parts of an MMO is being allowed to live a life that is not their own and pretend their some kind of beast but in actual fact they will never come this close to being a beast because mythological beasts didn’t waste their lives playing MMO’s.

The most popular of MMO’s is World of Warcraft (or WoW as the NERDS say), which apparently has 11 Million subscribers worldwide with roughly 3 girlfriends between them. So 1 in every 3666666 World of Warcraft players has a girl friend. Obviously these people must be rejects to society so much that they have to live in a different world THE LOSERS.

One major problem with MMO’s is the high cost price. Now chances are that anyone of the people (NERDS) that play MMO’s will start going off like a car alarm when they hear that. For those STUPID PILOCKS lets face facts. The game when it is brand new costs £30 (OK MAY BE £40 (or $6000000000 in America) but if popular goes down in price but that takes time) with a 2-month trial period (2 weeks for you bunch of PILOCKS that may complain). After the trial period you have to pay £9 (I rounded it off) a month to keep on playing. Now if you put in the cost of the game in the first place; lets say £30 plus trial period (2-months) and keep on playing for a whole year by paying £9 (rounded off) it costs roughly £120 (roughly) for the first year. Lets look at a second year (IF YOU ARE BORING ENOUGH TO DO SO) with £9 a month that comes to a cost of £108 for the second year. And if you carry on for a third year (in which most of your family and friends have probably left you) it will cost you £108. Now lets add all these costs up shall we; so that’s £120 + £108 + £108 = £336. Just think of all the amazing things you could have bought for that amount of money but you obviously are a social reject and you always will be. £336 lost to a stupid fantasy world in just three years. Lets have a think, what could you possibly buy for £336.00.

• 33600 Penny sweets

• 1120 Apples

• Driving lessons

• 3 Nights at a fancy London Hotel

• A PlayStation 3 plus £36 left over

• A Big Fancy Meal

• Many Big Fancy Meals

• 8 Games at £40

• 11 Games at £30

• An Xbox 360 with at least 2 years Xbox Live cover

• A Nintendo Wii

• 3 Nintendo DS’s

• At least 2 Nintendo DSi’s

• 11 DVD’s at £30

• 15 DVD’s (roughly) at £20

• 8 DVD’s at £40 (if any exist at that cost)

• 672 Chocolate Bars at 50p a piece

• 336 Party Sweet Mix at £1.00 a piece

• 67 trips to the cinema at £5.00 a piece (VUE Cinemas)

• 11 upper tier seats for WWE Smackdown

• 5 ring side seats for WWE Smackdown

• 8 train rides on the EuroStar

• 4 return tickets on the EuroStar

• A standard PC or Laptop at £300.00 (rare but available)


At least 25 things and this does not include the cost of expansion packs. One other problem is the idea of experience points. For everything you kill in MMO’s you gain extra experience points (DEPENDS WHAT LEVEL YOU ARE ON YOU PILLOCK). This goes for every kill you make including the genocide of rabbits (YOU EVIL DECADENT NERD). So the more Experience Points you earn the better of a fighter your character is. So in fair fact you could be the best gamer in the world but you could easily get beaten by a 10 year old. Why does there need to be experience points. Instead of experience why not have a ranking and all your attacks depend on how good of a player you are instead of embarking on a career of being a PANTS LOSER. It would make more sense if you were just a better gamer and get better by practice. You could beat all the better players just by getting armour and shields to protect yourself from the damage caused by their attacks and watch them fail as they are carrying armour-cutting weapons.

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