Sam’s Rant, MMO’s Part 2

7 12 2009

Sam’s Rant

MMO’s Part 2

One other thing with World of Warcraft (I’M NEVER CALLING IT WoW YOU NERDS) is the idea of killing the same EVIL BAD GUY in every single game. Yes I’m referring to the Lich King (WHY LICH). He appears in Return of The Lich King but stories of him surround World of Warcraft and when he appears in Return of The Lich King you can go and defeat him for the 9 BILLIONTH TIME. Of course if you are a World of Warcraft fan you know that two expansion packs have come out costing at roughly £30 (ROUGHLY YOU NERDS) a piece. So if we do the sums its £30 + £30 + £336 (from earlier on) = £396.00, lets have a look at what we can buy for £396.00

• 39600 penny sweets

• 1320 Apples

• Driving Lessons

• A Second Hand Car

• A PlayStation 3 plus £96 left over

• 3 Nintendo DS’s • 3 Nintendo DSi’s

• An Xbox 360 with at least 3 years Xbox Live cover

• 792 Chocolate Bars at 50p a piece

• 396 Party Sweet Mix Bags at £1.00 a piece

• A Big Fancy Meal

• 9 train rides on the EuroStar

• 3 Nights in a Big Fancy London Hotel plus spending money.

• 13 DVD’s at £30

• 9 Games at £40

• A Standard PC or Laptop

• 2 Nintendo Wii’s

• 13 upper tier seats for WWE Smackdown

• 88 (Roughly) Magazines


Another 20 things you can buy for the cost of 3 years on World of Warcraft plus 2 Expansion Packs. But Enough of World of Warcraft lets talk about something different, World of Warcraft BORES ME.

EVE Online is a very confusing MMO which sees you pilot ships in a unreal universe where you pilot space ships and mine for resources to make bigger ships and run player corporations which sounds more like a business game and not a shooting space game. Moving on (I might do a RANT on EVE Online, Might).

I said this in my first rant but why cant there be an MMO based on Pirates and not Pirates of the Burning SEA, A proper Pirates MMO, with sea monsters, hooch and lots of other cool stuff.

The best idea for an MMO would be a console MMO based on gangsters such as GTA or Saints Row. Think about it, you could be screwing your mates over Protection Money. You could try to sell your mates drugs or knock off beer of ridiculous amounts of money. Just think about it and for a bonus NO EXPERIENCE POINTS just good old gaming. Just think how FANTASTIC it would be. I could go on forever but I’m going to keep most of the ideas for the design document and make millions from it.

As you can see I Hate MMO games, I hate what they are, how much they cost, what they do to society and for being down right rubbish. OK there is one that does look like a good game and I have been thinking about it but I wont get it until I have a better Internet connection.


City of heroes allows you to be your childhood superheroes and fight crime and wear your super suit and be an icon. It looks like good fun and sounds like a good idea. Overall MMO’s are PANTS and who ever plays on them are a bunch of IDIOTS, PILLOCKS AND NERDS (apart from those who may play on CITY OF HEROES).






One response

15 12 2009

Well. A large percentage of this is short sighted and opinionated.
You say that MMO’s allow people to play a second life that isn’t anything they could possibly live like, and that’s a bad thing? Some people need an escape, a break from reality. It’s not just MMO’s either, what about Super Mario? I remeber playing that game for hours and really feeling like I was in the game, is Mario a ‘life destroyer’ too?
You claim that MMO’s ruin lives, that is only through people’s choice. People have the choice to drink alcohol or to smoke or to buy unhealthy food and that is THEIR choice. But not everyone does these things, it’s just the ones that do that create a stereotype, you know who else stereotyped? Hitler, he massacred the Jews. Now this is nothing compared to the Holocaust, but the principle is STEREOTYPING IS WRONG. Not everyone wastes every spare moment on WoW, I have friends that play it but put their actual life before it. I do also know people who spend all their time playing it but they are still good people and they don’t ruin their lives, they still get together and have a good time (without mention of games at all).
3 girlfriend’s between us? Bit optomistic! no, but seriously, girls play MMO’s too. And many of them are geniune nice people. I have even met many people who are married (in real life, not in the game…) and have children and have had to say ‘sorry I gotta go quickly, my kid’s just got home’, because he wanted to go and say hello to his son. Even the developers say that there is gamplay for ‘Hardcore’ (your ‘nolifers’) and ‘Casual’ (the general public) gamers, you don’t have to spend every moment playing to get a good experience from the game.
It’s not just OMG WE MUST KILL EACH OTHER OMG YOU ARE MORE EXPERIENCED THAN ME SO YOU ARE WINNER, there is a level of skill involved. If you look at tournaments (or even just play in the arena’s) you would see the level of skill required to be a good player.
It’s not just a PvP (Player versus Player) game either, you can work with friends and complete stranger’s to kill enemies (such as the Lich King for the 9,000,001st time) and it is a GENUINLY rewarding experience, when you kill something for the first time you feel pleased with yourself and your companions, as many of these bosses take alot of skill and practice to beat. Learning teambuilding and communication skills is definatly not a bad thing.
Don’t forget achievements, now I personally thing achv’s have taken alot away from many games, but I think WoW is a game they are suited for. I have spent alot of time myself building up achv’s and I am pleased with the things I have done. Some of them are just stupid and pointless but I found them fun. They also help others to judge how good a player you are, by checking out what you have done. (for example, there is an achievement for getting 10 straight victories in the arena [2v2, 3v3, 5v5 heavy skill based combat] and this is a good indication of weather you are a skilled player or not)
and finally, £400 (approx) over 3 years. Nothing you mentioned can really last for 3 years. Except perhaps the consoles and the DVD’s but the validity of purchasing them is up for debate. Consoles are lame in my opinion, they are no fun without multiplayer, they have no word processor and you can’t watch porn on them. DVD’s are usually watched once or twice then shelved to get dusty. The tickets for various things, yes you would have the memories but if you REALLY wanted to go, you would anyway. And with the sweets/chocolate they would be gone in a week at best. A PC for £400 would be technically unviable for gaming and would only be of use as a typewriter.

You may not like WoW or MMO’s at all, but don’t tar everyone with the same brush. You are perfectly entitled to an opinion but not to judge. And you can’t talk about what you don’t know, have you actually played WoW to 80? Or tried Guild Wars? GW is great for casual players.

(Yeah I’m a nerd, and proud)

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