The Choice is Yours

10 12 2009

Hello Everyone.

Some of you who have read my Rants before may have read them before. That is because I used to write them down on paper for almost a year before I started the Blog. However there is a new one coming soon, the only problem is that I cant seem to decide what it should be about.

I have come up with 4 choices:

1. Zombie Shooters and Survival Horror Games

2. RTS Games (Real Time Strategy)

3. Other Seventh Generation Video Game Consoles you may not have heard about before

4. Movie Games

Post your votes as comments and you have until 20th December 2009 to make your choice. The winner will be announced shortly after the 20th December 2009 and the rant itself will be published soon afterwards.

The Choice is yours.

The Winner is: Movie Games.

Check back soon for my Movie Games Rant.





6 responses

11 12 2009
Peter Tooze-Froggatt

I think your next blog should be about the next generation, but building from that, the new possibilities it will bring to new games that would be produced. For example: the wii brought motion games to us using the controller for more realistic game play (thinking about wii tennis etc…) 🙂

13 12 2009

I Think it should be about the movie games, i’d love to see you rip them apart

13 12 2009

RTS games. Definitely.

14 12 2009

Sam I think you should have blog about new games and out coming games for upcoming x-mass and what you think will be a good buy and what will be a waste of money. Good luck Bart 🙂

15 12 2009

Movie Games. They are all crap and as Markus says, you could rip them to shreds. (please don’t hurt my precious RTS’s:()

15 12 2009

I think you should do movie games- they’re never as good as the films!

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