21 01 2010


June: June saw the annual arrival of My Birthday. For my Birthday I received Motor Storm Pacific Rift for my PlayStation 3. A really fun Racing Game with many different and fun vehicles including Bikes, Rally Cars, Big Rigs (TRUCKS) and Monster Trucks. That plus many nice presents from family and friends.

Three days after my birthday I went to see Terminator 4 at the cinema. The Best Terminator film by far because we finally get to see the war between the humans and the machines. Well worth seeing.

June also saw the return of Top Gear to our screens, its nice to know that there is still some Great Television on.

On June 19th I went back to the cinema to see another big film, I had been waiting for this film to come out for 2 years. The sequel to the biggest film of 2007, the sequel to the only film to break into my Top 5 Films (Which were all Japanese Godzilla Films until July 2007). TRANSFORMERS 2: Revenge of the Fallen. After seeing this film my top number 1 film had become 3 films, they are Godzilla 2000, Godzilla Final Wars and Transformers 2.

July: The XWA returned in July with another show at the Morecambe Dome (in Morecambe) with XWA VENDETTA. The show included a Tag-Team match between the British Heavyweight Champion Sam Slam and Jonny Storm against Deadly Serious. The show also contained another appearance by Johnny Phere.

During July I also bought the brand New Wii Sports Resort (on the Wii). The game included the brand new Wii Motion Plus attachment for the controller to make the controller more responsive. It’s a lot of fun the game includes many sports including Archery, Frisbee, Wake Boarding, Bowling and Golf.

Also in July I started to paint War Hammer models again after some years of not doing it. My favourite army to collect, model and paint are TAU

July also saw the debut of Charlie Brooker’s own game show which went by the name of You Have Been Watching which had appearances from many comedians and showed clips of TV shows from the week, Very funny and a second series of this has been confirmed as well for 2010, can’t wait.

During July I held a BBQ at my house and had a few friends over from church. It was quite a busy day to get ready for but it was all worth it for a very fun day with family and friends.

August: The beginning of August didn’t start off too well, during the first week my PlayStation 3 stopped playing games. Because I was about to go on holiday I decided to leave it until I got back from holiday. When I went back to the shop I got it replaced for a brand new one, with this new one I have now got an account on PlayStation Network, just have to wait around until MAG comes out.

August saw the arrival of a new gaming show to the UK. The show is called Game Face (every Saturday morning on Bravo) and the viewers of the show get to choose which games are reviewed. The show came in as a replacement for PLAYR; another video game programme which stopped airing in April giving me a huge problem not telling me when it was coming back on air and to eventually get replaced by a brand new show. PLAYR had more in depth reviews than Game Face but Game Face is actually a good show.

During the summer holiday the England Cricket team won the Ashes. I don’t know why they even bothered to play mainly because the ashes is a rubbish tournament because the thing they are playing for is not allowed to leave Britain so there is no real point to fight over it. The biggest problem about this was the fact that they were not going to get knighthoods for winning something not majorly important, stupid really.

I spent the first 2 weeks of my holiday in Wooler (a small town about an hour’s drive from Newcastle) with my family. During this holiday I spent a morning learning how to Fly Fish, it was a lot of fun and I would quite like to take it up as a hobby. I also had a small boat ride around the Farne Islands and saw many animals including Seals and Birds. The one animal that I was most looking forward to see did not turn up however and had already left, the Puffin.

The third week of my holiday I went to Root Hill Christian Camp (near Dorking). It was one of my favourite weeks in the year (2009). I got to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in 51 weeks and I was able to become friends with a few more people as well. I spent the week doing many activities including a walk up Box Hill, a couple of games of Lazer Quest (Its no match however for the Mega Zone in Morecambe) plus a chance to have a look round Guilford, a walk up Leith Hill which is the highest hill in Surrey, a game of Bowling in Crawley with a chance to look around the town and chance to hand out tracts in Dorking. But by far the best day of the whole camp was the day I spent in Littlehampton with friends from the camp which included a walk around the town, a look through the museum and a round of crazy golf with a barbecue to follow back at the camp site. The camp was also a great opportunity to hear from visiting preachers to preach the word of God to us. Overall a very fantastic week and I am really excited to go again in 2010.




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