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12 02 2010

Hello Everyone

Every year games magazines host a series of awards to games that came out during that year. Each one stating their opinions to which one was the best for that year. Well (as far as I know) there is not one for the best game of the decade.

So I am going to start one.

To make this fair I am going to let you decide what the best game of the decade is. Send in your votes in the form of a comment to this post on my blog and the winner will be announced. To make this viable of course I need at least 100 votes. Any less and its still cause for consideration.

There are some rules (well one). The game needs to have come out between January 1st 2000 and December 31st 2009. Anything released after or before will not be included.

Make sure you vote for YOUR favourite game, no one else’s, this is your chance to vote for your favourite game of the past decade, if theres one you prefered above everything else and you think it is the best game of the decade, VOTE FOR IT.

After the vote reaches the 100 mark a deadline will be put in place for final votes but for now there is not.

So if you thought that a certain game that came out during the last decade was better than everything else and you think it is the best game of the decade send in YOUR VOTE.

Which ever game comes out on top with the most vote’s will win the First Ever Sam’s Rant GAME OF THE DECADE award.

What is your vote.



4 02 2010


November: In November I went to UCLAN for an open day. UCLAN was not on my top 5 but after that open day it shot right up to number 2, one week later I had a day at my number one choice, Huddersfield. Huddersfield was a very good looking University and the day included a couple of workshops. Huddersfield stayed at number one for me after this.

The final University open day thing I went to was a show at the G-MEX centre (in Manchester) to look round other Universities and get prospectuses from them. The day was ok and I added Teesside University to my list of possibilities.

During November one of the biggest games of the year was released, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The game has many different levels, some of them require stealth as you play as the SAS and some involve you playing as a soldier fighting to defend Washington D.C. against a Russian Invasion. In my opinion there isn’t enough of the giant battles like the invasion of Washington D.C., I still have to try out Multi-Player but overall it is a very good game.

In November I became an Ambassador for my College (Lancaster and Morecambe College). This involves helping out and showing people round on Open Days and other Events. So far it is very enjoyable and I am enjoying it, can’t wait for the next event.

December: December came around again like it does every year. It started off well with a Meal I had with a few friends from Church at the Meeting House Restaurant (just between Lancaster train station and Lancaster Castle). It was a very enjoyable evening out with friends and the food was brilliant.

The following Saturday I attended another meal at Grace Evangelical church in Carlisle which was another opportunity to see friends I hadn’t seen for a while. It was very enjoyable and the food was brilliant as well.

Before I went to the meal at the church I did spend most of the afternoon getting Christmas presents for people. It was a very good day out and it was nice just to have a look round Carlisle as well.

Sports Personality of the year was on again and of course the rightful winner didn’t win, you may be thinking who the rightful winner was? Well who other than The Phenomenal AJ Styles. He’s had a pretty big year especially after winning The World Heavyweight Championship.

Before I broke up for Christmas I sent off my UCAS form which had all the Universities I decided to apply to.

  1. Huddersfield
  2. UCLAN
  3. Teesside
  4. Bradford
  5. Bolton

All I need to do now is wait for a reply from these Universities.

Christmas approached and I managed to get all my presents sorted out for people before the big day arrived. On Christmas Day itself I received some really nice presents. I received the New Super Mario Bros Wii game for the Wii. I also received 3 Metallica CD’s, a Led Zeppelin CD,  The Naked Gun Trilogy on DVD, Transformers 2 on DVD and this really nice Marble Run Toy where you build a course for marbles to run down. Its a lot of Fun. I got all of that plus many other brilliant presents for Christmas.

The Monday after Christmas Day I went to the cinema (VUE in Lancaster) with a couple of friends to see Sherlock Holmes. By far the second best film this year after Transformers 2. The story was excellent and it was an overall fantastic film, It is a must see. The second best Film of the Year (2009).

Before New Years Eve the BBC produced a 21st century made for television version of Day of the Triffids. The show was pretty good actually.

New Years Eve arrived (well it was the last day of the year) and I went to a Jacobs Join with some friends at church to have some fun and games and a Quiz of the year. I even created a picture quiz with some pictures of things from the decade. The whole night was quite fun apart from when I hurt my leg (operated on 3 times between 2005 and 2006) which hurt, a lot. Before the year ended I went around to a friends house with some friends with church to watch the New Year begin.

Predictions for 2010:

Many things I want to happen wont happen. Some of these include BLADE The Series (Third greatest TV series in the world) not getting its second series. The CGS (Championship Gaming Series) won’t get its third season.  GAME DAMAGE may get its series at long last (Its a real possibility). Some games will finally get released after a long wait, these include RED STEEL 2 and MAG plus other games like Home Front (Made by KAOS Studios the same people behind one of 2008’s top games Frontlines: Fuel of War) and that’s about it really. IRON MAN 2 (sequel to the best film of 2008) will be released and be just as good as the original. Many interesting things will probably happen but all we can really do is wait and see.


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