Pedictable Story Lines 1

26 03 2010

Predictable Story Lines

Predictable Story Line 1

Hero caught by Villain and taken to his evil lair where the villain tells the hero everything before putting the hero on a very slow death trap giving the hero a ludicrous amount of time to escape and then save the world.

Villain: So you have fallen right into my trap Mr. Tuxedo.

Hero: What are you going to do to me?

Villain: I am going to kill you using my very slow Death Trap Machine of Doom which is powered by Dolphins.

Hero: Before you kill me what was your great plan for world domination.

Villain: Seeing as you will die before it happens I will tell you. My Evil Plan was to use the earth as a giant time machine and pilot the planet back into the Stone Age and kill everyone with all the savage animals running around and have me as their king MUHAHAHAHA.

Hero: You’ll Never get away with this.

Villain: Yes I will but for now I will leave you in the capable hands of my Death Trap Machine of Doom powered by Dolphins.

Of course the hero escapes using some rather gadget placed within his nose. If it was my story this is what will happen.

Villain: You fell right into my trap.

Hero: Are you going to kill me.

Villain: Yes with my really quick and painful Death Machine Gun.

Hero: Before I die please tell me what your evil plan was.

Villain: No.

Hero: Oh go on.

Villain: No.

Hero: What not even a little bit of your evil plan.

Villain: No.

Hero: Oh please go on.

Villain: No.

Hero: Please I will be dead before it happens.

Villain: No


Villain: No


Villain: What part of No don’t you understand? Now time for you to die.

Of course the hero will probably escape but it will be much better than wiggling his nose to open a padlock on a slow moving death trap. Maybe something unpredictable and exciting at the same time.

In the future all hero villain story lines should be done my way instead of the highly predictable way shown at the top. When I come to power of the writer’s guild this is what is going to happen, my story line plus many more less predictable methods that I will be highlighting in the future.

Sam’s Rant Film Awards 2009

18 03 2010

Sam’s Rant Film Awards 2009


Let me just point out that I do enjoy films and I like going to see them at the cinema.

Right once again its that time of year when films begin to win awards. Usually what happens is that the really rubbish and terrible films win the awards. Good films never get awards. So I am doing some awards for the films that have come out during the period of 2009. And instead of doing some of the really pointless awards I am only going to do the interesting awards and maybe some that I have come up with.

Also instead of doing whole paragraphs of why they get the awards/awards I am just going to do a shortlist and a couple of sentences about it. So don’t worry I will be brief unlike the Oscar’s and Bafta’s.

Best supporting actor:

The nominations are: Sam Worthington for Terminator Salvation, Mark Strong for Sherlock Holmes, Kiefer Sutherland for Monsters vs Aliens, Stephen Colbert for Monsters vs Aliens and Taylor Kitsch for X-Men Wolverines Origins.

The winner is: Taylor Kitsch for the role of Gambit in Wolverines Origins.

Best Supporting Actress:

The Nominations are: Rachel McAdams for Sherlock Holmes, Bonnie Wright for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Sigourney Weaver for Avatar, Moon Bloodgood for Terminator Salvation and Michelle Rodriguez for Avatar.

The Winner is: Moon Bloodgood for the role of pilot Blair Williams in Terminator Salvation.

Best Story:

The Nominations are: Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, District 9, Monsters vs Aliens, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

The winner is: Sherlock Holmes for good old fashioned story telling with no plot holes, A Beginning, Middle and an End.

Best Animated Feature:

The Nominations are: UP and Monsters vs Aliens.

The winner is: Monsters vs Aliens.

Best Actress:

The Nominations are: Megan Fox for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Zoe Saldana for Avatar, Emma Watson for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and Reese Witherspoon for Monsters vs Aliens.

The winner is: Reese Witherspoon for the role of Susan in Monsters vs Aliens.

Best Actor:

The Nominations are: Christian Bale for Terminator Salvation, Robert Downey Jr for Sherlock Holmes, Frank Langella for Frost/Nixon, Sharlto Copley for District 9 and Sam Worthington for Avatar.

The winner is: Robert Downey Jr for the role of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock Holmes. Even though he is an American Actor he has a fantastic British Accent.

Best Comedy:

The Nominations are: Sherlock Holmes, Monsters vs Aliens, UP and Ice Age 3.

The Winner is: Monsters vs Aliens thanks mainly to Stephen Colbert’s role as the President.

Best Special FX:

The Nominations are: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Avatar, Monsters vs Aliens, UP, Terminator Salvation.

The Winner is: Avatar.

Best Music:

The Nominations are: Sherlock Holmes, Avatar and Monsters vs Aliens.

The Winner is: Sherlock Holmes for the nice blend of old fashioned music in an action setting.

Peoples Choice:

The Nominations are: Vote for your favourite film of 2009 as a comment and the one with the most votes wins, you have until April 25th 2009 to vote.

The Winner is: ?

Best Trailer:

The Nominations are: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, Monsters vs Aliens and Frost/Nixon

The Winner is: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

Most Original Idea for a film:

The Nominations are: Avatar, Monsters vs Aliens, UP and District 9.

The Winner is: District 9.

Best Character:

The Nominations are: Jetfire in Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Insectosaurus in Monsters vs Aliens, The Prawns in District 9, Gambit in X-Men Wolverines Origins and Dug the Dog in UP.

The Winner is: Jetfire From Transformers Revenge of the Fallen voiced by Mark Ryan.

Most Anticipated in 2009:

The Nominations are: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Sherlock Holmes and Terminator Salvation.

The Winner is: Transformers Revenge of the Fallen.

Most Anticipated in 2010:

The Nominations are: Iron Man 2, The Chronicles of Narnia the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows part 1, Toy Story 3 and Clash of the Titans.

The Winner is: Clash of the Titans.

Best Director:

The Nominations are: Guy Ritchie for Sherlock Holmes, Michael Bay for Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Neill Blomkamp for District 9, Ron Howard for Frost/Nixon and James Cameron for Avatar.

The Winner is: Neill Blomkamp for District 9.

Now the Big One.

The Best Film of 2009:

Instead of giving Nominations I am just going to give you the top 5, Number 1 being the BEST FILM OF 2009

5. Monsters vs Aliens

4. Terminator Salvation

3. Jointly held by Avatar and District 9

2. Sherlock Holmes

1. THE BEST FILM OF 2009 is:


Well there you have it, The Sam’s Rant Film Awards for 2009. I wonder who might win in the Sam’s Rant Film Awards for 2010. You’ll just have to wait and see. No Seriously you will have to wait.

Round up: Number of Awards per film.

Wolverines Origins: 1

Terminator Salvation: 1

Sherlock Holmes: 3

Monsters vs Aliens: 3

Avatar: 1

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen: 4

District 9: 2


Coming Soon

6 03 2010

Hello Everyone.

The next post on this blog is going to be The Sam’s Rant Film Awards for 2009. The Film Awards that Matter.

In a few weeks it will be one of the years Main Events. Video Games Rant for 2009. I will also post up the 2008 edition for Nolstagia Purposes.

The Winner of the Sam’s Rant The Choice is Yours, Movie Games will be arriving soon after a long wait.

You may also be wondering, Is there ANYTHING this guy likes. Well there is and I will start putting them up soon.

There is plenty to get excited about over the next few Weeks and Months, SO STAY TUNED.


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