Sam’s Rant – 2008 Video Games, Part 1

13 04 2010

Sam’s Rant

2008 Video Games

Before I start this rant I would just like to point out that I really like video games, they give me a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Another year has passed and all over the world people are currently looking at Barrack Obama wondering if he can cleanup the mess created by the former 10 year old president of the USA, George W Stupid going to the toilet in a Bush. Apart from all this let’s take a look at the major video games from 2008.

2008 was filled with many gaming events with E3 taking a back seat and carrying on with its refurbishment and annoying the games community in the new way it works (I still like it). It now seems that Leipzig will become the new E3, more on that later. Ubidays was pretty good with Ubisoft showing off some new games in the Tom Clancy series including HAWX and ENDWAR, a game that allows you to control the game using your voice. Also at Ubidays, Ubisoft showed off the first game which you can control with your bum (quite a good idea), Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party.

In January not much happened in video games with the first big release (NOT REALLY) being Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. Sonic Riders involves you racing while riding (OBVIOUSLY) on surf boards. Sonic returns a few days later in the DS version of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games which includes more events than the brilliant Wii version including cycling (I was a bit annoyed at this but this eventually drizzled out). In January Burnout Paradise was released and it reacquainted us with that old Guns and Roses song Paradise City. You know the one “Take me down to the Paradise City where the grass is green and the girls are pretty”. Most of 2008 has involved watching America for the elections but also it saw the moment when the USA or the U(S)SOA (United (STUPID) States Of America) stole some games from us before they were released including Super Smash Bros Brawl when they received it in March while Japan got their hands on it in January. This was seen as one of the biggest games of the year but I cant comment on it yet because I haven’t got it.

February was a lot better with the cinema release of the Monster Movie CLOVERFIELD. Sins of a Solar Empire was released and I did not notice it until June and it does look like one of the Best Original Games this year but most XBOX 360 players wouldn’t give it a notice because they’ve mainly locked themselves in their bedrooms and out of real life, eating their duvets with a 3 tog rating, drooling out of the mouth in wait for Gears of War POO (I mean 2) to be released. The long awaited Devil May Cry 4 was released in February with many reviews (well one) saying the game was extremely repetitive, boring and down right stupid but overall giving it a good score. I wouldn’t play a game like that partly because it looks like a cross between Final Fantasy and Ninja Gaiden but mostly because it looks RUBBISH.

The Club was released and that to me sounds like a good game, I mean who wouldn’t fork out £40 to play a game where you can shoot people for points that includes the line “First rule of the CLUB, You don’t talk about the CLUB” (Fight Club Reference there). Agatha Christie released the game Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None, moving on. Need for Speed Pro (Pro stands for professional) Street was released promising to be the next big game in the Need for Speed series (or NFS as they call it which sounds like a football league). It promised big things after it was announced that it was being developed by a new studio made up of people who make Need for Speed (EA BLACK BOX). It said it would be better than carbon but in fact it was a lot worse (I don’t have it but even I could see that). Turok was released but looked a lot like Unreal Tournament with Dinosaurs. During February 2 good games were released and became 2 of my favourite games of the year. The sequel to the hit Game Cube game Battalion Wars, Battalion Wars 2 on the Wii. A very good storyline mixed with good game play and the first independent third party game to announce online multiplayer for the Wii. BWii as it was sometimes called got extremely positive reviews especially from me, well worth the buy. The other was Frontlines Fuel of War for the PC and 360. Extremely positive reviews and a good first game by KAOS studios. Excellent game play and story, hoping for a sequel and one of the games I would nominate for game of the year. Turning point fall of liberty was a good idea and I liked the look of it even more when GAMERTV showed a gun battle scene with some heavy rock music. But the game came out very poorly which was a big shame especially after what the developers said about it. “It’s a lot of fun shooting Nazi’s”. If worked on a bit more it could have been great. Also there was another expansion pack for the SIMS.

In March the long awaited and good looking Army of Two was released. When I originally heard of this title in 2007 I got it mixed up with Kane and Lynch but that aside Army of Two looks great. Arcade games came back into fashion with the release of House of the Dead: 2 and 3 return for the Wii. The only arcade shooter I bought this year on the Wii was the extremely fun Ghost Squad that aside it was a good return. Another Tom Clancy game was released in the form of Rainbow Six Vegas Two which does sound like football scores. Command and Conquer 3 was released for the 9 millionth time for the PC and 360, moving on. The worst game in March and probably the year was Alone in the Dark RIP-OFF Dark Sector. This game was obviously Gears of War with a giant spiky Glaive which fulfilled absolutely no purpose what so ever, in fact it was Gears of War if you look at it long enough but worse than that (seeing as Gears of War is PANTS). Probably one of the best moments in gaming was in March at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) when Bill Gates used Slash from Velvet Revolver to cheat for him in a competition on Guitar Hero.

When April arrived everyone turned on their television screens to watch one of the best ever television adverts. The Grand Theft Auto 4 Advert where he is walking through the City with that excellent music which draws you in to the advert. The day of release for GTA 4 was big seeing as the day later people in my IT course were coming up to me and wouldn’t stop talking about it.

A week later they did probably because they had lost their voices with non-stop talking. GTA 4 or GTA 7 if you include Vice city and its comrades was a well come break from spin-offs and did look very promising, Which it was but I still have to play it. Assassins creed was finally released on the PC but its moment in the spotlight occurred in the previous November. Supreme Commander finally made it way onto the 360 but I have the PC version so I didn’t need to play it (mainly because I don’t have a 360). The best game of April was of course Mario Kart Wii on the Wii. It is so good it is a good thing we got it before those idiotic Americans. One of my favourite games of the year and a whole lot of fun (something which seems to be missing in most XBOX 360 Games).

Part 2 Next Week




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