Sam’s Rant – 2008 Video Games, Part 3

26 04 2010

Sam’s Rant

2008 Video Games

October saw the release of Saints Row 2 which does look like a very good game and I think I’ll get because it looks GREAT. “YAHTZEE” claimed it is a lot better than GTA 4. Nintendo released a FUN FUN FUN music game in the form of Wii Music showing that music can be fun to play (and you don’t need to fork out £5 billion pounds on instruments. During a college assignment, I was introduced to ZERO PUNCTUATION run by the escapist and produced by Ben “YAHTZEE Croshaw. Very funny and thanks to him I started these RANTS. Check it out on the ESCAPIST (WWW.ESCAPISTMAGAZINE.COM). Dead Space was released which revealed to us that all Sci-Fi HORROR is the same and not worth looking at anymore. Jamie CHILD HATER Oliver released a game for the DS about cooking.

Fable 2 was released (I wouldn’t bother with that one) and fallout 3 was also released which shows that nuclear warfare can be fun if you include a super mutants. Little Big Planet was finally released proving to be Sony’s biggest game in quite a while with its User Generated Community allowing users to Generate their own Levels. MOTORSTORM 2 was released with the introduction of MONSTER TRUCKS. NINTENDO announced the Launch of the Nintendo DSi, a new version of the DS. The biggest release in October by far was Far Cry 2. Far Cry 2 is a FANTASTIC looking game based in Africa and even though I have not played it (YET) I would nominate it for GAME OF THE YEAR because it looks so GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. Oh yeah, MySims Kingdom was released on the Wii.

November rolled in once again with the release of TOM CLANCYS ENDWAR. The first game which allows you to control the entire game using your voice. Resistance 2 arrived for the PS3 with really good reviews. Call of Duty World at War was released showing how rubbish, boring and PANTS WW2 was and is. Mirrors Edge was released, GOOD IDEA, PANTS GAME but worth another try. FUN games were released in November with the release of Sonic Unleashed and Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party. NFS Undercover arrived trying to get fans back into the series but was still RUBBISH in the end. If NEED FOR SPEED wants to be good again go back to making UNDERGROUND. Mortal Kombat versus DC was released trying to show us that Mortal Kombat’s “STILL GOT IT”. Animal Crossing arrived on Wii and to tell you the truth it’s not a bad game, very enjoyable and FUN. World of Warcraft got another expansion pack allowing players to kill the Lich King for the 10000000000000000000000000 MILLIONTH TIME. The FUN looking LEFT 4 DEAD was released but unfortunately I am unable to play it because everyone in my course was hogging it and denying me a go on it. Gears of War POO (2) was released in November with 360 owners drooling at the mouth just by looking at a poster. The game got good reviews but not from me because the game looks RUBBISH (apart from multiplayer). The game features the return of a hybrid weapon, the gun with a chainsaw attached. How is the gun still able to function with the chainsaw on it, people with a brain (not 360 owners) would realise that the chainsaw would stop the gun from working. Obviously the game did well and sold well with 360 owners breaking themselves away from modern life and all their friends while playing Gears of War POO (2 rhymes with POO).

Not much happened in December except for Christmas. Prince of Persia was released but fizzled out thankfully because it didn’t look finished and far too 2D.  

The pilot episode of GAME DAMAGE was premiered on GAMEDAMAGE.NET and YOUTUBE. GAME DAMAGE is run by the co-owners of Australian Gamer, YUG and Matt along with ZERO PUNCTUATION’s own Ben “YAHTZEE” Croshaw. GAME DAMAGE is not a review show, it is more a show on talking about Games but GAME DAMAGE is a very good show and quite funny and entertaining. Currently there is only one show mainly because GAME DAMAGE requires sponsors to pay for the running costs of the show. When GAME DAMAGE gets sponsors they’ll be able to create more shows. WATCH IT (WWW.GAMEDAMAGE.NET).

So how about some Predictions for 2009. I predict that E3 will return to the way it used to be, 360 owners will get jealous when God of War 3 is released. People will get bored with SIMS 3 when they finally realise it’s the same game. A special version of the XBOX 360 will be released coloured in pink and be called – JUST FOR GIRLS – but many men will buy it anyway. Another Final Fantasy will be released and the developers will realise what a bad choice they’ve made in making the series in the first place. ACTIVISION will release another Guitar Hero allowing players to act wildly on big pieces of plastic that will cost £7500. ACTIVISION will also NOT release any good games in 2009 either. Shooters will be great again with the release of my most look forward too games, The Conduit (Wii), MAG (PS3), and the sequel to my favourite Wii game, RED STEEL 2 (Wii, previous game being RED STEEL).

But for 2008 what would my favourite game be. There are multiple games to choose from including Mario Kart Wii, Frontlines: Fuel of War and Far Cry 2 but my favourite game of 2008 is easy, well what else could it be than Mario Kart Wii.

Sam’s Rant – 2009 Video Games arrives this Thursday (Friday at the Latest).




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