Sam’s Rant – 2009 Video Games, Part 1

29 04 2010

Sam’s Rant

2009 Video Games

Before I start this Rant I would just like to point out that I really like Video Games, they give me a lot of fun and enjoyment.

Well another year has passed and what a year it’s been. Governments all over the world have been working hard to take us out of Moneygeddon and also how to give us headaches by making us do recycling, if it was up to me I would just fling my rubbish into the bin. But of course were not allowed to do that anymore and we must all buy rubbish cars (according to Top Gear) which are friendly to the environment. Not for me however because when I have enough money for driving lessons, the car, fuel and insurance I’m going to buy a HUMMER.  Also we must pay 1p for our carrying bags. But enough of all that lets take a look at Video Games from 2009.

Every year the games industry holds many events for the gaming community. March saw the return of GDC (Game Developers Conference) in San Francisco (America). E3 returned in June, more on that later, QuakeCon 2009 was staged at the Hilton Hotel in Dallas Texas (America) which I can’t comment on because I have no idea what it is. BlizzCon oh I can’t be bothered. September was the month for PAX 2009 and GCA 2009 alongside a major show, The Tokyo Games Show 2009. There was also the Eurogamer EXPO in both Leeds and London in which I was able to go to (the Leeds one that is). Then rounding off the year was Infinite Bits 2009 in Miami, iDEF 2009 in Melbourne and GameOn! In London. Hmm I wonder what happened to Leipzig and UbiDays, strange.

January didn’t have much in the way of releases. Saints Row 2 was released for Windows. This wasn’t much of a big release partly because the game was released the previous October but mostly because most gamers (I’m not one of them) think PC gaming is no more. Lord of the Rings Conquest was released, isn’t it about time that we stopped thinking about those films, yes they were good (NOT GREAT) but I think we’ve milked everything we can out of the franchise, actually when you come to think about it those films didn’t really meet up to expectations. Sim Animals was released; HURRAY we could play as animals instead of people, I can’t with hold my excitement, I’M JOKING, THE SIMS IS RUBBISH. Once again for the 5 Millionth Billionth Trillionth time a game was released based on films, this time it was Corraline, Why do we even bother. That’s it.

In February I went to ANIMEX with some people with college. It was a brilliant couple of days. The Premier Inn Adverts don’t lie; it really was a good night’s sleep. I also met lots of people from the games industry as they talked about how themselves in the Games Industry. I even got to meet Ian Livingstone OBE, one of the Founder of Games Workshop and one of the people who co-created Lara Croft. While I was there during one talk about the Downloadable Content of a game I Loathe I was introduced to the greatest Heavy Metal Band in the history of music, METALLICA. Since then they have become my Second Favourite Band after PENDULUM.

Tenchu 4 arrived in America (I had to wait until April before I could play it), it’s not a bad game, it’s pretty hard but it makes you think of the THIEF games and how good those games were, it’s a nice blend of stealth gameplay with some silent action. Speaking of THIEF; THIEF 4 has officially been announced (Announced a few months after Square Enix bought Eidos) and is now currently in production. The highly weird game Deadly Creatures was released with Dennis Hopper being involved for no un-explored reason. The game sees the player playing as either a Scorpion or a Lizard, WEIRD but moving on. The House of the DEAD OVERKILL was released for Nintendo Wii, made by UK developer Headstrong Games; this is one title I would quite like to play. Street Fighter returned after a long time with Street Fighter 4 another game I fancy playing but it still doesn’t look as good as MORTAL KOMBAT. The first of the GTA 4 Episodic content was released. The highly anticipated War Hammer 40000 Dawn of War 2 was released; I still have to play the first one. ENDWAR was finally released for PC (I still have to play it). With House of the Dead OVERKILL released earlier in the month another one turned up for the Wii, DEAD RISING: Chop till you Drop (the game is set in a shopping mall). HALO WARS was released for the 360, An RTS for the 360 that’s not on PC, MAD. Apparently the game works quite well and it was also the last game developed by Legendary Studio Ensemble Studios (The people behind the Age of Empires Series) before they were merged into Microsoft.

Ensemble Studios weren’t the only ones to close this past year, many companies started to go under thanks to Moneygeddon. The biggest of them being MIDWAY. MIDWAY have had a long and successful life. From them we have received the game MORTAL KOMBAT alongside some other major titles. They were one of if not the biggest Arcade Game Developers during the 1980’s and 1990’s. They have published many successful games as well including Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. It’s kind of hard to see why they closed down. But it’s not all sad. MIDWAY were bought out by Warner Bros Interactive and became part of that company. Thanks to this MORTAL KOPMBAT 9 is in production and should be released sometime in late 2010.

In my opinion the best Shooting game of 2009 was KILLZONE 2 for the PlayStation 3. I didn’t get to play this game until May but this is by far the best shooting game from 2009. The sense of realism in an unrealistic game alongside a cinematic experience and gameplay that so immersive it makes you feel like you’re part of it. A Truly Fantastic Game.

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