Sam’s Analysis – Election Special

5 05 2010

Sam’s Analysis

Election Special

Who To Vote For

Let me just point out I am not telling you who to vote for.

 That decision is yours and yours alone

Tomorrow is the general election and all of you who are old enough will be going out to vote for whichever party you think is best to run the country. Of course not everyone old enough to vote will vote. One part of this could be you are not interested in politics, the other and most likely is that you have no idea who to vote for, I can understand that.

Over the past few weeks there have been 3 TV debates with the leaders of the top 3 parties. Now if you were going to vote in the election it was probably a good idea to watch at least one of these debates. However I didn’t because they looked pretty boring. But because I didn’t watch it the decision is harder for me. Bu it is also easier.

The problem with leadership debates is that leader A (that’s not his real name but an example) will say something and both leader B and leader C will say exactly the same thing or say something similar that sound the same to you. The problem is that they need to say what they are going to do if they are elected but need to explain so they use really complex sentences which to normal people may require a dictionary.

If you didn’t watch any of the debates you could go on the web and look up the parties, but there are so many parties to chose from (49 roughly). With that many parties it is going to take a long while to read any information. Even if you just look at the top 3 there must be close to 500 pages of basic information of what the parties want to do.

I suppose you could watch the party political broadcasts. They are short and easy (potentially) to watch and get the idea with. But because they are usually no more than about 5 minutes long; you don’t get the whole information of what the parties plan to do.

The best coverage of the election in my opinion has been in the form of comedy. Over the last few weeks the Vote Now Show has been going on to BBC Radio 4 at 11:00 pm. These broadcasts have been really helpful. They have also had an in-depth look into how elections are done. One interesting piece they did featured film reviewer Mark Kermode and he kind of reviewed the party broadcasts like films. This was really interesting as well as funny.

Failing all of those your last hope is to look at the leaflets that are piling up at your front door. These are pretty useful because they are small easy to read leaflets, well at least the conservative one was.

The major issue with the leaflets are they don’t really explain much. What we need is a leaflet with easy to read information about everything the parties are planning to do if elected. But keep it small say no more than 2 sides of A4. I think that is pretty reasonable. But because that doesn’t exist (YET) we need to go off and get as much information as we can in such a small amount of time. We’re bound to miss something.


Q. Did you like this analysis, would you like to see more of these, would it work for a film review or game review and can you think of a good name for it please.

Sam’s Rant 2009 Video Games Part 2 will be back on Monday.



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