My Pick For The Eurovision Song Contest.

29 05 2010

Tonight is The Eurovision Song Contest and 25 countries will be performing for your vote. Now as a fan of the contest I  have been looking at previews of the countries performing tonight, I saw bits of the 2 semi-finals and voted in the second one (it was the only one the UK could vote in). Both Semi-finals were interesting. there was a mix of different genres and styles of music.

I am not the only person looking into this. there are rumours circulating over 2 performances who are said to be the favourites of this years contest. They are Azerbaijan and Germany. Germany is a member of the Big Four. Four countries that pay money and get instant places in the Final. These countries are, Great Britain, France, Spain and Germany. Also because Norway is hosting this year their performance is already in the final. Out of these 5 countries songs, Germany’s is the better one in my opinion.

I have voted since the 2004 contest and during that time I have voted for 2 countries that went on to win it. The Ukraine in 2004 and Finland in 2006. I have also voted for 2 other countries that received place’s in the top ten. Switzerland in 2005 and Bulgaria in 2007. I know what a good song is. Some songs I dont for because I usually only vote once apart from 2007 where I voted for both Bulgaria and Finland. But some songs I like a lot but dont vote for. 2009 was hard to vote because the country I wanted to vote for wasnt even in the final. Belarus had the best song in 2009 and didnt make it to the final, so I voted for the next best song, and for the fourth year running, Finland.

What I like to see is Rock, Metal music, things like Lordi from 2006, Vanilla Ninja from 2005 and Terasbetoni from 2008. But I also like songs with an interesting sound, things like Hanna Pakarinen in 2007, Elitsa Todorova & Stoyan Yankoulov from 2007 and Ruslana in 2004.

The favourites may be Azerbaijan and Germany but in my opinion the favourites for tonight are either, Turkey, Albania, Denmark, Boznia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Germany.

It would be hard for me to choose one specifically so I am going to wait until the Contest before I make my Descision.





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