Film Blog – News: Nazi’s on the Moon

11 08 2010

Hello Everyone,

At the recent Cannes Film Festival I heard about a New Film being Produced by Blind Spot Entertainment (the people behind Star Wreck). A Finnish Science Fiction Comedy Film called Iron Sky. The Idea behind the film is that at the end of World War 2 Nazi’s went to the moon to start a new empire. Now the year is 2018 and they are back to conquer the Earth.

This is one of the Most Original film Ideas I have ever heard of, it sounds quite good.

German Actor Udo Kier has been cast as the Moon Führer as well as German Actress Julia Dietze. Production is expected to start in October 2010 with locations in Frankfurt and Australia.

This is looking like one of the most interesting films of the moment and I can’t wait for it to come out in 2011.

Extra: please continue to look at the blog, I am going away for a couple of weeks but please continue to look at the blog and send me comments of what you think. If you have any requests fr Films you want me to review please tell me in the form of a comment, Thankyou.





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