I Remember The 1990’s – Part 1: Time To Look Back

24 09 2010

Welcome to the First part in a series Where I Reminisce about the 1990’s. A time when the world was at peace, only show offs had Sky and Mobile Phones, The Internet was exciting, there was only 3 political parties, Big Brother didn’t Exist, Plasters healed Everything, Going to the toilet was funny and the only thing on my mind was getting home quick enough to watch Cartoons, (technically I am Reminiscing about my child hood but it happened during the 1990’s and I will be mentioning other 1990’s stuff as well).

This is the First Part in how many I decide to do because I haven’t planned these out, it’s all random what I am talking about.

This time I want to give a summary of what the 1990’s was like and go into detail of these things at a later time. So sit back and relax as we look back at the 1990’s

Yes, The 1990’s was the time of your life, Life was excellent, the news was the only Reality TV show on the TV, Children’s Television was Enjoyable, Plasters Healed Everything, The Mobile Phone was only used by Rich Show-offs and so the world was a lot more quiet.

Back then School was the thing you dreaded the most, You didn’t want to go, You tried to sleep in to avoid it, you didn’t like maths and the was only one computer in the classroom if at all, and the only thing to do on the computer was Paint. Playtime and free milk was the best part of school.

There was no such thing as Health and Safety, you could do want you wanted without having to fill in the Paperwork. Nowadays Plasters don’t heal everything, You need to first wash the wound, clean the wound, dry the wound, put cream on the wound, put a plaster on the wound, take a pain-killer and fill in the paperwork (or at least you do if you are at work or school).

Everyone has a walkie-talkie and is on it 24/7 with their new language that doesn’t make sense with those of us who use punctuation, it would be nice just to have 5 minutes of no mobile phone noises, just 5 minutes of peace.

Nowadays everyone uses bad language – constantly, is it too much to ask for just to have a conversation with someone without a swear word in it. You can only buy cards for people with rude jokes on, who wants to get a rude joke on their birthday or mother’s day or father’s day or Christmas and many other events. In the 1990’s Nobody used bad language and if they did they got told off, Not anymore.

Everyone starts saying odd words which they invented like LOL, WUU2, ATM, GR8 and many other odd things. Back in the 1990’s people talked proper words with punctuation.

Voting for political parties was easier because there was only 3 political parties, You didn’t care about the news, you didn’t read the newspaper.  The One Show didn’t irritate us every week day and Ballroom dancing was boring.

We had proper TV in the 1990’s with Robot Wars, The Demon Headmaster, Roger and the Rottentrolls, The Crystal Maze, Gladiators, Play days, Thomas the Tank Engine, Sooty, Chucklevision and many more.

Our toys were better, We had Tommy Trains, Lego, Meccano, Train Sets, Plasticine, Puppets, Cuddly Toys and Tamagotchi’s. Our imaginations would run wild, An empty card board box was a Train, a bottle of water was a plane or a rocket ship and we were the pilot.

Going on the train was exciting; going for a ride in the car was exciting.

Back in the 1990’s we didn’t recycle, we could just throw our rubbish in the bin.

I should end otherwise I won’t have much left for the rest of the series, So return soon for more reminiscing of the 1990’s.

Off-Topic: This week I am going  to University.


Sam’s Rant – Buying Computer’s

18 09 2010

Before I start this Rant I would like to point out that I do in fact like computers and like:

  • Playing Games
  • Writing in Word
  • Make Presentations (professional standard) in PowerPoint
  • Surf the Web
  • And many more exciting things (potentially)

I Remember during the 1990’s (back when there was more to life than Women and Beer) Buying a computer was fun, it was exciting. Nowadays is Extremely Annoying.

Back in the 1990’s you could go to a PC shop and buy a PC take it home plug everything, Turn it on and just do stuff. Now it’s a lot more annoying.

Now you go and buy a Computer (Stupid Computer if you buy a MAC) take it home and you have so much to do, it’s like setting a whole day to the side just to set it up. You first have to set up your personal settings, wait five hours for the thing to initialise for its first use then restart to finish setting up and then turn it on again then make a connection to the Internet then set up the Anti-Virus software (Don’t buy MacAfee) probably on free trial and then have to restart the computer again to finish set up and then subscribe on the internet and then setting up your personal setting’s on Google and then have things popping up every five minutes then install office then restart to finish set up and then initialise and then have to choose your web browser. Is there any point to this?

It’s called a PC, A Personal Computer, Not an Everyone Computer, Why can’t I just buy the thing and use it straight away.

The most annoying part is choosing your browser. The problem is that Internet Explorer is the Default setting but there is so much Nowadays (I am saying that a lot now) like Mozilla and Firefox that in Order for them to compete you have to choose which one of them to use, with Internet Explorer being the Default Setting for Microsoft and Safari being the Default setting for (stupid) MAC’s. Look it’s MY PC IF I WANT TO BUY A PERSONAL COMPUTER I WANT MY SETTINGS, MY SETTINGS, IF I WANT TO USE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS I WILL USE THE DEFAULT SETTINGS, I DON’T CARE ABOUT MOBZILAAAR AND FIBRELOX (Firefox would be an interesting sketch in Mongrels on BBC3), I PREFER INTERNET EXPLORER NOT ANY OTHER, IF I WANT TO USE INTERNET EXPLORER THAT’S MY CHOICE NO ONE ELSES BECAUSE ITS MY COMPUTER THAT I BOUGHT WITH MY OWN MONEY NO ONE ELSES MONEY, THEY DIDN’T SPEND THEIR MONEY ON MY COMPUTER I PAID THE MONEY SO I GET TO CHOOSE WHAT BROWSER I WANT TO USE NOT THEM. If capitals make it look I’m shouting it’s because I AM.

It’s so stupid that I have to go through all these settings when buying a computer; I have actually bought a new computer. If I want to buy a computer I want to take it home and just use it, what’s wrong with that?

I bought a computer this week (From BLACK BOX COMPUTERS in Lancaster). Unfortunately you can’t buy Windows Vista anymore which is better than all other Operating Systems.

Also you have things popping up every ten seconds, OK you can tick the box telling them to not do it again but they will always find a way around that, Every time I turn on the computer there is a coffee update (Java), every 3 days there is a computer update which is the most annoying update. You are working on the computer happily and enjoying yourself and then all of a sudden the computer turns itself off to receive and install an update which is incredibly annoying and it never tells you what the update was for. WHATS THE POINT?

In the future I want to just buy a computer take it home and start it up and just get down to work, I don’t want to faff around with nonsense and have to restart the computer every 5 seconds for pointless updates.

Why can’t I just buy a computer (NOT A MAC) and use it normally like it was back in the 1990’s. Everything was a lot more simple back then.

Off-Topic: This past weekend I completed ModNation Racers on the PS3, It’s like Mario Kart but a lot more Creative and Destructive.


Big News – Duke Nukem Forever is being Released, Seriously.

15 09 2010


Quick news really,

An American Games company has bought the rights for Duke Nukem forever and says it is going to be released next year. You can read the full article at;


Thankyou (this is real, it is not a dream),


Clash of the Luxury Car Titans: Rolls Royce vs Bentley

13 09 2010



Today I am putting the 2 biggest (potentially) luxury car manufactures in the ring as they fight it out for the title of the Best Luxury Car Manufacturer.

In the Yellow Corner, from Great Britain we have Rolls Royce with their manager BMW.

In the Blue Corner, from Great Britain we have Bentley with their manager Volkswagen.

Vote in the poll (somewhere, this is the first time I have done a poll) and vote for your favourite.



Quick News: Sharing

8 09 2010

Hello Everyone,

Just a bit of quick news for you now, You can now share posts you see on my page with other people. So if you see anything on my blog that you may find interesting and you would like to share it with other people, You can.

At the bottom of each post you will find the words Share this post. Next to it you will see a button with a blue cross and the word Share on it. Simply hover your mouse over it and you will see the sharing options, then just follow the instructions. The options include sharing the post on FaceBook, E-Mail, Press This and Twitter You can also get a printed version if you want to share it by paper.

If you like a particular post you can show this by clicking on the post title and then clicking the Like (there is a picture of a star next on it) button at the bottom just above the reply’s section. You can also be updated of new posts via E-mail by clicking the box at the bottom of the screen. You can also subscribe to the blog in the same way.



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