27 10 2010

Hello Everyone,

This month has been the best month for my blog. Many Personal Records Broken and so I would like to say Thankyou. Thankyou for not only Just this Month but for everyone who visited my blog for this Year. That’s right, on Novemebr 3rd a whole Blogging Year will have gone. Thankyou.

This month I have talked about Films, Personal Life, Things I Remember, Things that make me Happy and many more things. I hope you have enjoyed Reading them as much as I have enjoyed Sharing Them.

Let me just run through how well this month has gone.

9 Comments Posted

15 Blog Posts (including this one)

A New best Day Record for viewing figures = 39

2 weeks with more than 80 Views

Highest viewing in a month = More than 250 Views

When the month has officially finished and when I have the total Views of the month I will Post them.

Number of Views this Month = 316 Views

Number of Views this Year = 1316 Views

This past month has been amazing and I am so happy with the results. Thankyou So Much.

I would like to know Which Blog Post this month is Your Favourite (I have set it up to allow more than one answer).

Now you may be wondering what might be happening Next Month, Well there will be slightly Fewer posts due to University Work (Teesside University, Middlesbrough, University of the Year). I will of course be doing a Film Review – This time it is The Count of Monte Cristo. I have also got a couple of special post’s that I will be doing.

Now as a special way of saying thankyou I would like to share some Music with you. The Next 5 Videos will have some of the Music I have been Listening to this Month.

First off we have MADNESS with ONE STEP BEYOND.

Next we have a piece of Music which I discovered which is very good.

Next up we have my Second Favourite Band in the World, METALLICA with Fade to Black.

Next we have the best British Band of all time MOTORHEAD with Damage Case (I originally listened to the version with Metallica and Lemmy).

Finally we have My Favourite Band in the World, PENDULUM with their song The Island.

I would just like to say one more Thankyou, Please come back again and tell all your friends about this Blog, My Blog.


Blog’s I have been looking at this month:


26 10 2010


Just a quick post now. You can now Rate my Posts on my blog. After reading a post go down to the bottom of the Post to where it says Rate This. Then click the number of stars that you would rate the post as. Then your rating will be done.

Just thought I would let you know. If there is any further improvements to the blog I will notify you.



Cars and Gaming

25 10 2010

I have been wanting to put up another post today but I couldn’t think out what, I did think about putting an Inspiring Speech about how it is not about the controller or console it’s about the game. But That could take me a while so I am putting up this little thing I came up with a couple of years ago (before I had a Blog) which matches Gaming Consoles to their Car Counterparts.

First off the Nintendo Wii, it is like a Nissan GT-R, all that Technology and Engineering but quite cheap for what it is.

Secondly the Sony PS3 is like a Lamborghini (Reventon in Particular), It’s Very Powerful but it is also Expensive.

Third and Finally the X-Box 360 is like an Alfa Romeo, Very cool and fun to own and will Blow Up every so often.

Now this brings up 2 Questions:

1. What can we Compare OnLive to?

2. Will there be a console I can relate to my Favourite car, The Zonda F?

(I couldn’t find a Picture of the Zonda F, This is the Standard Zonda, Still Fantastic though)

(I did have some pictures of consoles but were tricky to insert into the Blog next to the cars)

Just A Quick post. What do you think.


Off-Topic: I am planning a special end of Month and Year thankyou post for the end of this month, Including Stats, Maybe some of my Favourite Comments and Music.

5 Year Reigning Tea Tray Dueling World Champion

25 10 2010

In Church Activities, there is a game that is well-known, a game where you use a Tea Tray and A Bat. it’s called Tea Tray Duelling. 5 Years ago this month (2005) I won the First Championship, and because it is the only championship of its kind in the world making me the World Champion. Now 5 years have passed and I am still Champion.

The game is quite simple, you balance a Tea Tray in one hand and hold a Bat (rolled up News Paper wrapped in tape is Best) in the other hand and you have to knock the tea-tray out of the opponents hand using the Bat. The person who drops their Tea Tray first is the loser. It’s best though if its best of three, so the person who wins 2 matches is the winner.

I still remember the Night I won the Championship, I beat about 4 or 5 people, and I beat the  my opponent in the final match in a Best of 5 Match.

So now I have held the title for 5 Years, The Five Year Reigning Tea Tray Dueling World Champion.

(No Picture for this, couldn’t find one)


Godzilla (50th Post)

22 10 2010


A few days ago I told you about how Legendary Pictures are making a Godzilla Film. I am so happy, so happy. But there is something that needs to be addressed.

When I talk about Godzilla I talk about the Japanese films. When most people think of Godzilla they don’t know about the Japanese Godzilla and will think about the American Godzilla. In order for people to understand the Legendary Pictures film better they must know it is based on the Original, Much Better, Bigger and More Dangerous Monster.

Now I know they may never see a Japanese Godzilla Film and so it is going to be hard for them to understand it. So that’s where I come in. I am making it a personal mission to tell the world about The Greatest Film Series in the World, so when they hear about, watch and think about the Legendary Pictures Godzilla they wont mistake it for The 1998 American Godzilla, they will think about the Japanese Godzilla. The True Godzilla.

So over the next couple of years I will talk about Godzilla, I will review his films, I will talk about Godzilla’s History and the People who Created him. I will give you updates on the Legendary Pictures Movie. I will talk about his enemies and his ally’s, I will even talk about his competition (other films competing with the Godzilla Series).

So stay tuned as we take a Good Hard, Long, Tall and Dangerous look at:




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