Shopping for University

7 10 2010


Now that I am at University (Teesside University, Middlesbrough, University of the Year) I have to do my own things. I have to Cook, Wash up, Do the Laundry and of course Shop. Shopping can be Quite Difficult at first. The first time I did my BIG SHOP I did it on a Saturday, which was a mistake. Too many people in town, busy and I need to carry heavy shopping. So I have decided to do it on a weekday so there is fewer people in town and it shouldnt be as busy. In fact I have just come back from Sainsbury’s.

The next part is What you need, Because I am now a Student I need to buy Food and also I need to buy it cheap. I have been buying basic ready meals like Tin Soup and Uncle Ben’s Microwave Rice (Very Nice). Today I bought a couple of Rustler’s Burgers and some Dolmio Pasta sauce for some Pasta (Tri-Colour Pasta).

I also have to drink so I buy Squash. It’s simple you just pour a little bit in a cup and Pour water into it. I also buy some Biscuits just for a something to have After meals and for a snack as well as something to dip into a Hot Chocolate (Aero Mint Hot Chocolate).

I also need to think about hygiene. Because I have plenty of Shampoo all I have needed to buy at the Moment is Hand Wash. When it looks like I am low on Hand Wash I just remember to buy some when I do the BIG SHOP.

Most of my BIG SHOP’s cost less than £20 which is pretty good, But unlike most students I don’t go out Partying Every Night and I don’t Drink Alcohol, so I have a lot of Money left over. More Money for the Important and Better Stuff.

Also I don’t Drink Tea or Coffee.

That’s Shopping for me.





2 responses

6 11 2010

I’m sorry if this offends you but I am missing the point here. I think this could’ve been made a bit more interesting, but you’ve done a good job. How is uni going for you anyway?

19 09 2011

I just thought it would be an interesting thing to talk about. I have now started at a New University (University of Central Lancashire – UCLAN)


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