A Day To Remember

9 10 2010

A Day To Remember

Sunday 3rd October 2010:

I was walking to church from my Halls of Residence at University (Teesside University, Middlesbrough, University of the Year) and as I was doing that I started to remember things.

I left the halls and it was raining, but I didn’t mind, I quite like the rain. As I was walking I remember something that a friend said when I was at Roothill Christian Camp. She said how nice it would be for people to walk to church. Just the idea of a traditional way of going to church, walking not driving. It was very nice, we saw many beautiful sights and landscapes which people in their cars may not have noticed. As we were walking you would sometimes hear her catchphrase walking to Dorking. It was just walking to Church in Middlesbrough made me remember friends like Sarah Hill and some of my other friends.

Another thing that made me remember Roothill was when I opened my bible when the sermon started at Cannon Park Church. When I opened it up the first book it opened up to was the book of Esther. The book of Esther was the one we were looking at when Roothill was on. I can still remember some pieces of what Stuart Harding was talking about, that and shouting WAKE UP when some people didn’t get an earlier night.

On this particular Sunday it was the Harvest Festival, A time to remember all the good food that God has given us. But for me on this Sunday it wasn’t just a time for me to remember all the good food that God has given us but a time to thank God for all the wonderful memories of Roothill and all the Good friends at Roothill. I won’t mention them all because the list will be extremely long and I may forget someone.

I remember the friends I made at my first Roothill, friends like Tim Strange, Lydia Aoki, Beth Hill and Sarah Hill. I remember friends from my second camp like Sarah Hexter, Jennie Hexter, Russell Barber, David Barber and Christina Pourtney. I remember my newest friends from my most recent Roothill, friends like Hannah Newcombe, Hannah Brien, Enoch Wilcox, Joe Kirby, Megumi Aoki and Heather Wilcox. I also remember the leaders of the camp like Jim Sayers, John McDonald and Andrew Sadler. The helpers and cookers like David Wilcox, Pauline Wilcox Barbara Ottley and Jeremy Neads. I also remember my best friends from camp. Friends like Josh Hall, Chris Jacquier, Matt Colclough, Tim Bracken, Johnny Evans and my best friend from all of camp Theresa Hughes.

I remember and miss all of my friends from Roothill, the ones mentioned and the ones I haven’t mentioned every week and look forward to the day that I can see them again.


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9 10 2010

Hey Sam 🙂 ur a great friend, hope to see u soon! loadsa love xx

2 01 2011
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