The MONOPOLY Experiment

13 10 2010

Monopoly (Hasbro)

I Like Monopoly; I look forward to whenever I can play a game. I like it when I winning (most of the time) and I like it when I am losing (hardly ever). Today when I was paying for my food at the Gallery (University of Teesside) I said to the cashier that if Monopoly was real, I would be Rich. Now I bet most people who are good at Monopoly would say that. But I started to wonder.

In real life, towns and cities aren’t usually arranged in a large square with places freely open to build House’s, Flats and Hotels. You don’t go to Prison for simply going into a box that just tells you to go for no good reason. Parking is hardly ever free and land costs more than a few hundred pounds. I began to think more, what would happen if you got some people together and gave them money to buy land and start making businesses. What would happen, would some people be better at starting up businesses like Houses and Hotels while others struggle and go bankrupt or would something completely different happen, would they all succeed, would they all fail, will those good at Monopoly do well in the real world or will they fail, would those who are bad at Monopoly do badly or would they succeed. So I have come up with the Monopoly Experiment.

Now I have only just thought of it today but from what I have thought I have come up with some good ideas.

The Experiment is in 4 stages.

Stage 1: The Board

The First part of the Experiment would involve the players having a normal game of Monopoly. They would buy properties, trade, make deals, pay tax, pay rent, everything involved in playing Monopoly and just keep playing until some of them have gone bankrupt or if it has gone on for a long time. It is at this stage that those Good and Those bad would be revealed and potential Favourites for the real world would appear. This is the basic game of Monopoly and will in a way prepare them for what would happen next.

Stage 2: Real World

The Second part would involve giving players Real Money equal to the amount they used in the Board game and they would have to go out and buy land to build houses, flats and hotels (possibly other businesses as well). This part will continue until some people go bankrupt or until the game has gone on for a while. Then their results would be examined next to how well they did in the first stage. Would those good at the board game do and how well would those who are bad at the board game do.

Stage 3: The Board Again

The Third part is on the Board Again, by that I mean that after the real world experiment would those who did well in the real world do well on the board, would those who did well on the board still be good at the game. Will some people who were bad at the board game originally improve after being in a real world experiment and will those who did well at the board originally do worse after being in the Real World.

Stage 4: The Results

The Final Stage is where all the results would be compiled together and the players would be told how they got on. How many will do well at the board game, How many will do well in the real world and who wouldn’t be so lucky.

I think this would be an interesting Experiment and Interesting look at the board game and how it compares to the real world. What do you think?


Off-Topic: I have recently been reading the debut smash hit novel MogWorld by internet sensation Ben “YAHTZEE” Croshaw. It’s Interesting and very funny.




One response

14 10 2010
Matty Longden

Interesting idea, but a difficult experiment to carry out!
The game of Monopoly and real life have many differnet factors that drastically differenciate them making this like comparing fish and beef, yes you can eat them both but they are really completely differnet, in monopoly you can buy a plot of land and build whenever you can afford. In the real world you can’t just stick a house down and hope someone rolls and lands on your tile!
There are far too many differnet skills/experiences/luck involved to make this a fair comparison.
Perhaps, however, by some lucky stroke monopoly pro’s are good on the housing market, maybe we’ll never know…

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