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15 10 2010


In the film blog I review films, but really only the films that I like or want to Review. I don’t go and review films which I think look Rubbish, except in the form of a Rant (TITANIC Rant coming soon). Some of the Films that I Think look rubbish are also some of the highly awarded films, things like Slum Dog and Forest Gump.  But now I am letting you choose which film I am going to review in the future (Probably February). I have chosen 4 films I have not seen and I am going to let you choose.

The Poll opens Now and you have until the 31st December 2010 to cast your vote. The one with the most Percentage wins and I will watch that film and review it.

The Choice is Yours.





3 responses

15 10 2010
Matty Longden

Gotta be Shawshank. Such a great story and with Morgan Freeman narrating. How can you not love that voice

22 10 2010

Sam, I would love to see your review of High School Musical.. mainly cos I’m interested to see how much you could endure. Sorry is that mean?!

22 10 2010


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