5 Year Reigning Tea Tray Dueling World Champion

25 10 2010

In Church Activities, there is a game that is well-known, a game where you use a Tea Tray and A Bat. it’s called Tea Tray Duelling. 5 Years ago this month (2005) I won the First Championship, and because it is the only championship of its kind in the world making me the World Champion. Now 5 years have passed and I am still Champion.

The game is quite simple, you balance a Tea Tray in one hand and hold a Bat (rolled up News Paper wrapped in tape is Best) in the other hand and you have to knock the tea-tray out of the opponents hand using the Bat. The person who drops their Tea Tray first is the loser. It’s best though if its best of three, so the person who wins 2 matches is the winner.

I still remember the Night I won the Championship, I beat about 4 or 5 people, and I beat the  my opponent in the final match in a Best of 5 Match.

So now I have held the title for 5 Years, The Five Year Reigning Tea Tray Dueling World Champion.

(No Picture for this, couldn’t find one)





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