Cars and Gaming

25 10 2010

I have been wanting to put up another post today but I couldn’t think out what, I did think about putting an Inspiring Speech about how it is not about the controller or console it’s about the game. But That could take me a while so I am putting up this little thing I came up with a couple of years ago (before I had a Blog) which matches Gaming Consoles to their Car Counterparts.

First off the Nintendo Wii, it is like a Nissan GT-R, all that Technology and Engineering but quite cheap for what it is.

Secondly the Sony PS3 is like a Lamborghini (Reventon in Particular), It’s Very Powerful but it is also Expensive.

Third and Finally the X-Box 360 is like an Alfa Romeo, Very cool and fun to own and will Blow Up every so often.

Now this brings up 2 Questions:

1. What can we Compare OnLive to?

2. Will there be a console I can relate to my Favourite car, The Zonda F?

(I couldn’t find a Picture of the Zonda F, This is the Standard Zonda, Still Fantastic though)

(I did have some pictures of consoles but were tricky to insert into the Blog next to the cars)

Just A Quick post. What do you think.


Off-Topic: I am planning a special end of Month and Year thankyou post for the end of this month, Including Stats, Maybe some of my Favourite Comments and Music.




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