Dream Hot Chocolate

25 11 2010

Don’t Worry; I am not talking about the Chocolate Bar.

I have just been wondering (While trying to figure out how to talk about toilet situations in specific restaurants) what the Ultimate Dream Hot Chocolate (Not the White Chocolate Bar) would be, Yes It’s Hot Chocolate Again.

We first need to look at the Core, The Drink Itself

A Hot Chocolate should taste of Chocolate, it’s called Hot Chocolate, it says it in the title, Chocolate that is Hot. If you don’t understand that it is a Drink made of Chocolate Heated up and put in a Mug and Drunk but more importantly the key element that it is Chocolate that is Hot I don’t know why you are drinking it, Did you expect a Smoothie (I have not done a Rant in Ages). Anyway; a Hot Chocolate should taste of Chocolate and it should be Hot, it’s a Hot Chocolate. For this (Clearly Highlighted) ingredient it should be Actual Chocolate. Most mainstream places that provide Hot Chocolate have a Hot Chocolate that tastes like Processed Essence of Chocolate that doesn’t really taste all that much like Chocolate; it needs to taste like Hot Chocolate.

Sometimes I have had Hot Chocolate where the drink was Hot Milk or Cream with a Cube of Chocolate on a Stick, kind of like a Tea Bag, this is moving in the right direction because it has a nice smooth feel and it tastes of Chocolate. Another form of this is where you warm up milk in a Microwave and then drop some Chocolate Drops in and mix it round turning it into a Hot Chocolate, it taste’s nice and it is fun. I Like That.

Powder Chocolate is best suited for Hot Water because the Chocolate Teabag only really works in Hot Milk. But you can get a smooth taste and feel as long as the recipe is right. You can put in some milk in water if you want it to be a bit creamier. The 2 different approaches differ on taste, extras and your own preferences. It could be interesting putting the Chocolate Powder in the milk (something to Experiment with there).

The Next Issue is Froth

Froth can ruin a Hot Chocolate if it is not nice; sometimes the Froth can be thick and does not taste all that nice. The Best Froth is Light and kind of Fluffy but best of all has Bubbles. Mint Aero Hot Chocolate has Bubbles and it tastes Brilliant. Bubble Froth looks nice especially when you dunk a biscuit in or even a spoon and lick the Froth off or Bite (The Biscuit). I don’t remember what the froth is like on the Milk Variation because it has been a while since I have had a Milk Hot Chocolate. That will be something to look into.

Now the Fun Part, EXTRAS

Extras are the most FUN part of a Hot Chocolate. I am Talking Whipped Cream, Chocolate Flakes, Toppings, Grated Chocolate, Sprinkles and lots of other FUN Stuff.

One thing that looks nice is a scene from the Simpsons Movie when Flanders gives Bart a Hot Chocolate. He puts whipped cream on, grates some chocolate on top, put a Flake in it, puts Whipped Cream on top of the Flake, Grates Chocolate on top of that and then Sticks a Marshmallow on top of that and Burns (Roasted, Toaster, Burned, It was heated up) it. Looks Fantastic. I would like something Similar but I would like some Sprinkles as well, who knows maybe some Ice Cream as well (I KNOW IT WOULD COOL DOWN AND NO LONGER BE HOT OR A HOT CHOCOLATE BUT I AM THINKING ABOUT THE FUN SIDE AND IT MIGHT BE NICE TO HAVE SOME ICE CREAM WITH THE OTHER FUN STUFF).

Another Extra to look into is extra taste, such as Mint or Vanilla or Strawberry or Banana or Orange. Maybe have White Hot Chocolate. Just something a little extra to add to the Experience. Mint Aero Hot Chocolate is very nice. Esquires do a Fantastic Mint Hot Chocolate.

Finding The Ultimate Dream Hot Chocolate is going to be difficult; it’s going to take time and Experimentation. I can already see myself in Heston Blumenthal’s kitchen working on it. But who knows, one day I might find it (it may appear on http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/index.php)  or make it and if or when I do it will be a Dream Hot Chocolate come True (That’s an attempt at a Pun).


(It’s the 2nd time I have used the Title Picture)

Off-Topic: I am going to London this Weekend with some Friends. Also you can Now Subscribe to my Blog Posts by simply going into the right column Menu of the blog where it says Subscription and enter your E-Mail Adress into the box and click on the button that says Sign me up! Simple Really.

Film Review: The Count of Monte Cristo

20 11 2010

I don’t really watch Periodic Costume Dramas (Candleford and Cranford), Most of them involve people dressed up in stupid clothes and speaking non punctuated sentences and they don’t speak sense at all. It’s like what Blackadder said to Shakespeare “Do you know how much Suffering you are going to cause”. Well in most cases it’s suffering for the viewer as well. Recently I saw a bit of Les (PANTS) Miserables and I kept telling everyone how it could have been improved: Barry White. It’s a good thing that at least one Periodic Costume Drama is good, that’s because it isn’t a Periodic Costume Drama (I just thought I would make the point).

The Count of Monte Cristo is a marvellous film with a brilliant cast and story. Based on the book by Alexandre Dumas The film stars Jim Caviezel as Edmund Dantès (pronounced Dontez, something like that), a man who wrongly gets put in prison escapes and changes his identity to get revenge on those who put him in prison. Guy Pearce plays the part of Fernand Mondago, Dantès’s best friend and the man who betrays him. Then we have the Fantastic Richard Harris. Before doing this He starred as Albus Dumbledore in the first Harry Potter film, he also did the Second Harry Potter film before he sadly died, the role of Dumbledore went to Michael Gambon who just shouts a lot in the Harry Potter films whereas Harris had a nice calm voice, What was I talking about, OH YES. Richard Harris plays the role of Abbe Faria, a former soldier who helps Dantès.

The story Follows Edmund Dantès who lands on an island with Fernand Mondago, The Island is where Napoleon has been sent, anyone who lands on the island is killed, Dantès and Mondago manage to get help from Napoleon, their ship’s captain had fallen ill and needed Medical Help. Napoleon asks a favour from Dantès, he asks him to deliver a note to someone. Mondago sees this. When back on the Main Land Dantès becomes the ship’s captain and returns to his beautiful fiancé Mercedes. Mondago Jealous of Dantès’s wife betrays him to the authorities. Dantès explains to the magistrate what happened, The Magistrate (Villefort) originally plans to let Dantès go but after hearing the name of the person Dantès was supposed to give the letter to, he changes his mind and sends Dantès off to the Chateau D’if. Dantès manages to escape and runs to Mondago’s house and finds out it was Mondago who set him up. Dantès gets captured and gets sent to the Chateau D’if.

Dantès arrives and is introduced to the warden, Dantès says he is innocent and the warden agrees saying that if he was truly guilty he would go to an official prison, the Chateau d’if is only for the people that the country (France, Forgot to mention that) want out of the way.

Meanwhile back in Marseilles Dantès’s family try to have him released but they later find out that he had been executed. Back at the Chateau D’if Dantès starts to go mad, he spends years in a cell with only a flogging once a year to remind him of the anniversary of when he arrived. One day he meets Abbe Faria when Faria accidentally tunnels into his cell. Faria helps Dantès learn many skills including to read and write, together they build a tunnel to escape, during this time Faria also teaches Dantès how to fight.

One day Faria dies when the tunnel collapses in on top of him. In his last moments he tells Dantès of a Treasure hidden on the island of Monte Cristo and gives him a map of where to find it. Dantès escapes the prison inside the Body bag meant for Faria which gets thrown into the sea; he drags the warden into the sea with him and kills him.

Dantès gets found by smuggler Luigi Vampa who gets him to fight a member of his crew, he wins and spares that man’s life, the man called Jacopo becomes Dantès’s friend. A few months later Vampa allows Dantès to leave with Jacopo, Dantès goes on a fact-finding mission and finds out what happened since his disappearance. Jacopo and Dantès go to Monte Cristo and discover the Treasure of Count Spada who Faria worked for. Dantès decides to use the treasure to get his revenge, but get a very special revenge. He decides to make those who made him suffer, suffer in the same way as him, have their whole lives taken away from them. He becomes The Count of Monte Cristo.

He sets to work making himself looking powerful; he hosts a party to reveal himself to everyone. He starts his plan and forces Mondago to use Danglars Shipping Company, the company he and Dantès used to work for. Dantès later learns that Mondago and his wife Mercedes had a Son, so Dantès asks Vampa to stage a kidnapping. Dantès rescues Albert (the son) and starts to become friends with him. At Albert’s birthday Mercedes believes that The Count is Dantès, Mondago and Villefort plan to steal some of the Count’s treasure, they get Danglars to steal some of the treasure but Danglars gets caught and discovers the true identity of Monte Cristo.

Villefort accidentally tells the authorities what he and Mondago did after telling Monte Cristo not realising that there were some policemen in the room. He is arrested and go’s to prison. Mercedes and Dantès come back together. Dantès then reveals his true identity to Mondago and both Mondago and Albert discover that Albert is the son of Edmund Dantès. Dantès and Mondago have a sword duel which Dantès Wins.

3 Months later Dantès returns to Chateau D’if to pay homage to Abbe Faria, he then leaves with Mercedes Jacopo and Albert.

The Count of Monte Cristo is an extremely good film; one thing that is in its favour is its story. Its story follows the principles you are taught in school, A Beginning, Middle and End. All the best stories follow this same structure, there are many films in cinema to-day which have too many obstacles and don’t allow this structure and can ruin the story. With Monte Cristo you can get into it and not ask too many questions if you get stuck because it is simple. I will explain more on structured story line another time.

This story has a Beginning where you find out about the characters and see what happens to Edmund, A Middle where Edmund escapes prison and sets a plan in motion to get revenge, and an End where Edmund has got his revenge and his life has gone back to normal. That’s what helps the films story, it’s simple.

The Cast for this film were well-chosen, Particular credit has to go to JB Blanc as Luigi Vampa and Richard Harris as Abbe Faria. What needs to be remembered here is that the cast are playing the roles of French People and particular credit has to go out to the cast for pulling it off brilliantly. This includes Alex Norton as Napoleon, Norton is best known for the role of DCI Burke in Taggart. The role of Danglars is played well by Albie Woodington who plays the role like someone you just don’t like, kind of like when Eddie Izzard played Torrence in the recent Day of the Triffids.

The Count of Monte Cristo is very Enjoyable and a lot of Fun to watch. I would recommend you to watch this film. It’s very creative, Fun, Enjoyable, Has a Good Cast and a Good Story that’s is easy to understand and to enjoy. It’s kind of hard to say anything else other than The Count of Monte Cristo is absolutely Fantastic.


Off-Topic: I have been trying to decide what to Review Next Month. I would like to do Muppet Christmas Carol but I would also quite like to do The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms as well as the Original Clash of the Titans.

You Choose.

You can Vote for 2 Films.

View Along: The Apprentice

17 11 2010

Last week I watched The Apprentice on BBC IPlayer and every time something happened I paused it and recorded my thoughts, I thought it would be an Interesting Experiment. Now you can see what I think but in order to understand it you will need to watch Week 6 of The Apprentice on IPlayer and when a Specific Time Happens you can see what I thought. Don’t forget you can print out my posts at the bottom if that would make it easier, Just click on the Share Tab at the bottom of the post (Next to where it says: Share this post.)


03:21: But not for long

04:10: Time is Money

04:20: Sugar Slide

04:21: How do you Text

04:47: Trampoline

04:54: Who Actually does the House Cleaning

05:12: Please don’t do Pant’s Man

05:53: Who decides which car’s they go in

06:21: That’s Early

06:37: The Sausage Connoisseur puts himself forward

06:51: I thought your background was in the Trafford Centre

07:02: Please Explain

07:18: This is not the Army Sunshine

07:45: Did you go to Sandhurst

07:49: As long as it’s not Wine, Cheese and Baked Bean Tin Cookers, it might work

08:50: What do you like, It’s going to be like Your Boss all over again

09:08: Make the Advert Silly, it’s a good idea

09:32: It’s better than Mr Muscle or is it worse

11:12: Green or Perhaps Blue

12:05: It’s better than Helping Hands

13:01: 3 against 2, you lose

13:14 Get ready to be Fired

14:00: It’s not for children

14:06: FUNNY, FUNNY, Trademark, FUNNY, Copyright, FUNNY, NOT

14:31: No Business like Show Business

14:50: How about Brown or Pink

14:57: L’Oreal Kids Bottle

15:04: The Beatles

15:48: You didn’t think of that before, It’s Not for Children

16:14: You’re Fired


16:52: It’s not a Movie

17:05: Dramatic

17:31: You Fancy Her

17:43: It’s an Advert, Not a Boxing Match

17:46: Nice View

17:53: Lord of the Business Rings

18:14: I Don’t Like It

18:35: But it’s not

18:55: It’s Better than the other one

19:17: SHUT UP

19:19: Wrong Show

19:26: SHUT UP – Trademark Possibly

19:32: No it wasn’t

19:50: Don’t do the Accent’s

20:04: SHUT UP

20:17: Go on, let’s hear it

20:33: Blue Peter Accent

20:52: No it wasn’t

21:12: Over Dramatic

22:04: London to the Countryside

22:14: It is not a Bisto Advert

22:30: How big a spill was it

22:53: Is he a Builder

23:14: Who shouldn’t be playing with Chemical Cleaners

23:17: CUT

23:24: House on Fire

23:55: No I don’t

25:37: No sign of Baked Bean Tins

26:06: He’s in the wrong team advert

26:12: Interesting

27:38: It sounds like a school project

28:05: I think she’s right

29:07: Terrible

29:28: Looks more like a Car Petrol Jerrycan

29:38: Good Pitch

29:42: The Builder is Back

29:50: Oh Dear, Pant’s Man – Almost

30:08: Bad Advert

30:13: Trademark, Probably

30:22: Not Funny

30:37: Good Point

31:05: It does look like a Woman

31:50: This pitch is worse

32:25: Their advert is by far the worst

33:10: Your all Fired

33:17: If Batman was a Business man, oh wait he is – Technically

33:50: Brilliant Picture

34:25: What is behind those doors

34:46: Mess up

34:54: DON’T

35:20: Oh Dear

36:22: Not Really

36:38: No Don’t

37:07: Still the worst one

38:12: Now that was FUNNY

38:45: OH NO

39:43: They Get a Treat for That

40:26: Terrible Singing

40:51: That Café must get good Business

41:18: Don’t get me started

41:37: Nice View

42:24: You Lost

42:29: Your Fired

45:04: I said It’s Not for Children

45:44: You did not let her get involved

46:26: It was a good pitch

47:01: Here we go

49:27: I thought you worked in Manchester

50:27: He has no Idea what he is doing

50:52: SHUT UP

51:25: Stop Talking


56:19: Who Pays for the Taxi

56:31: Amazing View

56:40: Big Baby

57:01: What a shame he’s not

57:26: NEXT TIME

57:56: Who will it be

57:57: I think it will be the person on the leaders right – Who will that be

It’s a bit long but shorter than what I had written down.


Off-Topic: Next Week I am going to see some Friends in London

Film Blog – Your Choice: Current Leaders

15 11 2010

It’s been 1 Month since I asked you to vote for which Film you want me to Review (out of a list of 4 Films I don’t want to watch).

Now the poll closes on the 31st December (roughly, depends on when I can get to a Computer to close it) and I thought I would tell you what position the films are in.

The Shawshank Redemption = 22.22%

High School Musical = 44.44%

Slum Dog Millionaire = 22.22%

Forest Gump = 11.11%

Now I did think I could make things Interesting by Adding a New film to the List but then (just now) I decided not to.

So please continue to vote and sometime in January I will announce the winner and then I will watch that Film and Review it (February-ish).


Off-Topic: I have been trying to figure out what to Review for December, I would like to do Muppet Christmas Carol.

5 Years and Still Painful – Part 3

14 11 2010

Previously on 5 Years and Still Painful: I had dislocated my Knee-Cap and gone to Hospital, The Next day the Knee-Cap was Broken and I had been waiting for an Operation. A Day Later I had an operation and have had lots of tubes inserted into my body. The Story Continues, NOW.

The Rest of the Hospital Time: The next day the nurses removed most of the pipes in my body apart from the one in the back of my hand, just in case they need to inject something into me. They also got me onto some food.

Every morning the nurses would bring round the menus for food the next morning, there was one for kids and one for adults, also in the mornings a trolley would come round with newspapers and stuff, I sometimes used to buy a Boost.

I also had to start walking again, but to begin with I would be supported by crutches. The physiotherapists would come round and get you to practice, but they would laugh if you had an accident, you are in pain and they are laughing.

The most painful thing to happen (since the accident) was this machine they put me into, it was used to bend my leg, IT HURT A LOT. The machine would angle your leg and it would bend it, and click (the leg not the machine). The leg had to be able to bend at an angle of 90 degrees before I could go home, it took me almost a week to get to 90. The problem was that it hurt. I finally got to it when I was listening to Wrestler Entrance Music on a CD player. I was listening to the music used by the Ultimate Warrior, it released something hyper in me and I got to 90, I was in pain but I was too hyper to care.

One of the biggest issues was nothing to do with the hospital, it was a patient. For about 5 days I had hardly any sleep, because it was a Baby. Crying every night, Just GO TO SLEEP, SLEEP, JUST ONE NIGHT OF PEACE. On the final night that the Baby was there I got some good sleep because the person next to me had some machinery attached to him and when the Baby cried a few minutes later the machines would go off, the Baby would then go quite, I had no idea what was wrong with the person next door, but I finally got a Good Night Sleep.

After a few tries I was unable to use the Crutches so they got me to use a Zimmer Frame. I was incredibly slow and it is incredibly tiring. After about a week in the hospital I started crying, I wanted to go home, I would not go home for another week.

I got some nice get well gifts from friends and family, sweets (or Pain Killers as I phrased them). I got some nice cards, books, chocolates, magazines, sweets and even a Pinball Hand Held Game. Thankyou Everyone. I had some nice food while I was in hospital. One of the weirdest ones was Lancashire Hot Pot with no Gravy, Extremely Odd. One night I had my favourite food, Lasagne.

After Almost 2 weeks, on the morning of Friday 18th November 2005 I went outside for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I went home and I thought it was all over, it wasn’t.


Off-Topic: I have written up my Film Review of The Count of Monte Cristo, I will post it up soon.

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