5 Years and Still Painful

6 11 2010


5 Years ago something Terrible happened to me, something Annoying, Terrible and Painful. Now 5 Years have gone and it is still hurting. 5 Years ago My Knee Cap Broke.

Back then I just wanted to carry on afterwards, Now I am in a position where I want to talk about it. So let me share with you what happened.

5th November 2005: it was Bonfire Night and the Fireworks were happening like every year at the castle in Lancaster. I went to see them and got there about 10 Minutes after they started. At the time I had a minor problem with my Hamstring in which I couldn’t stand up for a long time with out my leg’s clicking when I walked (This Hurt). I decided to try and find a place to sit down. I walked onto of the Grey Hound bridge here there is a Safety Bar which stops car falling down the hill and crashing on to the Millennium Bridge. I just thought it would be ok to sit on this.

First I swung my right leg over, I then sat down on the bar. Next I tried to swing my left leg over, then my body fell backwards and my Knee-Cap twisted above the shin, I fell down onto the ground with an Extreme Pain in my Right Leg.

I was on my front while on the ground, I was hissing and shouting. I called for help but it wasn’t for a minute or two that someone came, He got me to sit on my front and asked me to try to bend my leg, I couldn’t. He helped me up onto the bar and said that I should try to bend my leg. He went back to his family who were watching the fireworks. Meanwhile I was sitting on the barrier holding my leg. After 15 minutes or so The man and his family returned and I was unable to move, so they rang my parents, after about 10 minutes my Mam and Dad arrived and tried to lift me into the car. I was unable to do that because while they lifted me up my leg was unsupported and was swinging a bit (I Think, It was hurting a lot). They put me down on the barrier and rang for an ambulance, After about 10 Minutes it arrived. 2 Paramedics came out, one was a Woman and the other was a man who I thought looked like a Milkman. They brought a wheel chair with them and managed to get me into it. They strapped me in which made me quite scared.

They took me into the ambulance and got me onto a bed. They told me to breathe through this pipe, While I did this they drove me to Hospital with my Dad giving the paramedics my Information. We arrived and I went on my bed through A+E and waited to be seen.

My mind goes blank at this point, I think I had an X-Ray where they had a look at my Knee-Cap, the next thing I remember is some doctor trying to put my Dislocated Knee Cap back into place, one issue being that they couldn’t find a Vein to put me to sleep so they let me breathe through the pipe, I remember them pushing on the knee cap and the resulting pain. They found a Vein in my foot and managed to get me to sleep as they pushed the Knee-Cap back into place. I think they took another X-Ray while I was asleep because in the morning a doctor told me something from an X-Ray, more on that later.

I remember blurry visions of waking up for split seconds and seeing my mum sitting next to my bed. The thing that happened next is the most mysterious.

I was awake staring at the Hospital Ceiling at 4am. I don’t remember waking up, I just remember looking at the ceiling, I was confused on one point, I remember my mum said she would try to arrange it for me to go home after they sorted out the leg, so why was I in a Hospital Ward, Why couldn’t I move, What happened coming to this point where I was just staring at the ceiling at 4am. I remember needing to use the Toilet so I called a nurse who gave me this strange-looking object, how was I supposed to go to the toilet. I was unable to go to sleep (as much as I remember). I just waited until the next morning wondering what was going on. Even now I still don’t Understand, Why was I staring at the Ceiling, I don’t remember waking up, I just remember the Ceiling.

Sunday 6th November: I don’t remember going to sleep, I think I stayed awake since 4:00 am. I remember being told how to go to the toilet using the object, I ended up using 2. I remember being asked what I would like for breakfast by the Nurse, I had Frosties with Milk, A Fantastic Combination. That was spoiled though by a large plaster on my foot where the Vein was found to put me to sleep as they popped the Knee-Cap back in place. I couldn’t eat anymore, I just had some toast.

Then the Doctor came with an assistant, Mr. Marshall he was called and he told me that something happened when they popped the Knee-Cap back in place, it was now Broken. They told me that there was a loose piece of bone in the Knee-Cap. It would require an operation, Now I had watched episodes of Casualty and instantly thought something bad was going to happen. They said it may be a small piece of bone that would simply be removed and that was that, OR it would be an extremely large piece and would need to be reattached to the Knee with 3 Screws. Meanwhile I was panicking about the operation (if you are planning to have an operation, Don’t Watch Casualty or Holby City).

Because the Idea was to have the operation that day they had to starve me for about 8 hours, so I had some food and something to drink and then nothing for a long time. My dad then came and talked to me, I can’t remember much about what he said. I was then put on the pediatric ward (I was a year young for an adult room).

I remember being in the room lying on the bed and being cold, because I couldn’t move the leg I was unable to sit up and drag the Duvet over, I had to use my one good leg to hook it over. Because I couldn’t eat it was very annoying when a boy across from me was eating something at tea time, Pizza and Chips, I remember wanting to go over there and take it from him, but I couldn’t walk.

It was about 8:30 pm and my mum was with me, it was dark and then Mr. Marshall returned informing me that I was not going to have an Operation that day, It was getting late. He said I would have it in the Morning, So I could have some food, I was thinking Pizza and Chips, NO, IT WAS TOAST, TOAST. I went to bed and was woken up between 2-4am and was told they need to starve me again, so they gave me some toast and something to drink, then I went back to sleep.

More Coming Soon,


Off-Topic: On Wednesday I Became Teesside University Fluxx Champion.



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26 08 2013
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[…] 1: Unstable – Ultimate Warrior – A wild piece of music for a wild wrestler. The Ultimate Warrior as a wrestler was wild and unstoppable and so the song Unstable works perfectly for him. The piece is as made as the wrestler and what he does in the ring, it gives the impression of something unstoppable, something that could not be beat, something so terrifying that you would do what you could to avoid getting on its bad side. The piece starts with an easy beat in the speed that it’s at before going into its main part which sounds like something on the rampage without going too heavy, it then reaches a slower and quick conclusion before doing it all over again. Interestingly enough, this piece actually helped me to recover in Hospital back in 2005 when I had a leg injury. Because I was put on a machine that would help me to angle my leg and had to reach an angle of 90 degrees before I could go home, I listened to this CD when I was recovering. When I got to the Ultimate Warrior track, I myself felt unstoppable and put the machine right up to 90 degrees, while it did hurt a lot, I felt unstoppable and left hospital the following Friday. SO not only is this piece my favourite from the first disc, but also it helped me to recover from a horrible accident. […]

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