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11 11 2010


It’s been a while since I did some Movie News so I thought I would let you know what is Happening in the world of Cinema.

A Prequel film to the Original Planet of the Apes series is currently in Production. this will be the first Planet of the Apes film to use CGI for the Apes. Andy Serkis is to play Caesar, the ape that leads a revolt against the humans.

Battle Los Angeles is set for a March 2011 release. Battle Los Angeles is about an alien invasion, it’s been phrased as Black Hawk Down meets Independence Day. Sounds pretty good.

July 2011 is looking interesting with Harry Potter 8, Captain America and Transformers 3 being released in the same month.

The Muppet’s are apparently going to return to the movies in 2011 with The Muppet’s.

Sherlock Holmes 2 is currently underway with Guy Ritchie returning to direct. Robert Downey JR, Jude Law and Rachel McAdams are set to return along with new cast members Stephen Fry and Jared Harris.

MONSTERS is set for a December 2010 release.

Finally Christopher Nolan has released news on the next Batman Film. The Dark Knight Rises is going into production around about April 2011 with a July 2012 release. Christopher Nolan has said that both The Joker and The Riddler won’t be in the film. Nolan’s long time cinematographer Wally Pfister have expressed interest in shooting the film in IMAX format. Christian Bale will be returning as Batman.

If you have any thoughts about of any the above, feel free to comment.

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