12 11 2010

This month I have been remembering my Injury 5 Years ago to this Month. But something else happened November 5th 2005. Someone special to millions of people all over the world passed away. An Entertainer, An Athlete, A Wrestler and his name was Eddie Guerrero.

Eddie Guerrero was a wrestler like no other. He came out every night to steal the show. He would entertain the crowds and amaze them with a large range of acrobatic moves.

His catchphrase was I Lie, I Cheat, I Steal. Every Night he would do Funny and Entertaining things both in the ring and in the changing rooms. He would steal some wheels from another wrestler’s car. Sometimes he would pick up a weapon, hit it on the ground, give to another wrestler and then fake an injury in an attempt to get the other wrestler disqualified and give Eddie the Win and while he was faking the injury he would pose to the audience while the referee was not watching.

He would come out to the ring in a Low Rider (CAR) and do some amazing tricks with it.

He would amaze people with his athleticism. His main finishing move was the 3 Amigos (Triple Suplex) as well as the Frog Splash (Jump off the top turnbuckle and land onto a downed opponent).

Words cannot express How special he was to his Family, to his Friends and to Wrestling Fans around the World (Including Me). I miss him a lot, I once saw him live in 2004 at the Manchester Evening News Arena. He was a Wrestler, He was an Athlete, He was Phenomenal, He was Special, He was Amazing, He was Funny, He was Entertaining,

He was Eddie Guerrero





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