5 Years and Still Painful – Part 3

14 11 2010

Previously on 5 Years and Still Painful: I had dislocated my Knee-Cap and gone to Hospital, The Next day the Knee-Cap was Broken and I had been waiting for an Operation. A Day Later I had an operation and have had lots of tubes inserted into my body. The Story Continues, NOW.

The Rest of the Hospital Time: The next day the nurses removed most of the pipes in my body apart from the one in the back of my hand, just in case they need to inject something into me. They also got me onto some food.

Every morning the nurses would bring round the menus for food the next morning, there was one for kids and one for adults, also in the mornings a trolley would come round with newspapers and stuff, I sometimes used to buy a Boost.

I also had to start walking again, but to begin with I would be supported by crutches. The physiotherapists would come round and get you to practice, but they would laugh if you had an accident, you are in pain and they are laughing.

The most painful thing to happen (since the accident) was this machine they put me into, it was used to bend my leg, IT HURT A LOT. The machine would angle your leg and it would bend it, and click (the leg not the machine). The leg had to be able to bend at an angle of 90 degrees before I could go home, it took me almost a week to get to 90. The problem was that it hurt. I finally got to it when I was listening to Wrestler Entrance Music on a CD player. I was listening to the music used by the Ultimate Warrior, it released something hyper in me and I got to 90, I was in pain but I was too hyper to care.

One of the biggest issues was nothing to do with the hospital, it was a patient. For about 5 days I had hardly any sleep, because it was a Baby. Crying every night, Just GO TO SLEEP, SLEEP, JUST ONE NIGHT OF PEACE. On the final night that the Baby was there I got some good sleep because the person next to me had some machinery attached to him and when the Baby cried a few minutes later the machines would go off, the Baby would then go quite, I had no idea what was wrong with the person next door, but I finally got a Good Night Sleep.

After a few tries I was unable to use the Crutches so they got me to use a Zimmer Frame. I was incredibly slow and it is incredibly tiring. After about a week in the hospital I started crying, I wanted to go home, I would not go home for another week.

I got some nice get well gifts from friends and family, sweets (or Pain Killers as I phrased them). I got some nice cards, books, chocolates, magazines, sweets and even a Pinball Hand Held Game. Thankyou Everyone. I had some nice food while I was in hospital. One of the weirdest ones was Lancashire Hot Pot with no Gravy, Extremely Odd. One night I had my favourite food, Lasagne.

After Almost 2 weeks, on the morning of Friday 18th November 2005 I went outside for the first time in almost 2 weeks. I went home and I thought it was all over, it wasn’t.


Off-Topic: I have written up my Film Review of The Count of Monte Cristo, I will post it up soon.




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