View Along: The Apprentice

17 11 2010

Last week I watched The Apprentice on BBC IPlayer and every time something happened I paused it and recorded my thoughts, I thought it would be an Interesting Experiment. Now you can see what I think but in order to understand it you will need to watch Week 6 of The Apprentice on IPlayer and when a Specific Time Happens you can see what I thought. Don’t forget you can print out my posts at the bottom if that would make it easier, Just click on the Share Tab at the bottom of the post (Next to where it says: Share this post.)


03:21: But not for long

04:10: Time is Money

04:20: Sugar Slide

04:21: How do you Text

04:47: Trampoline

04:54: Who Actually does the House Cleaning

05:12: Please don’t do Pant’s Man

05:53: Who decides which car’s they go in

06:21: That’s Early

06:37: The Sausage Connoisseur puts himself forward

06:51: I thought your background was in the Trafford Centre

07:02: Please Explain

07:18: This is not the Army Sunshine

07:45: Did you go to Sandhurst

07:49: As long as it’s not Wine, Cheese and Baked Bean Tin Cookers, it might work

08:50: What do you like, It’s going to be like Your Boss all over again

09:08: Make the Advert Silly, it’s a good idea

09:32: It’s better than Mr Muscle or is it worse

11:12: Green or Perhaps Blue

12:05: It’s better than Helping Hands

13:01: 3 against 2, you lose

13:14 Get ready to be Fired

14:00: It’s not for children

14:06: FUNNY, FUNNY, Trademark, FUNNY, Copyright, FUNNY, NOT

14:31: No Business like Show Business

14:50: How about Brown or Pink

14:57: L’Oreal Kids Bottle

15:04: The Beatles

15:48: You didn’t think of that before, It’s Not for Children

16:14: You’re Fired


16:52: It’s not a Movie

17:05: Dramatic

17:31: You Fancy Her

17:43: It’s an Advert, Not a Boxing Match

17:46: Nice View

17:53: Lord of the Business Rings

18:14: I Don’t Like It

18:35: But it’s not

18:55: It’s Better than the other one

19:17: SHUT UP

19:19: Wrong Show

19:26: SHUT UP – Trademark Possibly

19:32: No it wasn’t

19:50: Don’t do the Accent’s

20:04: SHUT UP

20:17: Go on, let’s hear it

20:33: Blue Peter Accent

20:52: No it wasn’t

21:12: Over Dramatic

22:04: London to the Countryside

22:14: It is not a Bisto Advert

22:30: How big a spill was it

22:53: Is he a Builder

23:14: Who shouldn’t be playing with Chemical Cleaners

23:17: CUT

23:24: House on Fire

23:55: No I don’t

25:37: No sign of Baked Bean Tins

26:06: He’s in the wrong team advert

26:12: Interesting

27:38: It sounds like a school project

28:05: I think she’s right

29:07: Terrible

29:28: Looks more like a Car Petrol Jerrycan

29:38: Good Pitch

29:42: The Builder is Back

29:50: Oh Dear, Pant’s Man – Almost

30:08: Bad Advert

30:13: Trademark, Probably

30:22: Not Funny

30:37: Good Point

31:05: It does look like a Woman

31:50: This pitch is worse

32:25: Their advert is by far the worst

33:10: Your all Fired

33:17: If Batman was a Business man, oh wait he is – Technically

33:50: Brilliant Picture

34:25: What is behind those doors

34:46: Mess up

34:54: DON’T

35:20: Oh Dear

36:22: Not Really

36:38: No Don’t

37:07: Still the worst one

38:12: Now that was FUNNY

38:45: OH NO

39:43: They Get a Treat for That

40:26: Terrible Singing

40:51: That Café must get good Business

41:18: Don’t get me started

41:37: Nice View

42:24: You Lost

42:29: Your Fired

45:04: I said It’s Not for Children

45:44: You did not let her get involved

46:26: It was a good pitch

47:01: Here we go

49:27: I thought you worked in Manchester

50:27: He has no Idea what he is doing

50:52: SHUT UP

51:25: Stop Talking


56:19: Who Pays for the Taxi

56:31: Amazing View

56:40: Big Baby

57:01: What a shame he’s not

57:26: NEXT TIME

57:56: Who will it be

57:57: I think it will be the person on the leaders right – Who will that be

It’s a bit long but shorter than what I had written down.


Off-Topic: Next Week I am going to see some Friends in London




3 responses

3 12 2010
Jennie Dees

Love this. Just watched it with your pointers!

19 09 2011

It will be fun to do it again, maybe next series.


5 04 2012
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