Dream Hot Chocolate

25 11 2010

Don’t Worry; I am not talking about the Chocolate Bar.

I have just been wondering (While trying to figure out how to talk about toilet situations in specific restaurants) what the Ultimate Dream Hot Chocolate (Not the White Chocolate Bar) would be, Yes It’s Hot Chocolate Again.

We first need to look at the Core, The Drink Itself

A Hot Chocolate should taste of Chocolate, it’s called Hot Chocolate, it says it in the title, Chocolate that is Hot. If you don’t understand that it is a Drink made of Chocolate Heated up and put in a Mug and Drunk but more importantly the key element that it is Chocolate that is Hot I don’t know why you are drinking it, Did you expect a Smoothie (I have not done a Rant in Ages). Anyway; a Hot Chocolate should taste of Chocolate and it should be Hot, it’s a Hot Chocolate. For this (Clearly Highlighted) ingredient it should be Actual Chocolate. Most mainstream places that provide Hot Chocolate have a Hot Chocolate that tastes like Processed Essence of Chocolate that doesn’t really taste all that much like Chocolate; it needs to taste like Hot Chocolate.

Sometimes I have had Hot Chocolate where the drink was Hot Milk or Cream with a Cube of Chocolate on a Stick, kind of like a Tea Bag, this is moving in the right direction because it has a nice smooth feel and it tastes of Chocolate. Another form of this is where you warm up milk in a Microwave and then drop some Chocolate Drops in and mix it round turning it into a Hot Chocolate, it taste’s nice and it is fun. I Like That.

Powder Chocolate is best suited for Hot Water because the Chocolate Teabag only really works in Hot Milk. But you can get a smooth taste and feel as long as the recipe is right. You can put in some milk in water if you want it to be a bit creamier. The 2 different approaches differ on taste, extras and your own preferences. It could be interesting putting the Chocolate Powder in the milk (something to Experiment with there).

The Next Issue is Froth

Froth can ruin a Hot Chocolate if it is not nice; sometimes the Froth can be thick and does not taste all that nice. The Best Froth is Light and kind of Fluffy but best of all has Bubbles. Mint Aero Hot Chocolate has Bubbles and it tastes Brilliant. Bubble Froth looks nice especially when you dunk a biscuit in or even a spoon and lick the Froth off or Bite (The Biscuit). I don’t remember what the froth is like on the Milk Variation because it has been a while since I have had a Milk Hot Chocolate. That will be something to look into.

Now the Fun Part, EXTRAS

Extras are the most FUN part of a Hot Chocolate. I am Talking Whipped Cream, Chocolate Flakes, Toppings, Grated Chocolate, Sprinkles and lots of other FUN Stuff.

One thing that looks nice is a scene from the Simpsons Movie when Flanders gives Bart a Hot Chocolate. He puts whipped cream on, grates some chocolate on top, put a Flake in it, puts Whipped Cream on top of the Flake, Grates Chocolate on top of that and then Sticks a Marshmallow on top of that and Burns (Roasted, Toaster, Burned, It was heated up) it. Looks Fantastic. I would like something Similar but I would like some Sprinkles as well, who knows maybe some Ice Cream as well (I KNOW IT WOULD COOL DOWN AND NO LONGER BE HOT OR A HOT CHOCOLATE BUT I AM THINKING ABOUT THE FUN SIDE AND IT MIGHT BE NICE TO HAVE SOME ICE CREAM WITH THE OTHER FUN STUFF).

Another Extra to look into is extra taste, such as Mint or Vanilla or Strawberry or Banana or Orange. Maybe have White Hot Chocolate. Just something a little extra to add to the Experience. Mint Aero Hot Chocolate is very nice. Esquires do a Fantastic Mint Hot Chocolate.

Finding The Ultimate Dream Hot Chocolate is going to be difficult; it’s going to take time and Experimentation. I can already see myself in Heston Blumenthal’s kitchen working on it. But who knows, one day I might find it (it may appear on http://www.pimpthatsnack.com/index.php)  or make it and if or when I do it will be a Dream Hot Chocolate come True (That’s an attempt at a Pun).


(It’s the 2nd time I have used the Title Picture)

Off-Topic: I am going to London this Weekend with some Friends. Also you can Now Subscribe to my Blog Posts by simply going into the right column Menu of the blog where it says Subscription and enter your E-Mail Adress into the box and click on the button that says Sign me up! Simple Really.




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23 03 2012
108v 2800 mah

Hi there, slightly off topic but is anyone seeing a white page when they visit this website? thanks

23 03 2012

Thanks for reminding me, I will try to sort that out now.

23 03 2012

That seems to have fixed the problem, apologies for the inconvenience.

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