Christmas Crackers, The New Olympic Sport.

2 12 2010

It’s Christmas Time. Soon people all over the world will be opening Presents, eating Poultry and Battling it out against one another in Christmas Cracker Duels. Christmas Crackers are FUN, Anyone can join in and if you Win you get a Prize, A Paper Hat and a Joke (Two Fish in a Tank and one says to the other “How do you Drive this thing”).

How about a Cracker where your prize is an Olympic Gold Medal. Yes that’s right an Olympic Gold Medal. I think Christmas Crackers should become an Olympic Sport. Knockout Tournament Rules: You get 2 people and a Christmas Cracker, They take hold of the Christmas Cracker and Pull. Whoever gets the side with the Prize in Wins and the Person with the other end is The Loser. You can see it now, The Final Round, and the Prize inside the Cracker is an Olympic Gold Medal.

I think this could work as an Olympic Sport, You could do it at the Winter Olympic’s because it’s during Winter and Christmas happens during Winter.

Will you be an Olympic Christmas Cracker Gold Medallist.


Off-Topic: This Week after watching episodes from the first 2 series of Digimon I decided to write a Story.



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1 11 2011
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