3 12 2010

Bubbles are FUN, I Enjoy Blowing Bubbles.

I like to have FUN, I have FUN doing many things. One of my favourite FUN things to do is Blow Bubbles. I like to go into Town, buy a bottle of Bubbles and just Blow Bubbles. I like making All Size Bubbles, Small ones, Big ones and Huge ones. One day I would like to get a Bubble Lance and make those Massive Bubbles. One day I would like to try and make Bubbles through a Straw.

I like the Colours of Bubbles, the Rainbow Colours of the soap that move around the Bubbles. Sometimes you can get Scented Bubbles. I would blow Bubbles and a Lemon Smell would fill the air.

I can make Big Bubbles as well as lots of Small Bubbles. I do it by blowing more Slowly for Big Bubbles and blow Quickly for lots of Small Bubbles. I can fill the air with Bubbles, I can make them merge with each other to make Double Bubbles, I can catch Bubbles with the Bubble wand and make more Bubbles.

I Like to Blow Bubbles a lot but I als like to keep some Soap left so I can blow Bubbles again later. I like to hold the Bubble wand in the wind and let the wind make lots of Bubbles. I like to wave the wand around in the air and make Bubbles that way. I also like to Make Bubbles the Traditional way by just blowing them through the wand.

I Like Blowing Bubbles, I Like Playing with Bubbles, I Like Bubbles, Bubbles are FUN.





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