Sam’s Rant, 5 Years of World of Warcraft – The Cost

10 12 2010

This is not going to be a Full Rant; all I am doing is just showing the Cost.

One year ago I did a Rant saying that MMO’s are Rubbish and they cost too much, Well Recently World of Warcraft: Cataclysm arrived in shops and I thought I would return to MMO’s (very briefly) and explain that there is much better stuff you can do with the Overall cost of 5 Years’ worth of World of Warcraft.

Last time I shared with you the average(ish) cost of World of Warcraft.

“One major problem with MMO’s is the high cost price. Now chances are that anyone of the people (NERDS) that play MMO’s will start going off like a car alarm when they hear that. For those STUPID PILOCKS let’s face facts. The game when it is brand new costs £30 (OK MAY BE £40 (or $6000000000 in America) but if popular goes down in price but that takes time) with a 2-month trial period (2 weeks for you bunch of PILOCKS that may complain). After the trial period you have to pay £9 (I rounded it off) a month to keep on playing. Now if you put in the cost of the game in the first place; let’s say £30 plus trial period (2-months) and keep on playing for a whole year by paying £9 (rounded off) it costs roughly £120 (roughly) for the first year. Let’s look at a second year (IF YOU ARE BORING ENOUGH TO DO SO) with £9 a month that comes to a cost of £108 for the second year. And if you carry on for a third year (in which most of your family and friends have probably left you) it will cost you £108. Now let’s add all these costs up shall we; so that’s £120 + £108 + £108 = £336. Just think of all the amazing things you could have bought for that amount of money but you obviously are a social reject and you always will be. £336 lost to a stupid fantasy world in just three years. Let’s have a think, what could you possibly buy for £336.00.”

That was then, this is now. The following Prices is the Current Cost Price for Products Referenced from

World of Warcraft: £4.99

World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade: £4.99

World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King: £9.99

World of Warcraft, Cataclysm: £24.99

World of Warcraft, Subscription (that is not a game title, it’s the monthly Cost) £8.99

Now let’s do the Maths. All the games (not including the Subscription) altogether cost £44.96. Now if the 2 Months free is still available if you take the initial pricing of the Games and add 10 months subscription, 10 Months Subscription at £8.99 is £89.90 so if you add £89.90 to £44.96 you get £134.86. Now that’s quite a lot, there is lots of stuff you can get for that, more on that later.

Now if you decide to keep playing you will have to pay for the full 12 months so £8.99×12=£107.88, if you add that onto the first year cost you get £242.74, if you decide to continue again you just add the full 12 months again. Let’s look at this year by year.

First Year = £134.86

Second Year = £242.74

Third Year = £350.62

Fourth Year = £458.50

Fifth Year = £566.38

£566.38 for Five Years of World of Warcraft. There must be better stuff you can buy for £566.38. I know, let’s make another list.

  • 56638 Penny Sweets
  • 5 Nights in a Fancy London Hotel and Spending Money
  • 8 Trips on the Eurostar
  • 12 Tickets to see WWE Smackdown at the Manchester Evening News Arena
  • 18 Tickets to see TNA Wrestling at the Manchester Evening News Arena
  • 113 Magazines at £5.00
  • 14 Games at £40
  • 28 DVD’s at £20
  • Driving Lessons
  • 4 Meals at Heston Blumenthal’s Restaurant
  • 37 CD’s at £37
  • 80 Cinema Tickets for VUE Cinemas at £7.00 (roughly)
  • 1887 Apples at 30p
  • An Xbox 360 and 9 Games at £40
  • A PlayStation 3 and 7 Games at £40
  • A Nintendo Wii and 9 Games at £40
  • A PSP with 10 Games at £40
  • A Nintendo DSI with 11 Games at £40
  • Microsoft Live Gold Membership for 44 Years (roughly)
  • 1 Third of a Diamond Encrusted Toy Lamborghini Gallardo
  • A Good Standalone PC or Laptop at £500 (Rare but Available)
  • 1132 Chocolate Bars at 50p
  • 18 Adult Tickets to Alton Towers at £30.40
  • 19 Nights at a Premier Inn at £29

So there you have it, a difficult choice to make. Would you rather play World of Warcraft or would you do one of the 25 things I have just Listed, Your Choice.





4 responses

2 01 2011

Would I rather play a game I enjoy with people I like for five years or spend five nights in a hotel?
Hmm… I know which one I would choose 😉

May not be the most cost efficient hobby around but it’s actually a lot cheaper than you seem to be implying it is. You’ve skewed the data a little by comparing five years of playing to a bunch of products, you’d be a little more stretched trying to find things to compare it to for just three months.

19 09 2011

It would be interesting to compare it with the cost of other MMO’s.


23 04 2014

Honestly I’ve never played World of Warcraft. I did pay to play The Old Republic for about a year and I don’t regret that at all. There are some really good buy to play MMO’s out there now. Guild Wars 2, and The Secret World being among them.

23 04 2014

I did think about City of Heroes, but that kind of passed. Is that still going? I heard it had closed down.

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