Film Review – The Muppet Christmas Carol

24 12 2010

Here is a present to all of my Fans, giving each of you an individual present is financially difficult (unless I gave each of you a Penny Sweet), also I don’t know where some of you live and postage will be difficult and will add to the cost. So I am giving you all a present to share, a Review of The Muppet Christmas Carol.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of the Muppet Films (obviously) but it is one of the best along with Muppet Treasure Island and Muppets from Space. An excellent cast including Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Rizzo and of course Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge.

The story is based on the Charles Dickens Novel of Christmas Carol, I have not read the book but the film still tells a brilliant story in the same structure as I have explained before, Beginning – Middle – End. Another plus is the Songs, the songs are brilliantly written and very enjoyable and like the video game Patapon, the music will stay with you forever.

The story is well-known but the Muppet version is quite clever, Gonzo plays the role of Charles Dickens and narrates the story with Rizzo playing the role of the Sidekick. The story begins with a song explaining Scrooge which finishes with a look at his face with the face of Michael Caine. It is a tradition in Muppet films to get high-profile actors for the films, Michael Caine in The Muppet Christmas Carol and Tim Curry in Muppet Treasure Island. For the next few minutes we see Scrooge working while everyone around him including his loyal Employee Bob Cratchit (played by Kermit the Frog) is looking forward to Christmas, he is not. He threatens his employees with unemployment when they ask for more coal, He even throws someone out (literally) when they are unable to pay their loans, “Bah Humbug” he would say several times. Everyone including his nephew are happy about the season. The only thing Scrooge likes about the season is that people have less money and can kick people out of houses who don’t pay their mortgages, Harvest for the Debt Collectors. However Scrooge allows his staff time off for Christmas Cay only because everyone else will have Christmas day off a swell so there will not be anyone to trade with, Kermit then sings a song. Scrooge arrives at his house (with Gonzo and Rizzo following him) where he sees his door knocker turn into the face of one of the Marley Brothers. It then turns back into its normal form and enters the house, he checks all the rooms before he goes to bed and he finds nothing. Then when he has supper the Marley Brothers (it should be pointed out that in the book it was just one Marley, Having the 2 as brother’s means that Muppets Statler and Waldorf could be used) appear and tell Scrooge that his future is as bad as theirs if he does not change. They then tell him of three ghosts that will come to him during the night.

When the bell tolls 1 the first ghost appears and takes Scrooge on a trip through his past (with Gonzo and Rizzo). The Ghost of Christmas Past who shows Scrooge his School years including a Funny scene with Sam the Eagle. He then sees him at his first job to meeting a girl he falls in love with, the girl then breaks up with him.

The Second Ghost appears after the meeting with the first one, The Ghost of Christmas Present, an extremely big Muppet, jolly and Funny. This is my favourite part; The Ghost of Christmas Present sings a song about Christmas which is the Best song in the film. Scrooge finds out what People around town think about him and his opinion with Christmas Changes especially when he sees Tiny Tim (Robin the Frog). The ghost then leaves Scrooge with one Final Ghost still to come.

Gonzo and Rizzo leave at this point because this bit is a bit Scary. The Ghost of Christmas yet to come appears, the ghost is a very scary presence and does not talk, just points. The town is talking about the death of someone and are happy about it because the person was not very nice apart from the Cratchit House who are sad for the loss of Tiny Tim. It is then revealed to Scrooge at the Graveyard on his Gravestone that he is the one who caused Sadness and Happiness.

Scrooge promises to change his ways and when he wakes up (Gonzo and Rizzo return at this point) in the morning to share his wealth with everyone and the Film Finishes with Scrooge and the other Muppets singing the Last Song at the Cratchit House.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a proper Christmas film, Its Good story and Christmas Themes. Films like ZULU and Toy Story 2 are usually shown at Christmas but these are not technically Christmas Films due to the absence of Christmas Themes, whereas The Muppet Christmas Carol has Christmas Themes in it (I like ZULU and Toy Story 2, I am only using them as examples in this case, they are both very good films). If you want to watch a Christmas Film, The Muppet Christmas Carol is a Christmas Film. What is quite Interesting is that I have seen this Film on Sky Movies Between January and March.

Michael Caine is Brilliant as Scrooge (I have just discovered the Link between Christmas Films and ZULU), the best Muppet in the Film is the Ghost of Christmas Present, for being Jolly and Funny. Several Muppets make appearances in this film including Fozzie Bear, Sam the Eagle, Animal and the Swedish Chef.

It is kind of hard to say which is better between the Story and the songs, I would probably say both. The songs give a nice way of telling the story and bring some interactivity with the film. I would like to see this at the cinema with words along the bottom to join in with the songs. Even though it is more of a Children’s Film it is a very enjoyable film and would appeal to all ages, the film is very Good FUN. I am not sure how good it would be without the Muppets though.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a very Enjoyable Film, I would recommend that you see this film, It’s a Christmas Film with Songs, a Good Story, Muppets, Christmas Themes and is a lot of FUN to watch, it all really depends on what you like but The Muppet Christmas Carol is a very Enjoyable Film.

Happy Christmas.




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