My Combat Robot

12 01 2011

When I was young, One of the highlights of my week was a TV show on BBC 2. It involved teams of people building Robots and then putting these Robots to Battle. It was called Robot Wars. It was a spectacular show, I remember all the Robots I liked but my Favourite was (and still is, even though the show is no longer on) Mortis. It was this Tank Robot with a Big Axe and a Lifting Arm, I remember being so excited when ever it was on.

One thing I have always wanted to do since is build my own Combat Robot. I remember when I first saw it, I started to make my own Robots out of Lego, They did not move with a remote control but it was still exciting. Even though the show is not on any more, Robot Combat still exits in exhibitions and one day I would like to build a proper Robot and enter it into one of them.

My Favourite Robots are the ones with Axes, Like Mortis, Killertron and Dominator 2. I have ideas in my head of what I want my Robot to be. An Axe Robot with either a Triangle, Rectangle, Trapezium or a combination of these shapes. I would really like to do this but there are issues, I currently don’t have the time, it can cost a lot of money, I need to know where and when the exhibitions take place, how do I enter exhibitions and Health and Safety, but with some research I think it is an achievable goal. I am also hoping that one day Robot Combat will return to TV and then it may be easier to get involved. I am really excited to do this and one day I would like to build My Combat Robot.


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