Brϋtal Legend

10 02 2011

Today I bought a game I have been wanting to play since I found out about it in a GAME shop in Guildford. I walked into the shop and saw a Trailer for a game. It involved a character attacking creatures with a Big  Axe and an Electric Guitar in a land of Heavy Metal. The Game is called Brϋtal Legend.

Basically the game is about a Roadie called Eddie Riggs (Voiced by Jack Black) who goes to a world filled with Heavy Metal. The whole scenery is inspired by Heavy Metal Music and album covers. The game is an Action Adventure Game with Real Time Strategy Elements. There is also driving sections where you drive around in Hot Rods. The game’s soundtrack as you can expect is all Heavy Metal Music with bands like Motorhead providing Music for the game.

From what I have already played it is an awesome game with lots of Action, Music, Fighting, Driving and FUN. I have made an army of Headbangers, fought a big Metal Spider, Built a Hot Rod and Built a Bike. I have also seen a cameo appearance from one of the Greatest Rock Singers in the World Lemmy Kilmister.

I saw this advert for The Sunday Night Project, in it was Alan Carr and Justin Lee Collins running around with Guns, Explosions and Rock Music playing Guitars. I have always thought that the advert is how Video Games should end. Forget winning World War 2, Forget saving the World. Heavy Metal Music, Guns and Explosions, that is what should happen in Video Games. Brϋtal Legend has the right Idea.

What is particularly good about Brϋtal Legend is the fact that it feels and plays like a game. It is not based on reality and this makes it amazing Fun. You get a real feel of Fun and that along with a Fantastic Soundtrack make it an Amazing Game. The only downside to the game that I have found is that it does not feature music from the Greatest Heavy Metal Band in the World, METALLICA.

This Game has been out since October 2009 and for all this time I have wanted to play it. Well I can tell you the Wait was Worth It. Brϋtal Legend is a Fantastic Game and I can’t wait to play some more.




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