Your Choice: The Sequel

14 02 2011


You may remember last year I asked you to vote for which Film out of 4 choices I would Review. Well just now I watched High School Musical and I am about to write out my Review. Now due to how well the poll went I am asking you join in another vote. This time I thought I would do some films I like but then I came up with a better idea.

 I have decided to do a theme to this one, Monster Movies. Now you may know that I really like Monster Movies, Godzilla is the Best Film Series in the World. So this time You will get to choose which Monster Movie gets reviewed. Now to make things interesting I have decided to include a good range of Films. Seven films to be exact and I will let you choose 2 films on the list, so if there is a couple of films you want me to review but are not sure which one, why not put a vote in for both. You don’t have to vote for two, you may only want to vote for one, but the option is there.

Now you may be wondering Which Films are up for the Vote, Well here they are (click on the links for more information):

1. Godzilla Against Mecha-Godzilla

2. Gamera 3: Awakening of Irys

3. Cloverfield

4. Dragon Wars

5. The Host

6. Reign of Fire

7. Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla

There are your 7 Choices and don’t forget you can vote for 2 Films if you want to. I have decided that the closing date will be April 30th 2011 (it was originally May 31st but I thought that was a bit too long). So there you have it, It is now up to you which film gets reviewed (around about July) and don’t forget to come back and see this month’s review, High School Musical.




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