Film Review – High School Musical

17 02 2011

Here it is, You voted for it and here is me reviewing it, High School Musical. Now I thought this was a surprise because the other 3 films on the list were also big films, I was surprised that Slum Dog Millionaire did not win, I thought it was supposed to be good (I have not seen it), it only got 6 votes (21%), So it looks like Slum Dog Millionaire is not really all that good after all if only six out of 28 people liked it, maybe it can hand those awards to some good films from 2008, Like Cloverfield, Iron Man or Tropic Thunder. If you are interested what the results are here they are, Forest Gump; 3 Votes (11%), Slum Dog Millionaire; 6 Votes (21%), The Shawshank Redemption; 7 Votes (25%) and the Winner (if you have not already noticed) High School Musical with 12 Votes (43%). So here is the Review

Before I watched this I listened to Rage Against The Machine just to help my brain. I was quite pleased when I read the back of the DVD and it said 98 minutes long, hurray it is only 1 hour 38 minutes long, quite short, it will be over quickly and it was. If I was to tell you early impressions I would tell you that the film started annoying, got more annoying, then (I can’t believe I am saying this) it got enjoyable towards the end, then it got annoying again.

This film has a cast (like most films, but these are incredibly annoying) of characters. Zac Efron plays the part of Troy who is the High School pretty boy who all the girls love, Vanessa Hudgens plays Gabriella the new girl who is clever and originally tries to hide this, Ashley Tisdale is the High School Fashion Icon who is the films biggest bully and wants to be the centre of attention, Lucas Gabriella is her sidekick constantly following her around, Corbin Bleu is Troy’s best friend who is also on the basketball team and Monique Coleman is Gabriella’s friend and head of the Scholastic Decathlon Team.

There is one member of the cast I have left out of the list because her character is the best. Olesya Rulin plays Kelsi Nielson, The composer for the musical the school is putting on, she is usually quite shy and unable to stand up for herself until troy becomes friends with her and at the end becomes a much stronger person. Kelsi is the only person in the film who did not annoy me, it’s a shame she did not have much more appearances in the film but it’s good that her character does not have a bigger part because she would not be the same and not as good. Kelsi’s role suited her well.

It’s kind of hard to talk about the plot, so here is a quick version of it. Basically troy and Gabriella meet on New Year’s Eve singing and then suddenly it’s school time where Gabriella is just starting and troy is captain of the basketball team where they might win some championship and they meet up and decide to do the musical together where Tisdale’s character is constantly on top trying to be better than everyone and when the school finds out about Troy and Gabriella and the musical are kind of shocked and the basketball team and scholastic decathlon team try to stop the 2 people and then go to extremes to stop them which causes problems for both teams who finally realise what they are doing is wrong and get the 2 back together and then help out each other so everyone can do the decathlon tournament, basketball match and musical call backs at the same time and everyone wins and it is all fantastic, except for the film which is pretty annoying.

The Song’s (which you would expect in a musical) are the most annoying part. There was really only one song that did not get to me and that was the one between Troy and Gabriella at the musical call backs. There is a couple that really get to me, the one near the beginning about basketball and the one about hiding who you really are. The film also tries to add a bit of comedy in it which is just bad; it is not funny at all.

The film does touch on something which I don’t think has been in films before and that is the thing about hiding who you really are just so you can be cool and girls might like you. This really got on my nerves. It comes to the point of your friends not really being your friends and are just pretending just so they can gain success from you. Well at least they learn their lesson at the end and become proper friends. The kind of friends you love and care about and are important special people in your lives and whatever they like is something that makes them special but what makes them even more special is the fact that they are your friends.

Most of the time I wanted some proper music to be in this, stuff that sounded good, not this rubbish. Overall the film is mostly annoying with an enjoyable bit towards the end but then gets annoying again and out of the whole cast only one character was any good and that was Kelsi. Would I watch this film again, maybe if it was on TV and there was nothing else that was more interesting, have you seen the Deadliest Catch, It is Very Good.

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