Killzone 3

24 02 2011

In 2009 I bought a PlayStation 3, I had been wanting to Buy one for a while and so after I Finished College for the Year I went and bought it. As part of the Deal that came with it I chose a Game and bought another one (Far Cry 2) with it plus a second controller. Originally I wanted MotorStorm Pacific Rift but at the time it was unavailable in the shop. So out of the deal there was another couple of games I wanted, Little Big Planet or Killzone 2. I chose Killzone 2, it was a very Good decision. I did not play Killzone 2 until the day after I bought the console. I liked the look of the game and the levels were big but it was not until the level’s went into the Night that the game got Fantastic. At the beginning of August my console stopped playing games and it was not until I got back from Holiday that I got it replaced. When I got my replacement I had to start all over again so I did and Killzone 2 became even more Fantastic. By the end of 2009 it became my Game of the Year, It is Realistic in an Unrealistic Setting. One thing that I really liked about it was the Story. A good combination of Characters with an interesting setting and Story, Combine that with the Gameplay and you have an Amazing Experience.

Now Killzone 3 has Arrived, Now due to me currently being at University I am unable to play it when it is released Tomorrow, But I break up for Easter in a few weeks and one of the main things I plan to do on my Break is play Killzone 3. I have been wanting to play Killzone 3 for a long time and I have seen the trailers and play through’s of levels in the game and it looks Fantastic, Just a few weeks and then I will be playing KILLZONE 3.





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7 03 2012
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