5 Years and Still Painful – Part 4

3 03 2011

Previously on 5 Years and Still Painful: I had dislocated my Knee-Cap and gone to Hospital, The Next day the Knee-Cap was Broken and I had been waiting for an Operation. A Day Later I had an operation and have had lots of tubes inserted into my body. I had to use a machine to bend my leg, I had to walk around using a Zimmer Frame and I left the Hospital after almost 2 weeks since the Accident. The Story Continues.

What Happened Next:

I remember coming home and because of the step at the door I had to put the Zimmer Frame inside the house and then hold that and jump with my one working leg to get inside the house. I went and sat down in a chair Dad had brought home from church for me to use. In order to go to the toilet I had to slide up the stairs on my bottom and a second Zimmer Frame was put up there so I could walk around there. Mam put some of the things from my room on the top floor in my brother’s room so I did not have to climb all the way up the stairs, things like my Television, DVD Player and my GameCube. Because of the time I spent away Mam recorded some television that I asked to be recorded, Shows like WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown and a repeat of the 2003 series of Tarzan. For the next few days I spent my time at home playing games and watching TV, The only times I went out were when I went to church on Sunday and when I went to get a haircut on Monday. I remember going to church and sitting near where I used to sit with my Zimmer Frame in the corner.

I remember talking to my friends who talked a little bit about the accident but went on to talk about other things as well; they even had a go with my Zimmer Frame. I spent some other parts of the week decorating Ginger Bread Men and watching Godzilla Films, I remember some people coming to visit me. I remember going to Teens Club at Church as well but being unable to do much due to me not being able to really move.

On the Friday (1 week after I left the hospital) I got this phone call which I did not understand but it was a woman who was saying something about booking an appointment. I asked them to ring back when my Mam was in, They did when my Mam came back and it was the Physiotherapy at Lancaster Hospital who wanted to book an appointment for me to come back in. On the following Monday my Mam took me in to see the Physiotherapist and this nice woman called Claire was my Physiotherapist and she told me and my Mam what was going to happen, originally I was going to have 2 appointments a week. They also arranged for me to have an ambulance pick me up from home. The Idea was that they would give me a time and I would have to be ready for an hour before that. This was the time slot for when they would come to collect me. This did not start until the next week because the next day I had a doctor’s appointment and Physiotherapy straight after, it was at this appointment that I could see from an X-Ray where the Screws in my leg where. After the appointment I travelled through this almost underground tunnel underneath the hospital to the Physiotherapy ward (just so you did not have to be wheeled out in the street).

I remember Dad talking to the other people at Physiotherapy asking if the appointment would take long because he was worried about the car not being in a good parking space (it was on the pavement outside the front door to the hospital). Basically Dad could not find a place at the Hospital Car Park and nowhere close enough for me to walk into the hospital. Because my movement was limited and the speed was limited I had to be close to the hospital, so Dad parked the car on the pavement and tried to ask people where there was spaces. Well because of the appointments he just came along with me and it was not until he got to physiotherapy that he started to ask questions about car parking, to be honest he was arguing not talking with one of the other physiotherapists. Eventually the session happened, I then had my session with Claire before going home.

Basically I spent most of my time the following weeks just sitting at home watching TV and playing Games. I kept on going to church and teens club but that was the only time I went really went outside, except for when the ambulance came to pick me up to got to Physiotherapy. When you get into the ambulance I had to jump up the platform they got out just so I can get onto it, then the ambulance people would put the seat belts on and then drive you to the hospital, twice a week.

At this time the only real pain I was experiencing was the uncomfortable feeling from my leg brace, it was particularly uncomfortable at the ankle. At least on most nights I could have it taken off. The most painful part of the leg was when I accidentally put my weight on it. This sometimes happened when trying to put shoes and socks on, I was also unable to bend my leg so it was very difficult.

Over the next few weeks a similar pattern begun to emerge, one at first that did not get to me but then did, “How’s the leg”. For many weeks even into the weeks before the third operation I had constant people asking “How’s the Leg”. Ok it was nice to know that people cared, they were interested, they wanted to know how I was doing. But eventually it felt like they were not asking me, they were asking the Leg. It was like they wanted to know how the leg was, not me. Today I sometimes think that maybe I should have cut my leg off and they could have socialized with that, that’s how it felt, like they wanted to know how the leg was and not me.  The only people that did not really do this were my Best Friends Alex and Dan who asked about it very little and then went on to talk about more interesting things. Even after the third operation it was still the leg and not me with other people. This eventually stopped around about April 2007. I actually told someone who has been a great friend in my life called Mary when I told her about this. Mary asked about the leg and then asked about me. Eventually everyone was asking about me and not the leg. This is one of the things that helped me to forget about the leg injury and I could have just got back on with my life, except for the fact that Dad constantly told people about it.

Just after Christmas 2005 the Zimmer Frame was removed and I was Given Crutches, the better ones where they are supported by your hands and forearms. One good thing about this was I could stand up for long periods of time without it hurting. The Brace was also removed and my leg was now ready to walk again, but it was still going to be a long road ahead before I could walk unassisted. Things were beginning to improve and they would, for a while.




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