MotorStorm: Apocalypse

11 03 2011

Back in 2007 I did not like the PlayStation Console, I did not like the PS3 and I did not like PlayStation as a whole, but this was about to change. In the beginning of 2007 I was watching an episode of Gamer TV when they were talking about the PS3 which was about to get released and they revealed the Games that would be available at launch. One of these Games was MotorStorm. Originally I did not think about it, but then a few weeks later I liked the look of the Game. After the console was released I played a few levels in Curry’s and liked it even more. In late 2007 I began to think about getting a second console, My original Idea was to buy an Xbox 360 but in March 2008 I saw the documentary about MotorStorm again and knew that I wanted to play it, I started to look at the PS3. Throughout they year I looked at the 2 consoles and then after a E3 2008 I decided that I wanted the PlayStation 3. Finally in May 2009 I bought my own PS3 and for my Birthday a couple of weeks later I got MotorStorm: Pacific Rift (the sequel to MotorStorm).

Now you may still be wondering what MotorStorm is, well it is a racing Game, but not the type that involves racing around a track in an expensive high performance car. It involves racing around environments like Monument Valley (MotorStorm), a Tropical Island (MotorStorm: Pacific Rift) and a City (MotorStorm Apocalypse) in vehicles like Motor Bike’s, ATV’s, Buggy’s, Rally Car’s, Racing Trucks, Mudplugger’s and Monster Trucks. Throughout the race’s there are many hazards that you need to avoid, not just the environment but also the other racers. Also you need to plan your route to win, there are many different routes to race on but you need to plan carefully, not just on which track to use but also which track to use based on the vehicle you are driving. Lower terrain suits the bigger vehicles like the Big Rigs and Monster Trucks where as the Higher terrain suits the Smaller and Lighter vehicles like the Motor Bikes, ATV’s and Buggy’s.

It’s now March 2011 and next week is the release of MotorStorm: Apocalypse. The new Game is set in a city environment for the first time in the series. The City is falling to pieces during a Natural Disaster and buildings and bridges are falling down as vehicles race in, out and around them. There is also a new hazard in the form of other people interfering. These people will try to steal cars, break into fights, steal loot from buildings and try to slam racers off the road. A Private Military Company will try to enforce the law while creating obstacles for the racers aswell. New vehicle types are being included along with vehicles from the previous games. These new ones include Super Cars, Super Bikes, Hot Hatch’s, Choppers and Muscle Cars. All of this and more when the Game is released next week.




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7 03 2012
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