Playground Debate: Pokémon vs Digimon

24 03 2011

I remember when I was at primary school me and my friends were always talking about the 2 new crazes that were out at the time. One was called Pokémon and the other was called Digimon. The 2 crazes were both similar in the way that both had Cartoons on CITV, both had Card Games, both had Video Games and both had Movies (the 2 also had the Mon in their names). It was not until about a year later when I started High School that I was asked which was better. Now at the time both were very good and it was harder to choose.

Pokémon and Digimon simply explained:

Pokémon (short for Pocket Monsters) is a media Franchise owned by Nintendo about lots of monsters who go on adventures with people and have fights with other monsters.

Digimon is a Media Franchise about lots of monsters living in a Digital World who go on adventures with people and have fights with other monsters.

You can see that the 2 franchises are very similar.

Now that I am older I can now compare them scientifically (not really) which is better. 

First off let’s take a look at the movies.

Pokémon has released 13 movies where as Digimon has released just 9. However which of the 2 franchises had the best films. The answer is simple; Pokémon. The Digimon films had good storylines but the animation was not as good as the ones in the cartoons. However the Digimon Films (I have only seen the first one which was the first 3 into one movie, UK Release) were quite good and very enjoyable in my opinion Pokémon had much better films with good cast of characters, good storylines and it was the time when you had a chance of seeing the rare Pokémon. The best Film in the Pokémon movies is Pokémon 2000 (Pokémon 2). A great film with good pieces of music with some of the best Pokémon in the whole franchise like Lugia.

Pokémon 1, Digimon 0. Now let’s take a look at the Card Games.

The Pokémon card game was very well made, it was easy to get the hang of and there was lots of cards to collect, to this day you can still get Pokémon cards, okay they are not as easy to get hold of because it is not as big as it used to be but you can still get cards from shops like GAME and Gamestation. When you learned how to play the game it was easy to remember it and when you next played a game of it you could just set up your game with your friends and play it. The Digimon card game was not as popular (well not at least in the UK); I don’t remember being able to find it being sold or anywhere where you would even see it being sold. I remember seeing them in magazines but I don’t remember seeing them anywhere else. So for the fact that you could buy them as well as being able to play them this round goes to Pokémon.   

Pokémon 2, Digimon 0; now let’s take a look at the Video Games.

Digimon released a few Video Games but were not as widely available as Pokémon Video Games. The 2 main Pokémon games at the time were the Hand Held games and Pokémon Stadium on the Nintendo 64. Both Pokémon Stadium 1 and Pokémon Stadium 2 were my favourite games on the Nintendo 64. I also played Pokémon Yellow on the Game Boy which was very interesting. With the recent Video Games being released for the DS and 3DS I would quite like to play the new Hand Held games because they do look like a lot of fun. I would also like to see both Pokémon Stadium 1 and 2 to arrive on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console because I would really like to play them again. I did not manage to play any Digimon video game but from what I could see they look like more Better Graphics versions of Pokémon Hand Held Games, But I would still rather play Pokémon than Digimon even though I would still like to have a go at the Digimon Games.

Pokémon 3, Digimon 0; Now it is the big one, The Cartoon Series, this is the real battleground between these 2 combatants.

Digimon is the Better Cartoon Series. Pokémon had lots of episodes (okay it still has not finished) but it was fun and enjoyable, but Digimon had more of a story, well designed Characters and Digimon Monsters and good pieces of music. But the one major thing it has over Pokémon was the fact that it had a Beginning, Middle and End. OK Pokémon had all the other things except the ending. With Digimon it made it more exciting due to the point that it was going to end and you did not know when. The Characters defeated the big bad guy but then there was someone who was even more powerful than him and then it would all come to the point where they finally discover who the big bad guy is and defeat him and it would all be a happy ending. It was that point where it was the most exciting thing where it was the last episode and you tuned in to see what was going to happen and find out what the big finish was. You don’t get that with Pokémon because it doesn’t finish. With Digimon you get a real understanding of how it all pans out and how everything is connected and who was behind everything. The personalities of the villains was also particularly well done in particular Myotismon who was this vampire creature who had the style of a Count and when he got even more powerful he would get even more villainous. For characters to really shine in the Pokémon series they would have to appear in the films.

Pokémon 3, Digimon 1; The winner is Pokémon

I know that you may have different opinions about the 2 franchises and I am interested to find out which you think is better and why. In my opinion Digimon had the better cartoon series whereas Pokémon was better with the other things. Even though I have settled it for myself I think this debate will still go on for many years. It may have left the playgrounds and other things have taken its place, but for fans of both media franchises this debate may still go on for many years to come.




2 responses

24 03 2011

Hmm interesting discussion. I think it just depends on what kind of mood you are in, Digimon has a more dark and adventurous story while Pokemon is more family friendly and uplifting… that being said, I tend to lean towards Digimon because I like supporting the underdog 🙂

19 09 2011

Digimon has more of a story than Pokemon and it has that excitement build-up when there are only a few episodes to go until the Big Finish.


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