My Favourite Movie Scene

14 04 2011

What is your favourite Movie Scene? Not your favourite film but your favourite scene in a film. By scene I mean an event which happens in a film which you particularly enjoyed when you saw it and liked it so much that it’s better than all events in the History of Cinema. There are many well-remembered scenes in film history. Scenes like Darth Vader saying to Luke Skywalker “No, I am your father” or the scene in the original King Kong where the Kong is attacked by Bi-Plane’s. There are many scenes in cinema history which are well-remembered, but what is your favorite; I know what mine is.

It’s from the film Godzilla: Final Wars and it involves a fight between Godzilla and Godzilla. OK that sounds a bit confusing, maybe we should call them Godzilla and Zilla. If you don’t know who Zilla is, he is the monster from the 1998 American Godzilla film.

The creature was renamed Zilla for the film by producer Shogo Tomiyama because he felt the 1998 remake took the “God” out of Godzilla by portraying the monster like an animal that could be wounded by normal weaponry, whereas the true Godzilla can’t be killed by any of man’s weapons (except the Oxygen Destroyer). – Wikipedia

Well what happens is Godzilla (Japanese) is released from hibernation and travels the world to destroy the monsters set loose by the Xilians. Godzilla eventually arrives in Sydney Australia where the Xilians let loose Zilla to attack Godzilla. Zilla tries to attack but Godzilla smashes him with a tail sending Zilla flying into the Sydney Opera House. Godzilla then uses his Atomic Deathray on Zilla destroying the Sydney Opera House in the process.

I like this scene because it shows the Power of Godzilla and also shows how Godzilla compares with Zilla so people can see how much better the Original Godzilla is compared to the American Godzilla. Another thing it shows is how much better Godzilla is when it is a guy in a suit, CGI Godzilla doesn’t look as Good, probably because a suit is real so it looks realistic. This is my favorite Movie Scene because it shows a comparison between the 2 Monsters Godzilla and Zilla and also because the Japanese Godzilla completely Annihilates the American Zilla.




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