Sam’s Rant – 2010 Video Games, Part 3

7 04 2011

In September I went to University (Teesside University) and as a result I have not had much chance to play many new titles that came out during the time between September and December, but I did get to play some Games. Also in September; Ben Yahtzee Croshaw’s first book was released. MogWorld is a book set in a video game world. It’s quite funny and I am enjoying it (when I get time to read it). 

Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X 2 (it should be spelled Hawks) was the next title in Tom Clancy’s big library of Games. UFC 2010 was released as well as Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest. Yes they are still making games based on a series of films which ended in 2003. Microsoft continued to make games with the word Hello in it, no wait HALO. Halo Reach is the latest game in a series of games about a bunch of people in body armour running around shooting things. I think they should have left it with Halo 3 (or Halo Wars), now they are just running out of ideas. R.U.S.E. was an interesting idea for a game and one I still want to play but because of me starting University soon and the problem with Steam I had earlier in the year I still have not played it. EyePet for the PlayStation 3 came out in September. Dead Rising 2 came out and had some interesting ideas and does look like a lot of fun. Another Guitar Hero (Boring) game came out, this time Warriors of Rock, the idea was about Heavy Metal and being Lead Guitar. OK the Plastic Guitar looks a whole lot better than what it was before but it’s still pants (how come there is not much Rock Music in Rock Band).

In September Sony started selling Lollipops. They came in many different colours but for some bizarre reason you could not eat them but you could use them as Video Game Controllers. Sony called it PlayStation Move. Out of the 2 Motion controller released in 2010 I think it is the better looking one and also it seems to be better technology wise because it covers all areas of movement where as Microsoft’s Kinect only seem to go up, down, left and right. I still think the Wii’s is better but let’s not forget it’s not about the controller, it’s about the Games.

One game I was really excited about (but still have not played) came out in October and that was Wii Party on the Wii (obviously). The game has many different styles of games to play but it looks like more of a potentially new series of Nintendo Party Games like what Nintendo did with Mario Party. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 came out, it is meant to be a return to Sonic’s early days of being a 2D side scrolling platform game. What I want to know is when is Sonic Adventure 3 going to come out. My Favourite Sonic Game is Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, great gameplay, good range of characters with levels designed around the characters and a great story mode with a Good Story. When is the sequel to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle coming out. Medal of Honour returned with a Re-Boot to the series with a game set in Afghanistan. When are shooters going to get Fantastic Again. Proper Guns with Fantastic Names like the Shark or Panther, with different types like Grenade Launcher Machine Gun or a Chainsaw Gun which fires out Chainsaw’s. There are too many Simulation Shooters in the world today with games like Modern Warfare and Battlefield. They may seem like games but with all the realism in them they are more like Simulations than Games. I do like Modern Warfare but it’s too realistic, I want something Unrealistic with weapons as big as Cars with huge amounts of firepower. The time has come for Realistic Warfare games to get out of the way for proper Shooting Games.

DJ Hero 2 was released. Costume Quest is an interesting title made by Double Fine Productions (Brϋtal Legend) which involves characters collecting costumes while Trick or Treating. Fallout: New Vegas was a game on many people’s minds as it was the next part of Fallout 3. I finally played Fallout 3 in 2010, I bought it on a Friday and the following Monday I regretted buying it because it is Impossible. You can hardly do anything in it. You have to walk for miles just to get somewhere and you are likely to get killed by an annoying animal along the way. What’s wrong with having a Car. I recently traded the game in and got something Fantastic – Brϋtal Legend. I will not play Fallout: New Vegas after all the problems Fallout 3 gave me, Fallout 3 is a Rubbish and Pants Game. EA expanded their sports portfolio by releasing EA Sports MMA. The game allowed you to play many MMA Fighters including Randy Couture, Bobby Lashley and Ken Shamrock. Fable 3 was released. In October one of the Best Looking MMO’s to be made was released, Lego Universe. A Game world made out of Lego, Cool. Star Wars the Force Unleashed 2 was released, My favourite games in the Star Wars universe are the Original Jedi Knight game, Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds. WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011, when are they going to do WWE Day of Reckoning 3, the Day of Reckoning games worked whereas Smackdown vs Raw doesn’t work.

GoldenEye 007 was released on the Nintendo Wii in November. I got this game for Christmas and it is a lot like the original. There have been some changes to make this game unique in its own way to the original but there are little traces of it here and there. The Story is brilliant and the game as a whole is a lot of Fun. XBox 360 Kinect was released with many games coming out for it so people can jump up and down in front of their television screens. The Newest Game in the Call of Duty Series was released in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Now I have only played this quite recently but there is some nice stuff about it but in particular is the Zombie Game that you get with it. It is a lot of Fun. Assassins Creed: Brotherhood expanded the series of Assassins Creed which included an interesting multiplayer game where you have to walk around a town with other Assassins in it and try to keep yourself hidden while trying to Assassinate each other. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was released which has a clever mix of Racing and Cop Chases, I think Need for Speed should just release another Underground Title. Sonic Colors is an interesting addition to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The Raving Rabbids returned with Raving Rabbids: Travel in Time. It is like the original games in the series with gameplay set around Mini Games. Gran Turismo 5 was (FINALLY) released with loads of Cars and really good graphics. Epic Mickey was also released in November which is an Action Adventure Platform game starring Mickey Mouse.

The Newest game in the (PANTS) World of Warcraft series was released. World of Warcraft: Cataclysm which has a Dragon in it. TrackMania made its debut on the Wii which is a Fantastic Idea, why has it taken so long for TrackMania to come on the Wii.

2010 was an excellent year for games, many were Fantastic and some were Pants. But now let’s take a quick look into what 2011 might bring (OK, It’s April but there has already been some Great Stuff and some more Good Stuff to come). Test Drive Unlimited 2 has already been released and I am really enjoying it but currently my Favourite game of 2011 (and my Favourite Game in the World) is Killzone 3, now that is a proper Shooting Game. TrackMania 2 is to be released which if it’s like TrackMania should be Good. Some more Games I am looking forward to include MotorStorm: Apocalypse, Homefront, Twisted Metal and Mortal Kombat 9.  There are many other major games to come out as well like: Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3 and Spec Ops: The Line.

Now it is time to come to a close but First I must tell you what is my Favourite Game of 2010. Well there have been many Fantastic Games, but it really all come down to 3 games in particular: MAG, Heavy Rain and Goldeneye 007. Well when it comes down to it I will have to say MAG. Heavy Rain is Fantastic and Goldeneye is also a Great Game but the most Fun Game I have played in 2010 is MAG on the PlayStation 3.


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