Sam’s Rant – Film Awards 2010

5 05 2011


The Film awards season has passed and there have been many awards handed out and it was quite surprising to see that Christopher Nolan was not even nominated for Best Director. It may seem an unusual time for me to do my Film Awards but because of me being at University it was quite hard to see some films. Because of this I decided to wait until I saw a couple of films I wanted to see before I made my decision.

I thought that this year I might go into a bit more detail with the winners but I will try to keep it brief.

Best Actor – The Nominations are:

Denzel Washington for Unstoppable, Sam Worthington for Clash of the Titans, Robert Downey JR for Iron Man 2 and Leonardo DiCaprio for Inception.

The Winner is Denzel Washington for his role as Frank Barnes in Unstoppable.

Best Supporting Actor – The Nominations are:

Ken Watanabe for Inception, Liam Neeson for Clash of the Titans, Don Cheadle for Iron Man 2 and Shane Rangi for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The Winner is Liam Neeson for his role as Zeus in Clash of the Titans.

Best Actress – The Nominations are:

Angelina Jolie for SALT, Ellen Page for Inception, Rosario Dawson for Unstoppable, Gwyneth Paltrow for Iron Man 2 and Georgie Henley for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The Winner is Ellen Page for her role as Ariadne in Inception. It was going to be close between Ellen Page and Rosario Dawson but Ellen Page’s character in Inception was Amazing.

There is no Best Supporting Actress because I can’t think of any that really stood out for me.

Most Disappointing Film of the Year:

I was really looking forward to The A-Team. I am a fan of the original series and I was really looking forward to this but it did not meet my expectations. The story was also hard to follow; you have the good guys, the bad guys, the good guys who become bad guys, the bad guys who become good guys then bad guys and so on where as the original series had Good Guys vs Bad Guys.

Worst Film of the Year:

The Worst Film of 2010 is also the Worst film in the World, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. It was Rubbish, you have a story line which involves some kind of emotion searching pieces, a scene where the film becomes a B Horror Movie and an Animation Sequence which looks like something from a Tim Burton Film. The film had no Plot, the Characters were bad and on the whole it was an absolutely Pants Film.

Best Trailer – The Nominations are:

Unstoppable, Clash of the Titans, Skyline and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

The Winner is Clash of the Titans. When I saw the trailer I had it going through my head, the Heavy Metal Soundtrack, The Special Effects and the shots of the film, It looked Amazing.

Best Special Effects – The Nominations are:

Clash of the Titans, Inception, Monsters, Unstoppable and Skyline.

The Winner is Clash of the Titans, this film is based on a movie classic and with the new CGI Special Effects it looked amazing, in particular the Giant Scorpion and The Kraken. It is Good to see Special Effects artist stop working on something when the effect is reached and does not continue to work on it no matter how much money the studio has been given, Good Work.

Most Anticipated Film of 2010:

Clash of the Titans, it is based on a Classic Film from 1981 by Ray Harryhausen and it has the right special effects for the Modern Film Age.

Most Anticipated Film of 2011:

This one is difficult but on the whole I would say Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The next film in the series. I really enjoyed the first 2 and I can’t wait to see the next one.

Best Soundtrack – The Nominations are:

Unstoppable, Clash of the Titans and Iron Man 2.

The Winner is Unstoppable for a soundtrack that only gets faster and more intense.

Most Original Idea – The Nominations are:

Inception, Salt, Skyline, Unstoppable and Monsters.

The Winner is Inception for its bizarre idea of having a dream inside a dream inside a dream.

Best Character – The Nominations are:

Evelyn Salt (SALT), Frank Barnes (Unstoppable), Ariadne (Inception), Connie Hooper (Unstoppable) and Tony Stark (Iron Man 2).

The Winner is Evelyn Salt from SALT. The Character is almost as confusing as Inception but it is one of those rare times that a Character has so many back stories and they all work. The Character of Evelyn Salt is very Good and a good rival to James Bond, It will be interesting to see if a series is made from this film.

Best Director – The Nominations are:

Christopher Nolan for Inception, Tony Scott for Unstoppable, Gareth Edwards for Monsters, Phillip Noyce for SALT and John Favreau for Iron Man 2.

The Winner is Christopher Nolan for Inception. Inception is an amazing film and Nolan is an amazing Director, you can tell that from Inception and previous films including The Dark Knight.

Now it is time for the Main Award.

Best Film of 2010:

Just like last year I will give you the Top 5 Films of the Year with Number 1 being the Best Film of 2010.

5. Monsters

4. Iron Man 2


2. Unstoppable

1. The Best Film of 2010 is


Roundup – Number of Awards per Film:

Unstoppable: 2

Clash of the Titans: 4

Inception: 4

Salt: 1

The A-Team: 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1: 1

Well another year of Films has gone and we are already into a New Year of Films. There are many interesting films that have already come out with many more still to come. Who knows maybe some of them might Win Awards, You will just have to wait and see.

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Off-Topic: The Winner of the Monster Movies Poll is Cloverfield and The Host, So I am going to review both of them.




4 responses

26 05 2011
The Colclough

i still haven’t seen Inception, although i thought the trailer looked brilliant. I really must get hold of a copy and watch it.

re: Harry Potter, you didn’t mention one of the biggest reasons why it’s rubbish, which is that it’s only half a movie!

19 09 2011

I have recently seen HP7P2 and it is an improvement but overall I am happy that it was the last film. In my opinion they should have finished with number 5 (Order of the Phoenix) because that was the best one.


18 04 2012
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[…] When I heard (late 2008/early 2009) that Clash of the Titans was being remade, I was excited. If any film deserved a remake it was Clash of the Titans. The legendary film from legendary film maker and special effects pioneer Ray Harryhausen. While his film used stop motion and whose Kraken too is one of the most iconic pieces of cinema, this film would of course use CGI instead of Stop Motion. While some people could have had their reservations about remaking it, I was incredibly excited. Even more so when I saw the trailer. When I had my interview at Teesside University the music from the trailer kept going round in my head. It was the film I was most excited about for 2010 (This film also Won 4 Awards at the Sam’s Rant Film Awards 2010). […]

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