Eurovision Reaction

16 05 2011

The Eurovision Song Contest is one of my favourite events of the year. I like seeing the show and all the performers and then vote for which country I think had the best song. I have been watching Eurovision since 2004 and since then I have voted for many different countries and 2 of the ones I have voted for have won. I Voted for Ukraine in 2004 and they won and I voted for Finland in 2006 and they won. I voted Finland for 4 years in a row (2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009) because I thought they had the best song. This year I almost voted for another winner but Sweden eventually came 3rd. When it is time for Eurovision I check out the songs before the show to see what the competition is like and decide who my current favourite is. I don’t make my vote though until after all the songs have been sung just in case I missed anything.

This year was a very hot contest but the main rivals were the pop songs. Ireland entered Jedward (Rubbish) and they did quite well and no surprise they got 12 votes from the UK. Usually I look for some Rock Music and there were a couple of Rocky entries like Denmark and Georgia which were both quite Good but Sweden was my favourite because of the amazing sound and music that came from their entry.

Since Jemini entered in 2003 The UK has been on a massive losing streak. However in 2009 they entered a song which came 5th. The song was sung by Jade Ewan and it was written by Andrew Lloyd Weber. This year even though did not do as well as 2009 was a big improvement on last year for the United Kingdom when the UK came in Last place (again). The UK is slowly rebuilding itself in the Eurovision Song Contest and provided the UK does not do something STUPID the United Kingdom could possibly win in a few years time. In 201 they entered Boy Band Blue with a song that was quite Good.

Azerbaijan Won overall with a song I did not think was all that Good. It was better than some songs but not my favourite. Every year there are favourites to win and lose and Azerbaijan was the YouTube Favourite with their song being the only one on the homepage on Saturday. Other favourites in the contest were France as the bookies Favourite (Apparently) and Jedward with a 1 to 8 at Ladbrokes.

Most of the standout songs were towards the beginning of the show. Italy’s song seemed to be in protest of the French Song. France’s song was a sort of opera piece while Italy’s song was like something you would find in a French Cafe. This was Italy’s first contest since 1997.

It is kind of surprising sometimes that Heavy Metal bands don’t make more of an appearance. Some of the world’s most successful Heavy Metal bands can be found in Europe. Bands like Britain’s Motorhead and Black Sabbath as well as Germany’s Rammstein and The Scorpions. If these bands entered Eurovision they would be massive favourites to win. Rock and Metal have won before in the form of Finland’s 2006 entry Lordi which won a record number of votes which still was the record until Norway won in 2009.

Germany entered Lena the same person who won Eurovision for them in 2010. Last year her song was very Good. I voted for Moldova but my 2nd favourite song was Germany’s. This year her song was not as Good. Germany did not win this year and came in 10th place. Lena’s song was similar but slower than the song she sang last year.

Because of Lena entering this year she was not fully able to sing last year’s winning son at the beginning of the show. Instead a more rock and roll version of the song was sung with Lena singing it along with the host’s of the show. Germany held a great show this year with an amazing stage for the singers to sing on and a brilliant screen with a bit of 3D without glasses required, at least that’s what it looked like. Germany also asked some local singer (I don’t know his name) to present the interval show while the votes were counted. I was hoping for another year of an international singing and dancing like last year but hat sadly did not happen.

Usually with most years the style of the winner is copied so that a country might do better and hopefully win. There were quite a few pop bands but these were in a different style to Lena’s song in 2010. It will be interesting to see what happens next year.

The Eurovision Song Contest continues to be an amazing event and I can’t wait to see it again next year and see what entries make it through to the final. Maybe more of the same, maybe something different or maybe some Heavy Metal. Who can really tell and who knows who will win. The only thing that is certain right now is it will be held in Azerbaijan.





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