Monster Month

1 06 2011

Monster Month 2011

This Month is Monster Month. What does this mean, well throughout June there will be not 1 but 5 Film Reviews; all of the Monster Movies. In May after seeing Thor at the cinema I decided to have a season of Film Reviews. I have been wanting to do something like this for a while and so I decided to do it in June. Why, well June is a special month, it is the Month of my Birthday and there is one film I was thinking of doing but I wanted to do it during the month of my Birthday – My Favourite Film. But i also remembered I have 2 films to review and those are the ones You voted for so why not have a month with reviews of the Best Films in the world – Monster Movies.

The Films are;

We have Monster Movies from across the world and if you have not seen them and want to know more about them; you are in the right place. So look here throughout June for the Film Reviews of some of the Best Monster Films and the Best Film in the World.


Off-Topic: Thankyou to Everyone who viewed the Blog last month. It was the Most viewed month in this Blog’s History – 504 Views.




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