The Best Film In The World – Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack

29 06 2011

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack (Toho Co., Ltd. - 2001)

I don’t really have to say where this film is in My Top 10. It is how interesting how it all happened though. In 2008 I asked for a couple of Godzilla Films for Christmas. One was this one and the other was Tokyo S.O.S. When I got them and before I watched them I thought Tokyo S.O.S. was going to be the better film but after watching Giant Monsters All Out Attack I thought that one was the better one. The more and more I watched it the more and more it went up my Top 10. My favourite film before this was held by 3 films; Godzilla 2000, Godzilla: Final Wars and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen but Right now I am unsure of several films in my Top 10 so I am trying to think where each film goes (Both Transformers films are currently at the Top in my Non-Godzilla Top 10). It was not until about last year that I realised that Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All Out Attack is my Favourite Film.

Giant Monsters All Out Attack has several Monsters in it. As you can see from the title Mothra and King Ghidorah are in the film alongside Godzilla. Mothra and King Ghidorah are 2 of Toho’s Top Monsters but there is another monster in this film, Baragon. Baragon is one of the most uncommon Monsters in the series. Originally appearing in Frankenstein Conquers the World (Non-Godzilla Film) he has not had much of a major part in the Godzilla Film Series. This being his first major part in the series. Baragon has appeared in The Godzilla Film Series before but has really only appeared for small parts and shots. Even though this is his first Major Part in the series it is strange that his name is not in the title. Originally the film was to have Varan, Anguirus and Baragon but Toho decided that Varan and Anguirus were not bankable to guarantee box office success. So they put in King Ghidorah and Mothra. Costume Designer Fuyuki Shinada was disappointed that his Favourite Monster Varan was not in the film so he put some facial features on King Ghidorah. I am a bit disappointed that Anguirus was not in the film, Anguirus is one of my Favourite Monsters but the Monsters Baragon, Mothra and King Ghidorah do not disappoint.

Baragon (2001)

The Director is an interesting choice. This is the first time that Shusuke Kaneko has made a Godzilla Film but not the first time he has made a Japanese Monster Movie. He is the director of the Heisei Gamera Series. Gamera is the main movie rival to Godzilla. Both Godzilla and Gamera are Movie Icon’s and Japanese Icon’s. It is an interesting idea for Toho to hire a director who made 3 films in a Rival Film series which are owned by a Rival Company (Kadokawa Pictures). However I am Happy Toho did hire him because it is my favourite film.

The film starts out with a Navy Commander talking to several military officials about the tragedy that occurred in 1954 when Godzilla attacked the country of Japan. Since then there have been several sightings including an attack on New York in 1998. Then he gets word of a Nuclear Submarine being destroyed and a submersible vessel is sent to investigate. The pilot then spots Godzilla’s back swimming away. A reporter for a TV Channel called Yuri is reporting at a village and sees a bizarre man in the forest. That night a motorcycle gang gets trapped in a tunnel and a witness sees a monster moving through the tunnel. Later on Yuri discovers that the cause of an earthquake which is said to have trapped the bikers in the tunnel has moved. Yuri’s adviser Teruaki Takeda shows her a book which talks about Three Guardian Monsters. It turns out that Yuri is the daughter of the Navy Commander Taizo Tachibana. That night some noisy teenagers lose their lives at Lake Ikeda when a bizarre creature comes out of the water.

Yuri travels to a police station and finds the bizarre man she saw a few days earlier. He is called Isayama and tells her the story of the Three Guardian Monsters. He says that Godzilla was the result of Nuclear Weapons he is also the combination of tormented souls from World War 2. He tells Yuri to go to the shrine of the Three Headed Dragon Ghidorah. When she gets there she thinks she notices something strange that shows up in a photograph but cannot be seen by her own eye. That night an island in the Bonin Islands is devastated by a heavy storm and another unknown force.  The government puts out a warning of Godzilla related activity and Taizo reveals to his daughter that he lost his parents when the monster attacked Tokyo in 1954.

The Police Station where Isayama is at is in chaos when Baragon as Baragon surfaces and attacks the police station. Then at Yaizu Harbor Godzilla rises out of the sea and starts goes on the rampage in the direction of Tokyo. He destroys several buildings and then releases his atomic breath on the town; some distance away a school teacher sees a large mushroom cloud. Both Baragon and Godzilla meet at a cable car station where Yuri and Takeda are. Baragon fights hard but Godzilla Annihilates him. Yuri is injured at the scene; Despite Takeda warning her Yuri follows Godzilla on bicycle and filming at the same time as the monster moves towards Tokyo.  The Army sends in an Air Strike to kill Godzilla but it fails. At Lake Ikeda Mothra comes out of her Giant Cocoon and flies towards Godzilla. Meanwhile King Ghidorah Awakens from his tomb as Isayama watches.

Mothra (Giant Monsters All Out Attack)

Taizo creates a defense line in Yokohama and he and the military watch as Godzilla and Mothra fight each other. King Ghidorah then arrives and attacks Godzilla. Godzilla tries to Kill Ghidorah but Mothra gets in the way. With both Ghidorah and Mothra knocked out the army attacks Godzilla. Mothra reawakens but Godzilla destroys her; however her essence reawakens King Ghidorah who then attacks Godzilla. Godzilla is blasted into the sea with an open wound on his shoulder.

Ghidorah Fights Godzilla and Taizo pilots a submersible underwater and plans to use a special Drill Warhead on Godzilla’s wound. Yuri and Takeda broadcast the fight from abridge but the bridge loses its foundations and both she and Takeda fall into the river. However a stone Yuri wears around her neck falls in the river reenergizes Ghidorah and saves Yuri and Takeda falling to their deaths. Godzilla destroys Ghidorah and swallows the submersible. A spirit of Yuri tells her father to not give up and he manages to fire the Warhead into Godzilla’s Shoulder. Godzilla then rises out of the sea and tries to use his Atomic Breath on Yuri and Takeda. It comes out of the hole in his shoulder instead. He tries again but fails. Taizo manages to get out of Godzilla and tries to run away. Godzilla tries to destroy the submersible but self-destructs instead. Taizo surfaces and meets up with Yuri and Takeda. Yuri Salutes her father but he explains it was not just him but everyone in the battle should be saluted as well. Meanwhile a something under water is beating, it is Godzilla’s heart and even though he has no body his heart is still beating. No matter what you do you cannot kill The King Of The Monsters.

The film’s story is told a little different than usual. All the films in the Millenium series except Tokyo S.O.S. are following the same plot line. They are told as the films before them did not happen and the last time Godzilla appeared was in 1954. The story works and sometimes other monsters may have attacked but Godzilla has not appeared for almost 50 years. This one does something else as well, the film is told like an old legend with Guardian Monsters and Prophecies. This makes Godzilla sound more dangerous and the Guardian Monsters more Legendary.

One interesting point is how King Ghidorah looks in this film. King Ghidorah throughout the Showa Series is depicted as a Space Monster and a Villain. In the Heisei Series he is still the villain but when they become Mecha-King Ghidorah he becomes a Hero, he is also made from Futuristic Creatures and Nuclear Weapons. What is slightly different about his character in this film is that he is a Hero and he is from the Earth. In Godzilla Final Wars he is a Space Monster Again (Keizer Ghidorah) but it is slightly odd that Godzilla’s Biggest Enemy is from the Earth and is helping to protect it. It is an interesting plot line which works.

King Ghidorah (Giant Monsters All Out Attack)

Shusuke Kaneko originally intended to use Monsters weaker than Godzilla but when Toho asked him to change them he made both Mothra and King Ghidorah weaker than they usually were. Mothra is different in this film than most films; she is now smaller and looks more like a butterfly and some of her attacks were removed and she was given new ones. Also her tiny twin fairies are not in the film all together but there is a scene with a couple of Human twins who look at Mothra as she flies over head (apparently they were in Gamera 3). The reason the director wanted to use weaker monsters is that he wanted Godzilla to be the most powerful Monster in the film. Godzilla is a little different than usual but some small changes help his character. His eyes are now Menacingly White, no pupil. They make him look Really Evil. Also his Atomic Death Ray has been modified so that it is as powerful as a Nuclear Weapon. His Death Ray has always been Extremely Powerful but by having a mushroom cloud appear in the film it shows a sense of how dangerous he is.

Godzilla (Millenium - 3rd Generation)

The cast (Real People) is very good. Ryūdō Uzaki as Taizo Tachibana is particularly very good as the Navy Commander. It would be interesting to see him later in the series playing similar roles. The roles of Yuri (Chiharu Niiyama) and Takeda (Masahiro Kobayashi) are also well written. Yuri is a strong female character and if she was not the lead character (Human) then her role might be different and not as Good. The supporting cast is also very good and do help in the film, particular mention for cast that play the Army Characters because they are very enjoyable and their scenes are very good to watch. But the best characters are the Monsters. They may be a bit different in this film than previous ones but they are portrayed well and written well.

Akira Ifukube did not do the film score for this film but his previous work in previous Godzilla films was used and it is always great to see Ifukube’s work in Godzilla Films. The music was done by Kow Otani who has also done Music for the Heisei Gamera Series. The music is mystical and sounds like traditional and old-fashioned Asian Music. To date this is Otani’s only Godzilla film but it would be good to see him return and see what he can do for a different styled theme to Godzilla.

The Director has been well picked for this Film. He is a Great Director and is Fantastic in the area of Monster Movies. I would like him to do some more Godzilla Films (and some more Gamera Films as well). With this film he has done an amazing Job, It would be interesting to see him do some stuff with other Godzilla Monsters (Bring Back Battra) and I now look forward to see if he does do anymore and if he decides he would like to I can’t wait to see the results of his Directing Craftsmanship.

Godzilla v.s Mothra and King Ghidorah

This film is Absolutely Fantastically Amazing. I have seen lots of Movies, Lots of Monster Movies and Lots of Godzilla Movies and this one stands on top above all the rest. It is well Written, Well Directed and the Cast are Fantastic. The Monsters have been chosen well and the music is Very Enjoyable. It may be a few years before anymore Godzilla Films get made but Godzilla and Toho have given me and everyone in the world something for us to Enjoy and keep us occupied until they bring back The King Of The Monsters – Godzilla.




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