Jasper Carrott And Robert Powell Are The Detectives

6 07 2011

The Detectives (BBC 1993 - 1997)

WARNING: If you like the TV show Holby City do not watch The Detectives or continue to read this post because you will not be able to take Holby City serious again.

The Detectives is a BBC Comedy Series about two bumbling Detectives who solve crimes. Created by Comedy Legend Jasper Carrott and was written by Steve Knight and Mike Whitehill. It was originally a 5 minute sketch from Jasper Carrott’s stand-up show Canned Carrott. It was then turned into a TV series. Every episode the two Detectives somehow manage to solve crimes while completely messing things up. In one episode they bring a whole area of London to a standstill when they accidentally leave a briefcase in a bank and the police think it’s a bomb. At the beginning of one episode they lift a car out of a river and then it turns out to be their own car.

Robert Powell is David Briggs who acts like a leader and comes up with plans but is hopeless when it comes to flirting with girls. He tries to look Intelligent but looks Stupid as he does it. Jasper Carrott is Bob Louis who is usually better than Briggs in some ways, for instance Bob can play the Guitar while Briggs can only play Feelings on his Mouth Organ. However he is as hopeless as Briggs when it comes to flirting with girls. George Sewell is Superintendent Cottam who usually sends David and Bob on dangerous missions to get rid of them, even though they always manage to solve the crime one way or another. Even though it is a comedy series many top actors are in the show including John Nettles, Anthony Head and Comedy Legend Barry Cryer. 

Every episode sees Briggs and Louis ending up in different predicaments. In one Episode they travel to Jersey to investigate some illegal horse breeding and run into trouble with local police detective Jim Bergerac. In another episode after bringing London to a standstill they play pool in an east end pub with a blind man and his dog. Another episode sees the pair investigating a report of drugs being found at a girl’s school while trying to hide from the press when they accidentally kill a rare breed of turtle when they feed it a Kit Kat.

With Briggs and Louis getting in themselves into trouble every week and somehow managing to solve the crime The Detectives is an extremely funny show and enjoyable for everyone.




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